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Found 7 results

  1. 2014 Ban List - This format will only include the format up until the end of North American Nationals Format In this format, we are left with the remnants of mermail-firefist format but toward the end of the format, the diversity of decks will include H.A.T, Mermail, Bujin, Sylvan, Dragon Rulers, Geargia, Infernity, Lightsworn, and Zombie FTK, . Although the format was very diluted at first with such limits and Mermail Abyssgunde and Coach Soldier Wolfbark, the format was given advancments in both creativity of diversity when the set Dragons of Legend was set to be released with defining cards such as Kuribandit, Fire and Ice Hand, Mathematician, Wiretap and the most iconic and one thetranscendant cards in the history of YGO, Soul Charge. Post Dragons of Legend, The first event was ARG Richmond (decklists here), where top the top 16 included Fire Fist, Bujin, Mermail, Geargia, Ghostrick and at last, Patrick Hoban's Dragon Rulers had won over A Loli's Dragon Rulers. Match's G1 and G2-G5. However, the meta had continued to evolve past these decks as we get a new set, Primal Origin, with such key cards being released for future meta defining decks that include Traptrix, Madolche, Sylvan and Artifact cards. However, the following event, YCS Philadelphia (Decklist's Here), the expected decks of Madolche, Dragon Ruler and Infernity would top, however would have unexpected decks making it into top 32 such as Inzektors, the newly discovered H.A.T, and even Evilswarm. A giant clusterfuck of decks and such a diverse wide array of strategies (with the top 3 decks not even playing Soul Charge). The format had only began to evolve. By the end of the format, the diversity decks at this point had began to define the format, with every deck having good and bad match-ups, and with nationals 2014 rolling around, no deck had really stuck out as the best deck. Decks like Mermail with Sehabi Kerradine and Bujins with Jeff Jones had some success in ARG's, Lightsworns being a popular deck in europe (Best Video on Youtube), but no clear deck had defined the format. So it was all up the in air as to what deck was really the best deck. Nationals 2014 was one of the diverse tournaments in the history of YGO. In stark contrast to the year before where Dragon Rulers, Spellbooks and ONE Madolche deck covered the entire 2013 Top 64, up to TEN DECKS had topped 64th the event (decklist here), however not all decklists here but I did what I could find). Decks most well known during this tournament consisted of Infernity, Sylvan, Dragon Ruler (Top 16 Duel), Lightsworn Ruler, Spellbook, Geargia (If you guys have Brandon's decklist, that would be great too), Bujin, The G.O.A.T Deck (AKA Reckless Frog OTK (video profile), Jeff Jones Koa'ki Meiru (Round 10 Duel), Fire Fist Artifact Traptrix (Semi-Final Duel), and eventual winner H.A.T (Deon and McDuffie Decklist) (Final Duel Here). In all, the format had a little of everything for every duelist and play style, from control, aggro, and stun. In my opinion, decks were still in their infancy as far as solving the format, with the format being a smaller, decks still had room to evolve and strategies to combat cards were still being discovered. Shoutout to Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game http://www.yugioh-card.com/ TCGplayer.com Youtube.com TheCardGuyz Alter Reality Games Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia TeamShockWaves MegaCapitalG TheDuelRock Vexacus4666 Timothy Bailey TheAronsChannel lfcpotter
  2. Why did I choose to play Sylvan? I have been playing Sylvan since Legacy of the Valiant came out. I think Sylvan is just a different kind of deck, and need a different kind of thinking to set up for plays. I enjoy playing Sylvan, and I also have ton of fun playing it. The other reason that I love this deck is the ability to make all kind of rank 7 and rank 8 xyz while it can also make all those powerful synchro monsters, like Stardust and Leo. The speed of making Felgrand is unbelievable in this deck, and Felgrand in this format is extremely overpowered.   Monsters 26: 3 Sylvan Hermitree 3 Sylvan Sagequoia 3 Sylvan Marshaleaf 2 Kuribandit 3 Rose Archer 3 Sylvan Komushroomo 2 Sylvan Princesprout 3 Effect Veiler 2 Lonefire Blossom 1 Sylvan Cherubsprout 1 Spore Spell 14: 2 Forbidden Lance 3 Sylvan Charity 3 Mount Sylvania 3 Soul Charge 3 Miracle Fertilizer Side Deck: 2 Debunk 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 XYZ Encore 1 D.D. Crow 2 Maxx "C" 1 Rivalry of Warlords 2 XYZ Universe 1 Deck Devastation Virus 1 Eradicator Epidemic Virus Extra Deck: 1 Armory Arm 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Stardust Dragon 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Leo, Keeper of the Secret Tree 1 Star Eater 1 Mechquipped Angineer 1 Number 11: Big Eye 1 Orea, Sylvan Arbiter 1 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack 1 Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder 1 Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis 1 Alsei, Sylvan Protector 2 Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand   This past weekends, I tagged along with Jeff Jones and my friends and went to ARG Milwaukee. It was a long 6 hours drive to Milwaukee from Detroit, MI. After we got there, we all took a nap, and then we went to grab dinner at Rock and Bottom with Silverman and Furman. They are the coolest and funniest people ever. Even though we got the worst service ever in there, I still had so much fun.  After dinner, we went to hotel, and I watched Jeff salvaged Silverman (Spellbook) and Furman (Geargia) for days with Jeff’s Sylvan deck.   Next day, I got to the tournament and got myself a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino from Starbucks. For the 5 packs that I got from entry, I pulled an ultra Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity and ultimate Evolsaur Cerato. I am happy of what I pulled because I didn’t opened up all rare (I pulled all rare before.)   I don’t remember the really detail about my matches, but I will try to provide the detail as much as possible.   Round 1: Heiractic Dragon Ruler Game 1: I won dice roll, and I opened out Lonefire and Soul charge. I ended up have a Felgrand and a Hermitree on the field. However, my opponent opened up four Heiractic and 1 dragon ruler. He managed to end up Big Eye my Felgrand and attack for game. Game 2: Orea bounced Miracle Fertilizer otk. Game 3: He opened the nut, but he misplayed, and can’t get rid of Mechquipped Angineer. I then made Scrap Dragon and got rid of his whole board. He tried to make Big Eye my scrap dragon, but I had that veiler in hand to seal the game.   1-0   Round 2: Spellbook. Before the event, Jeff and I heard ton of people in this event are playing Spellbook. That’s one of the reasons, we chose to main three Effect Veiler. Game 1: He went first. He ended up World and two set cards on the field along with Spellbook of Tower. I ended up Rose Archer all his traps and used Scrap dragon to pop his World. I also destroyed his Tower with my field spell Mount Sylvania, which I got lucky and draw off from Sylvan Charity.  He couldn’t come back because I had a veiler in my hand. Game 2: I misplayed, and I couldn’t get over his World along his three trap cards and a Soul Drain, which usually is not a problem. Game 3: I made Felgrand first turn, and then my next turn I have three Miracle Fertilizer and a field spell. I made all the combo you could imagine.  I ended up a Felgrand, Stardust, and Orea, and three unused Miracle Fertilizer on the field. He scooped.   2-0   Round 3: Jeff Jones’s Sylvan- I couldn’t believe we had to play each other at round 3. This is like my first Sylvan mirror match, and I was not looking for it either because all our rose archers and my lances become dead draws. He played the third Kuribandit and the third Sylvan Princessprout, so he can set up faster than I could. Game 1: I won the dice roll and had Lonefire Soul Charge. I ended up having two Felgrands on the field, and I won. Game 2: He opened fossil dyna and Sylvan Charity. He setted up the graveyard so fast that after I killed his fossil dyna. He had Soul Charge and made cool Jeff Jones’s combo. Game 3: My Kurbandit milled 5 spells. GG, shake hands. 2-1   Round 4: Geargia against Steve Silverman. Game 1: He doubled gear gigant x me, but then I used Giant Grinder and burned his life point while cleared his field. He couldn’t come back after that. Game 2: I draw so bad, and he otk me. Game 3: I almost lose that game so badly even though I had lonefire and soul charge. He dark hole my field, and he attacked my Felgrand in defense mode. My field spell put so much work in that game. Somehow I draw Miracle Fertilizer, and I got Hermitree back to the field. I activated his effect and excavated a dead Cherusprout. I draw an extra card from Hermitree effect, and it was another Miracle Fertilizer. At that moment, Silverman had one card in hand, and a 101 with one material on the field. I ended attack his 101 with both of my Hermitree and made a Felgrand. Next turn, he activated soul charge and brought back four monsters on the field. At that point, my life point is at like 600. I thought I was going to lose. Apparently, Steve Silverman is too rich that he plays Giant Hand instead of cowboy. He misplayed and summon Exciton first instead of his Giant Hand, so I immediately used my Felgrand to negate his Exciton. That sealed the game. 3-1   Round 5: Bujin Game 1: Orea doesn’t target, bounze Yomato back, OTK, and GG. Game 2: He played really bad. I outplayed him with veiler. 4-1   Round 6: Geargia Game 1: ROSE ARCHER and VEILER everything!!!! Game 2:  I opened the Sylvan Bad hand. Game 3:  I opened really good. I have a Hermitree on board, and he didn’t open at any Geargia. I won by poking his life point while he was drawing dead soul charge.   5-1   Round 7: Geargia- Brandon Ball Game 1: I opened up all Sylvan monsters. I tried to stall, but he went off so fast that I couldn’t catch up. Game 2: I didn’t know how I won this game because I opened up all Sylvan monsters again. Somehow he soul charged too much, and somehow I popped his black horn with shroom effect. I ended up soul charge my two Hermitree, made Giant Grinder, and burned him for game. Game 3: I misplayed so badly after I soul charge my Scrap dragon, Dracosacck, and Sageauoia and spore. I tributed my dracossack to pop his face down set card, and it was a compulsory. He compulsed my Scrap dragon back to my deck. I lost all my combo plays :( and lost that game.   5-2   Round 8: Traptrix Hands Game 1: I savaged him with Orea and Miracle Fertilizer. I had Rose Archer for his backrow. Game 2: I ran into his black horn when I was trying to summon my draccosack. I lost my advantage after that. Game 3: I don’t remember that game, so many things happened. We went into time, but I ended up making Leo and push so hard that he couldn’t deal 3000 damages in time.   Because of my tie breakers, I got 13th places, and I went on to Day 2.   Top 16: Geargia - Rosty Elkun Game 1: My hand can’t be this perfect (All spell and a lonefire.) I ended up with two Felgrands, and he couldn’t push a button. Game 2: Sylvan brick hand, and he opened up two geargearia. Game 3: I opened field spell, Hermitree, and Miracle Fertilizer, but he opened three Maxx C. Everytime I tried to push a button, he maxx c me. However, I only let him draw one card at a time. At some point, he book of moon my Hermitree, and pop my set Hermitree with Alucard. However, my Miracle Fertilizer stayed and keep summoning him back.   Top 8: Geargia- Brandon Ball Game 1: He opened up three fiendish chain and a set armor. I opened up three miracle fertilizer, Sylvan Charity, Hermitree, Mount Sylvanaia ,and Rose Archer. I OTKed him with Orea bounced back all my fertilizer to my hands and used them again. Game 2: I don’t remember, but I opened bad hands. Game 3: He can’t get rid of my Miracle Fertilizer with a load grave while I had Rose Archer in my hand.  I got my redemption.   Top 4: Geargia- Aaron Furman Game 1: I misplayed so hard that I couldn’t even to even. I ran into his black horn when I tried to summon my Dracoosack. Game 2: The head judge made a bad call that Felgrand can activate during damage step. It gave me more advantage that his Fire hand couldn’t fully resolve his effect.. Then my Miracle Fertilizer pull into work again and put another Geargia’s player’s life point to 0 again. Game 3: His field ended up having a 101 with one material and a set card on board. I had a soul charge, a princesssprout that is level 8, and a lance. I used soul charge to summon two hermitree. He tried to bottomless both of them, but I used lance to save one of my hermitree. I overlayed Hermitree and my level 8 Princessprout into Giant Grinder and burn his life point to negative 2100.   Top 2: Geargia- Matt Kolenda   Game 1: I misplayed. I was so excited to attack for game that I forgot his Exciton could activated his effect during my battle phase. He got rid of my whole board and attacked for game. Game 2: I opened up lonefire and soul charge,which sealed the game really quickly. Game 3: I don’t remember what happened. I flipped up my shroom and successfully evacuated 5 cards and won from there. Game 4: I opened up the worst, so I lost immediately. Game 5: I opened up Soul charge, Hermitree, and Mount Sylvan combo, and have a felgrand on the field. His turn, he summoned Geargiarsenal, special summon Geargiarmor, set a trap card, and ended his turn. On his end phase, I activated my field spell and milled a shroom. I pop his back row, so all he left is the set armor. I draw my card. I was like “I think I can win this turn.”  I send my Sagequoia from my hand to sack a Marshalleaf on top of my deck thank to my field spell. I used miracle fertilizer to summon Sagequoia from the grave. I used his effect to excvated my Marshalleaf, then I chained my another Sagequoia from my hand and summon it. I popped his armor, and I had two 2600 Sagequoia and a 2800 Felgrand on the field attacking him for game.   I can’t appreciated more of what Jeff Jones and all my other friends in MI  had helped me to win this events.  I love them all so much.  It is an awesome trip and a tournament. I got to hang out with so many cool people, like Robert Boyajian, Aaron Furman, Steven Silverman. I hope this tournament report will help you guys out.  If you guys have any questions, you guys feel free to ask me anything.  
  3. Sylvans

    -19-   1 Copy Plant 2 Kuribandit 2 Lonefire Blossom 1 Spore 1 Sylvan Cherubsprout 2 Sylvan Flowerknight 3 Sylvan Hermitree 3 Sylvan Peaskeeper 1 Sylvan Princessprout 3 Sylvan Sagequoia   -16-   3 Miracle Fertilizer 2 Mount Sylvania 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 3 Soul Charge 3 Sylvan Charity 3 Upstart Goblin   -5-   1 Bottomless Trap Hole 3 Breakthrough Skill 1 Torrential Tribute       2 D.D. Crow 3 Maxx "C" 1 Dark Hole 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Debunk 2 Light-Imprisoning Mirror 2 Royal Decree 2 Vanity's Emptiness       1 Colossal Fighter 1 Crimson Blader 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Stardust Dragon 1 Stardust Spark Dragon 1 Alsei, The Sylvan High Protector 2 Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 Lavalval Chain 1 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack 1 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK 1 Number 11: Big Eye 1 Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder 1 Orea, The High Sylvan Arbiter     Ok, so this is my Sylvan build. Most of my card choices for monsters are pretty standard. Some people max out kuribandit, but I'm very happy with it at two, it's a good set-up card but it's not fantastic late-game, and with 5 cards you're definitely going to mill something you want. I almost never actually summon flowerknight, I usually pitch him for Orea or Mount or something, but having a normal summon with a useable attack stat in this is nice. Princessprout is very good at facilitating plays. I might want to up her to 2. Hermitree and Sagequoia are the best cards in the deck, hence being played at 3, but I might drop a hermitree since it's very dead in the hand.   Spells are where you get a lot of debate with Sylvan decks; however, I consider most of my choices to be standard, barring a few. Reasoning is testing pretty well in here, since there's a diverse number of levels and as long as I hit a Sylvan I'm typically getting some sort of plus, however, If they call 3 and I hit lonefire or kuribandit or something, it kind of sucks. I don't like Mark of the Rose, since unless it's a level 7 or 8 to xyz with, I really can't do anything with the monster so I just have to give it back at the end of the turn. Dragons and Mermail are becoming less popular, so there's less of a chance of that happening. Soul Charge is by far the best card in the deck. Lonefire+Charge is typically game, and ending with several rank 7's/rank 8's is common with just charge.    In terms of the trap lineup I know it's verboten to build a deck without warning these days, but this deck is SO reliant on soul charge that I'll typically self-inflict 5k per game on Soul Charges alone. The deck simply cannot accommodate anymore damage to itself, every life point matters (so much so that I side out upstart in the mirror).      In terms of the side, I originally had Cycle Reader over D.D. crow, but crow is more generic, so I swapped them. Other than that I really have no issues.
  4.   [quote]This card cannot be Special Summoned except with its own effect or with "Phoenixian Seed". If this card attacks, it is destroyed after damage calculation. If this card you control is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, inflict 800 damage to your opponent. During your End Phase, you can remove from play 1 Plant-Type monster from your Graveyard to Special Summon this card from your Graveyard in Defense Position.[/quote]   So, I've been testing this card in Sylvans, and I found it pretty awesome.   It goes pretty quickly in the grave with Komushroomo, Guardioak etc.   It allows to play a LV8 build with Trade-In and Hermitrees.   You can discard it for Mount Sylvania/One for One as well.   Almost neverending defense in mid/late game while burning the opponents' LPs.   Can give access to Rk8 if the opponent does not destroy it/them.   Thoughts?
  5. Dem leafy niggas

      3 Sage 3 Marshall 3 Peas 2 Bladefender 2 Flowerknight 2 Lonefire 1 Sprout 1 Fallen Angel 1 Dandylion 1 Spore 1 Copy Plant 1 Exodius   3 Charity 3 Mark 3 Fertilizer 3 Lance 2 Reasoning 2 Mount   3 Decree     This is my take on Sylvans atm.     Dropped Mount to 2 because it wasn't necessary to see it that often, especially over my other spells or monsters. Sage recycles it if needed and after 2-3 excavations it did it's job. I do wish the card boosted their attack power though, 3-500 would've been good.   Decree/Lance over MST or real traps because: 1) I don't have the space to run the optimal number of real traps I feel is needed for this deck and 2) Decree stops what I would care about MST'ing anyways, such as Fiendish, and takes it a step further by making my remaining plays for the turn safer from their backrow.   Everything else should be self explanatory imo.       Also, I'm looking for cards to put in my extra. I have 2 free spaces left. I've thought about Excition, but I don't really go into rank 4 enough to justify buying/using the card.  
  6. Dem leafy niggas

    can someone delete this one? I posted twice by accident. Thank you.
  7. Sylvan Learning Center

    Deck will be tourny legal in a littler over 1 week. We know all the exclusives already. AfaIk, I can post this considering. [spoiler] 3 Sylvan Bladefender 3 Sylvan Marshalleaf 3 Sylvan Komushroomo 3 Sylvan Peaskeeper 2 Crane Crane 2 LoneFire 1 Copy Plant 1 Dandylion 1 Spore 1 Tytannial 1 Exodius, the Ultimate Forbidden Lord 3 Mount Sylvania 3 MST 3 Miracle Fertilizer 2 Mark of the Rose 2 Reasoning 1 Book of Moon 2 Fiendish Chain 1 BTH 1 Torrential 1 CED 1 Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand 1 Evilswarm Excition Knight 1 Daigusto Emeral 1 Leviair 1 Zenmaines 1 Daigusto Phoenix 1 Gachi Gachi 1 Star Eater 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Stardust 1 Black Rose 1 Ancient Fairy 1 HTS 1 Catastor 1 Underworld Fighter Balmung [/spoiler]   3 Sylvan Bladefender 3 Sylvan Peaskeeper 2 Sylvan Komushroomo 2 Sylvan Marshalleaf 2 Crane Crane 2 LoneFire 1 Mitra 1 Copy Plant 1 Dandylion 1 Spore 1 Tytannial 1 Sylvan Oak Tree 1 Exodius, the Ultimate Forbidden Lord 3 Mount Sylvania 3 MST 3 Miracle Fertilizer 2 Mark of the Rose 2 Reasoning 1 Book of Moon 2 Fiendish Chain 1 BTH 1 Torrential 1 CED 1 Evilswarm Excition Knight 1 Daigusto Emeral 1 Leviair 1 Meliae 1 Daigusto Phoenix 1 Gachi Gachi 1 Star Eater 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Stardust 1 Black Rose 1 Ancient Fairy 1 HTS 1 Barkion 1 Catastor 1 Nat Beast So much I want to play in the extra, but so little space. :( I doubt its going to be good atm until Primal maybe, but it looks fun to play and wouldn't hurt to pick up for the future. Haven't tested this deck yet btw.