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Found 8 results

  1. YCS Pittsburg

    As always, some pre-tournament buildup. I haven't really played yugioh seriously since ARG Nationals back in August. I tried to spike ARG Springfield a couple months ago when Zoo was first coming out, but I didn't quite get there. For AC I just played Fluffal, and I haven't even been entering locals. Spending most of my time now focusing on MTG, preping for GP Vegas next month. But hey, it's a new format and there's a YCS a few hours away, gotta at least put in some effort to do well, right? 3 weeks out I had no intention of playing at all. The Zoo combo looked miserable to both play, and sit across from. a couple weeks out from the event, Matt told me there was a cool Yang Zing Dinosaur deck that had Oviraptor alone turn into 2 negates, with plenty of opportunities to extend the lines. So naturally, I immediately throw that deck together, goldfish for awhile and feel pretty good with it...Except in can't go 2nd, and bricks hard. And at this point I'm committed to playing in the event, so I decide to just play the obvious best deck, Pure Zoo, on the Sunday before the event. The deck went through a bunch of iterations, but I knew early on that I didn't want to play a lot of traps. Going first you get to resolve 2 Pot of Greeds, and end with a board. You should be favored enough in those games that hand traps, and turn 2 relevant quickplay spells are enough interaction to seal up a game that you just want to build your deck to be as good at going 2nd as possible. There were 3 main principles in my mind when refining the deck. 1) Don't brick. 2) Don't get bricked by a single hand trap. 3) Don't lose to the die roll more than you have to. Balancing all those goals is a difficult problem, and my list wasn't optimal by any means, but I do think I had one of the better lists in the room. Monsters: 23 3 Zoodiac Whiptail 3 Zoodiac Thoroughblade 2 Zoodiac Ratpier 1 Zoodiac Ramram 3 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit 3 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring 1 Maxx "C" 1 D.D. Crow 1 Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju 1 Lunalight Black Sheep 3 Speedroid Terrortop 1 Speedroid Taketomborg Spells: 16 3 Fire Formation - Tenki 3 Zoodiac Barrage 3 Cosmic Cyclone 2 Fusion Substitute 1 Dark Hole 1 Raigeki 1 Soul Charge 1 Instant Fusion 1 My Body as a Shield Traps: 1 1 Imperial Order Side: 3 Flying "C" 1 Retaliating "C" 1 D.D. Crow 1 The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode 2 Imperial Iron Wall 2 Mask of Restrict 1 Twin Twisters 1 Unending Nightmare 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Dark Hole 1 Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju Extra: 2 Zoodiac Drident 2 Zoodiac Broadbull 2 Zoodiac Chakanine 2 Zoodiac Tigermortar 1 Zoodiac Hammerkong 1 Zoodiac Boarbow 2 Daigusto Emeral 1 M-X-Saber Invoker 1 Stardust Charge Warrior 1 Elder Entity Norden The side was kinda hacked together last minute. I spent all week learning how the actual deck functioned, what I could get away with, making sure I could do the combo properly, and quickly that I didn't really have time to figure out what I wanted to do with the board. I knew pretty quick I didn't want to do the greedy going first plan of siding in a bunch of powerful traps like Strike and Barrier, since that felt like worse value that continuing to shore up the deck's weaknesses going 2nd, and the hard traps aren't even that much better than hand traps. So the question then became which cards make going 2nd easy? Obviously hand traps, but which ones? I didn't even realize Retaliating "C" was playable until around 2:00am Saturday morning before the event when Porter asked why I wasn't playing any, an "I don't know", "That seems nuts", "Do you have any extras on you" later I decide the proper number to run is 1. Because Matt had 1 extra. Similarly, Ghost Reaper wasn't even on my radar until a couple rounds into the event when I heard people were losing to it. Droll was in my side for the first 7 days I tested the deck, but I dropped it last minute when I decided to max on Flying "C", and play the Retaliating. This has the unfortunate side effect of not giving me good cards to side in vs. the True Draco Zoo variants which I didn't realize until I was paired against the deck. Droll definitely should've been in the side at least, possibly in the main over Crow. Anyway, in general I really liked my deck. I was saying most of day 1 that I thought I had the best deck in the room. Everyone I played against was on Barriers/Strikes mained, which I thought was silly. Nobody I played was on Flying "C", which made the Charge Warrior in my extra deck look kinda silly, but I didn't mind too much. Flying "C" is kinda bad against the True King Zoo variants, but it's one of the best cards vs. Pure Zoo. Going round by round would be pretty boring, as almost every game is "me/opp comboed for 10 minutes and buried the other player" or "me/opp had Maxx "C" and opp/me lost" There were, however, some very good games scattered amongst the garbage. Round 5 I had a game I thought I was losing for a solid 30 minutes. I was locked under Imperial Order, and setting hand traps to deal damage when my opponent attacked his Whiptailed Drident into them. He eventually got down to 2100 life, decided to pop his IO with Drident and try to kill me. However, I had Ogre for his Barrage, and he passes with a 1 material Drident with me still at 5200 life. Finally able to, I activate Soul Charge for 5000, bringing back a Drident and 4 level 4 Zoo monsters. Anyway, I resolve a couple Emerals and pass with a Drident with 2 materials, a Drident with 1 material, and a Whiptail in hand vs. his empty board and 2 cards in hand. I ogre his Barrage and we're off to game 2. Forgetting we have a time extension, I offer the handshake as there were literally 4 seconds left on the clock at the conclusion of this game, but he's quick to point out the 5 minute time extension and I'm on tilt, dreading the inevitable draw. But then I open Flying "C" + Ghost Ogre and win game 2 anyway. It's not often you play a match and think you're hopelessly losing for 39 of the 40 minutes but win 2-0 anyway. Another round my opponent used most of their cards to pass with Master Peace + zoo cards. I think they had one card leftover, and a set backrow. Anyway, I have Dark Hole to clear the Zoo stuff out of the way, and start going down a line to make Hammerkong + a big Drident to attack over his Master Peace when he Torrentials the board on my 2nd Rat, clearing his Master and my board. He Diagrams for Return and passes, I crow his Master Peace when he tries to bring it back, and then Ogre the field spell on his following turn. I draw an uninterrupted Zoo summon before him and manage to take the game from there. I do not know how to put 8000 damage on the board with this deck. I know there's some stuff you can do with Whiptails, and Drident popping your Ramram mid battle phase to deal a ton of damage, but I never feel comfortable going for these lines even when I know they'd resolve simply because I've never done them before. I win all my games by grinding my opponent out of cards and slowly pecking away with Emerals and Thoroughblades. This turns out to be a bit of a problem when playing Flying "C" sometimes. So on turn 1 I Flying "C" my opponent, Ogre his Barrage, and he passes. Then for 20 minutes I sit on a 2000 defense Drident, and loop Emerals (800 def!) with Barrage to resolve 2 Emerals a turn digging towards a 2nd Flying "C" so I can feel safe clearing the Flying "C" I gave him and getting some damage in. I resolved something like 15 Emerals that game, discarded to hand size 3 turns in a row, it was a disaster and I'm not sure why my opponent was willing to put up with me and didn't just sign the slip after the first couple turns after it was apparent I was never going to give him an opportunity to play again. Time is eventually called and I'm up by 1500 life because of a Strike he played earlier in the game. On turn 2 of time I finally find a Flying "C" so I push for damage and deal like 10000 with no problems. Round 9, the first round of day 2, I win the die roll and get Maxx "C"'d on my Invoker. I end up passing with Drident + Imperial Order and an ... Ash Blossom in hand ... Oh ... Well, he didn't have Terrortop or Cyclone so I take that game. Quickly pick up my cards and hide my embarassment. Round 10, I'm already locked for top cut so I'm just playing for fun, as seeding is irrelevant in Konami events, and my breakers are god after starting the tournament 7-0. I lose game 1 after half going off on turn 1, and my opponent discarding Black Sheep, setting 5 and passing with no play, which felt kinda bad, but whatever. Game 2 I get Retaliating "C"'d on my Fusion Sub, tank for 2 minutes and just concede. My top 32 match was pretty horrible though. We roll 2 dice, I start it off by rolling a 3, and he follows it up by rolling a 2. I thought it was my day ... For about 10 seconds until I drew my hand, set a Fusion Substitute and passed the turn. He set 4 and passed it right back. we trade plays for hand traps / actual traps for a few turns until a turn when his board is clear, and he's got 2 backrow. I draw a Terrortop, and it resolves. He Maxx "C"s my Invoker effect while he's at 4800 life, so I go in. Invoker out Blade, Barrage out another Blade throw a Drident over my Blade, and attack for what I assumed was either going to be lethal, or 3200 and a Barrier, and get hit by a main decked Mirror Force. Game 2 I'm still kinda on tilt from all the games I dropped through the swiss to Retaliating "C", so when I see my hand that can end with 5 cards in hand, Emeral, Drident, Hammerkong, a faceup Barrage, and an Unending Nightmare set without using Fusion Substitute I run it. Directly into Dark Hole Terrortop Rat. It probably would've been better to not make the Hammerkong and instead just leave Ramram in play and have 1 fewer card in hand so Dark Hole wouldn't ruin me so bad, but I think I'd still lose there. Idk, hindsight is 20/20, but after I got 2-0'd in 15 minutes round 10 I looked around and saw a lot of Retaliating "C"s on the table. Maybe I should've still went for the Fusion Sub combo, but it just felt so free to play around it at the time, but drawing towards Imperial Order or My Body as a Shield would've been very relevant. Anyway, with my 11 round Win-a-Mat out of the way, I consider entering a more sane 3 round Win-a-Mat but decide against it, not really wanting to play any more yugioh after losing 4 games in a row. Look the mat up on ebay, see sold listings for $15-20 and immediately sell it to Ned for $40. As far as big picture stuff in the tournament goes, it's crazy how many of my matches went to time. I usually play pretty fast, I almost never pick up draws, and am usually done my rounds with 10-15 minutes left on the clock. This weekend though, the opposite was true. Combos took so long to go through that even matches I won 2-0 ended with less than 10 minutes on the clock, and if I ever needed a game 3 it was rare for it to not end in turns. Thankfully I never picked up any actual draws this event, and EoMP was never relevant to the outcome of my matches, but there were some close calls like the round 5 match above. I played against Zoo 10 times in 11 rounds, 4 of them being Draco Zoo, and 2 of those Draco Zoo decks played the Brilliant Fusion package. I also played against Evilswarm round 1 which was a nice bye to start off the event. Anyway, I played pretty poorly. my opponents also played poorly. none of that mattered as much as drawing more "C" monsters than my opponents. Please ban Fusion Substitute before WCQs Konami. Anyways, back to testing for Vegas. See you guys at Nats.
  2.       My name is Nicky Reardon (AKA swagynick on Dn) and this is my story on my top 32 NAWCQ report. Before i begin i want to give a sort of back story. To the many of those who know me in real life (and the even larger sum that don't) i am a 15 year old sophomore that live in norhtern virginia about 45 minutes away from DC. Being a 15 year old kid means that i dont have a job and because of school it makes it really hard for me to travel a lot. Im often only able to attend events that are within about an 8 hour drive from me because thats about the distance most of my local friends are willing to drive so outside of that range im really not able to attend many premire events and even some events that are close will interfere with my school work (besides nationals which my mother is kind enough to make a family vacation out of every year no matter where it is). Because of this i think i have a sort of stronger will and determination as to where "if i dont top this event, i wont get another chance for 2-3 months!" More recently i think i have been able to use this to my advantage and makes me more determined when i do my testing. Many of you may know me as an adamant DN warrior as to where thats where i get out most of my yugioh cravings because playing in real life can be a struggle and i have recently started playing in the DNF war scene. I had only really started playing DN that much once the Nekroz deck came out and i feel in love with it and have been trying to stay within the top 10 ranking on the site with the deck. Time rolled around and a lot of friends i knew considered me to have a really good understanding of the deck from watching me play online or through seeing me in real life and two of my now team mates asked me to teach them how to play the deck. Unfortunately for me i was never able to enter any events while prep and brionac were at 3 and the first real event i was ever able to enter with the Nekroz deck was ARG Richmond. One of my good friends Ryan Levine wasn't sure if he wanted to either play the event or judge but i convinced him to pick up the deck and the Thursday night before the event he came to my house where we played open hand mirrors until 3 AM and was one of the only times he had ever played the deck. Saturday rolls around and Ryan had entered the event with the same card for card decklist as me and i was feeling very confident in my chances on doing well at the event. The rounds start and i lose round 1 to getting flooded out by tellar (antispell + spell canceler) and then the next round i lose game 1 to djinn and brick the next game to then drop the tournament at an 0-2 loss. My friend Ryan went on to get his first top and top 16 with my exact list! While i was insanely happy that a buddy of mine topped but i was extremely frustrated that someone with only a week of testing just took my deck and topped when i had been playing 3+ hours a day. Another friends of mine Dilan Solanki went to ARG St Louis piloting a Nekroz deck my brother gave him that i believe was only 3 cards off of mine and he got third place at the event! I was stuck between this place of wanting to be happy for my friends but being jealous that they were topping with my decks and constantly admitted that i was far better at using the deck. It started to make me discouraged to test and play and after the next event i was able to attend (ARG Edison) another finish where i didnt top made the problem much worse. I hadn't really tested at all and the weekend before nationals i realized that i didn't really have a good decklist and i started to worry. I asked a good friend of mine Tyree Tinsley for help because i didnt really have a good idea of what i was doing and luckily he saved me by sending me 2 different decklists to build off of and theriohing with someone i consider to be significantly better than i am improve my game significantly in the coming week. So i'd like to give a huge shout out to Tyree for honestly saving me this event and practically handing me the top because im sure i couldn't have done it without him. Sorry for rambling, but here is the list i used to get top 32 at the NAWCQ.   The Deck:   http://i.imgur.com/xcBNJbC.png   Monsters: (25) 3x Nekroz of Valkyrus 3x Nekroz of Unicore 2x Nekroz of Brionac 2x Nekroz of Clausolas 1x Nekroz of Trishula 1x Nekroz of Gungnir 3x Manju, of the ten thousand hands 3x Senju, of the thousand hands 2x Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz 1x D.D. Warrior Lady 1x Djinn, Releaser of Rituals 2x Maxx "C" 1x Psi-Blocker   Spells: (15) 3x Reinforcement of the Army 2x Nekroz Kaleidoscope 2x Nekroz Cycle 2x Nekroz mirror 2x Book of Eclipse 1x Book of Moon 1x Preperation of Rights 1x Shared Ride 1x Mystical Space Typhoon   Side: (15) 1x Dance Princess of the Nekroz 1x Psi-Blocker 2x Mystical Space Typhoon 3x Fairy Wind 2x Royal Decree 2x Artifact Lancea 3x Mind Crush 1x Vanity's Emptiness   Extra: (15) 2x Herald of Arc Light 1x Shooting Quasar Dragon 2x Lavalval Chain 1x Daigusto Emeral 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Gagaga Cowboy 1x Castel, the Skyblaster Muskateer 1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1x Diamond Dire Wolf 1x Number 80: Rhapsody in Beserk 1x Tellarknight Ptolemaus 1x Satellarknight Constellar Diamond 1x Artifact Durendal   I guess ill start by explaining the card choices   The Nekroz Line-up: I would like to think that these 12 is the most standard and in my opinion the most optimal line-up. Cards like Valk are too important in the mirror to not play and Gungnir while it can be a terrible draw in the mirror is an important option to have vs practically every non nekroz deck and makes it so any time your opponent take damage in the mirror they lost next turn. I had considered using things like dance princess, great sorcerer, or a second trish and while i think they are all cute cards in their respective scenarios, they aren't necessary to the deck and i think all the cards i played over it were much better. i knew about the exa and decisive armor thing that Pinney ended up using but after briefly discussing it with tyree i decided i hadn't tested it enough to really know if i thought it was worth using so i just decided that i wouldn't play it for the event.   D.D. Warrior Lady: After discussing this with my brother we just ended up using warrior lady because we thought it was the out that would stick the most. I would rather play a warrior lady that losses to a 2 of side decked lancea that they're not even guaranteed to side deck than a searchable gungnir and i didn't find the fact that keeping a level 4 on the field mattered that much because the overall goal was just to out djinn. i didn't like exiled because i felt if they had the trish or gung and i used it then i would no longer have the out on the board while warrior lady would give me an out the following turn if i can back it with a valk and hope they cant trish me when they have that low resources. i liked armageddon but didn't like how many cards it took up in the main and it suffered the same flaws as exiled. Also ddwl is just better vs dantes and shaddoll fusion monsters   The Odd 1 Ofs (Blocker, Shared ride, MST): Psi-blocker was something that was 100% Tyree's idea. Although the card does have applications in the mirror, it was actually designed to be in the deck for rogue (i even sided it out in the mirror). We had started talking about how we didn't like the hands in the side deck because i only really considered great when fire and ice hand were equally good vs a deck. Shaddolls for example, you can draw a fire or ice hand and be happy because u can kill falcos constructs anomiliths mistakes etc and no matter which one you drew they would overall be the same thing, but vs a deck like Qli fire hand is actually just a useless vanilla 99% of the times and even then most of the time ice hand doesn't get insane value of killing multiple backrows and monsters like it does vs dolls. And lastly vs a deck like BA we wanted an out to the commonly sided monster floods but hands are really just awful vs that deck because everything is chainable and Dante stays in defense. We wanted something that has the versatility of being able to out any flood that was established whether it be monster or trap which is what the hands offered but then enter psi-blocker. Blocker is an out to practically any flood in the game and isn't something that can be easily played around by keeping monsters in defense like hands are. No matter what they drew (tking, anomilith, mistake, secret village, lose 1 turn, emptiness, spell canceler, vanity's fiend) psi-blocker was reliable and wasn't as narrow as something like playing another MST would be. Patrick Hoban also wrote an article about "the problems with Nekroz" where he stated the only 3 win conditions in the mirror were either 1) using a sort of soft lock like djinn to gain advantage and win the game, 2) playing an extremely long grind game as to where the person with more mirrors left will win, and 3) reducing your opponents life points to zero. Game 1 playing a psi-blocker allowed me to have a better access to that third win condition where i could randomly just kill them where i wouldn't have to take a coin flip on djinn or play a long grind game hoping my opponent doesn't resource correctly and then game 2 and 3 i had more blow out strategies like mind crush and lancea that i could rely on. 1 mst is another thing Tyree and I debated on where i think in the list he sent me he was using a second shared ride instead because you're probably going to play more mirrors in 12 rounds of swiss than the other decks so its more important to grab those game ones but i decided that i could enter a tournament just auto-shipping game 1 to a mistake unless i drew psi-blocker or some other really sick out by making dire wolf under it. the 1 shared ride is because i wanted something extra in the mirror and i thought i would be the best card to main deck for it. at one point i was playing 2 shared and 1 maxx c because that card is actually just terrible in the mirror unless your opponent draws awful or is just a complete idiot but i decided to switch those ratios to help better my BA and doll match up.    Spell Djinn Outs: I think the books are by far the best because they help you play around all the traps that really matter (AKA effect negation) and book of moons is crazy good vs BA and provides another win condition in the mirror. You can also just set books to mess with your opponent's valk plays and allow you to trish them the following turn. i didn't think raigeki was that great either because books can be a lot more defensive and raigeki didn't help me clear floods vs qli and didn't let me punish a djinn lock as much   The Side Deck: Dance princess as an out to village and being really good vs the general doll and BA trap line up. i'd like to think Mst's and decrees and staple because decree is too good vs BA and tellar. i choose 3 fairy wind because i wasn't going to use hands for previous reasons already listed and i didn't like that denko only had a very small opportunity window to be good and is easily played around and typhoon while slightly better vs dolls i didn't like that vs qli if i chained it to a flood gate i just had to hope i could push through their other backrows to stop the scout while just having a fairy wind take care of multiple floods and relives the otk pressure that scout puts on so even if they do have more traps you have multiple turn to push through them. i used lancea because i wanted a reliable hand trap in the mirror (unlike maxx c and veiler) that also allowed me to play a lot more aggressively without fear of trish that could also help protect my djinn locks. Mind crush is probably by far my favorite card in the mirror because 99% of people use it incorrectly because you never really have to mind crush on a kaleido or any other mirror unless you fell threatened of getting trished but even when they do u can just chain it to something else you know in their hand like maybe a brio from last turn or a mirror they searched that turn and now they just have a dead trish on the board they have to clear them self and any other time you can just call valk with it and they die. i didn't want to use more gimmicky cards like village or mistake because i felt in 12+ rounds that a strategy like that wasn't reliable enough for me to use and i would rather use a more fair strategy and rely on my technical play to be able to win.    Artifact Durendal: There isn't ever really an exact scenario where i can say this card is amazing but it can random steal games in the mirror or make it so if they happen to top deck the one outer you can stop it with durendal. not really necessary but came in clutch once during the tournament.       I believe that's as far as it goes for the card choices, but if you have any questions/comments i love to hear feedback =].      Round by Round:   **disclaimer, i have terrible memory so i may just blatantly forget some rounds or if any my opponents are reading this feel free to correct me**   Round 1 Shaddolls   Game 1: I win the die roll, he goes first, does a standard math play and sets three where i make exciton with a book and he cant overcome the plus 4 i get and he dies.   Game 2: i go first and i think i just summon ju search pass. He does some underwhelming Shaddoll things and i cant remember what happens but it gets to the point where he has a shekinaga, mathematician, a face up attack shaddoll beast and a set falco with 3 backrow and a shaddoll card in hand to my 2 jus on board. He attacks and i valk, then next turn i summon psi-blocker, call shek, and exciton him for his entire life savings (and he couldnt add back the fusion spell with shek because of blocker which i though was kinda neat) and then i summon more nekroz guys and win from there   1-0   Round 2 Tellars   Game 1: he goes first and has deneb set 4 and because i didnt have a ju or book to help grind through backrow he eventually stabilizes into a triverr and i concede   Game 2: i opt to go first and go unicore set 2 pass. He responds with a deneb set 4 pass and i flip an EP decree which auto wins me the game   Game 3: Don't remember much but he does standard tellar things and i do standard nekroz things and am able to win a couple of mintues before time   2-0   Round 3 Nekroz   Game 1: i recognized the name because he used to be on a DNF war team i was on and for some reason he used to always accuse me of cheating even though we had never talked before and he had never seen me irl so i knew he was just a fan. He djinns me this game and i don't see an out   Game 2: We get to a sort of simplified gamestate where i realize my hand is significantly worse and i realize my only win condition is to summon a valk and set mind crush and just hope i can time the mind crush well enough to punish him even though he had seen it in my hand because of his own mind crush. he searches a kaleido by banishing a mirror in grave then rotas for shurit. he summons a ju and adds uni so he has a total of 3 cards in hand (2 of which i knew) and activates kaleido and waits for me to use my mind crush but i dont because i knew that nothing a kaleido could do was threatening enough to waist my wind crush on. my opponent is alarmed by this and sends a level 12 to summon valk and unicore (so i know the last card in his hand is shurit) he makes castel and attacks but i valk then he tributes to clear his field and passes. i summon the ju i drew off valk the previous turn and am able to otk and use the mind crush i had set to call valk. (had i used mind crush on the unicore earlier in that game he would've just summoned the valk tributing shurit and adding a trishula then sack his ju and valk to trish my but because i conserved my mind crush he wasn't able to trish me)   Game 3: he makes me go first and i open pretty poorly where i kaleido for uni add brio set a shared ride and pass. his first play is activate kaleido ss uni and when he uses herald i chain the shared ride. he thinks a little and just adds valk then crashes and passes. off of either my shared ride draw or draw for turn i draw a ju that allows me to play a grind game where i eventually win. (first game of two that i drew shared ride and it won me the game)   3-0   Round 4 Nekroz   Game 1: i see that im playing that Travis Smith faggot who is a known cheater and banned from ARG for cheating in the finals so just because i decided he was a complete faggot i djinn'd the fuck out of him just to make him salty and i won the game   Game 2: i go first and kaleido for 12 tribute a shurit from my hand to draw one and search a brio, set 1 and pass. He does a standard ju kaleido cycle unicore valk play and with his shurit searches trish. he attacks over my unicore then makes emeral and tribs both. he starts thinking about what mirror to add and because ik he has trish in his hand i purposefully look really dissapointed and fan out my hand and he immediently adds nekroz mirror and tries to trish my but i just lancea him and trish him the next 2 turns in a row. (not only was he trying to stack earlier but i summoned 2 monsters and left them on the board so i obviously had a lancea but i know that cheaters are always greedy so i bluffed the fact i would get trished and he fell for it like a retard, not only did he try to cheat but he was fucking awful). as the game goes on i trish him 3 times in the game and it gets to the point where he has all 3 valks banished and 4 mirrors banished as well. he clearly doesnt have a win condition but keeps playing anyways. it gets to the pong where his banished is bigger than his deck and only has 5 irrelevant monsters in grave but practically everything banished. i watch him try to reposition his grave and banished as to where it looks like his insanely large banished pile is his grave and when i ask to see his grave he hands me his banished pile as if i was stupid enough to know that wasn't his banished and when he hands it to me i say "nice try" and he tries to act like it was a mistake but im not that dumb and i obviously win after trishing him 3 times and after that he says his loss was due to that fact that "jus like you more, i never draw jus"   this is why i absolutely fucking hate cheaters (shoutout to Calvin Tahan)   4-0   Round 5 Burning Abyss   Game 1: he goes first and draws 5 then says pass. i summon psi-blocker, unicore, and valk and attack with all leaving him at 1600. i psi-blocker call trish assuming he's playing the mirror then sack it off with valk, set a book, and pass. he goes galaxy cyclone, raigeki, summon 2 irrelevant ba's make dante and attacks me but i just kill him next turn.   Game 2: he makes me go first and my hand is 2 jus, dance princess, shurit, djinn, i summon ju and brio>claus>cycle and cycle back brio tributing shurit and djinn and add trish and pass, he sets a monster set 3 and then crushes me on my stanby phase tributing scarm but then i just summon my second ju and make dweller and he cant recover   5-0   Round 6 Satellar   Game 1: he draws a lot of fiendish chains and calls and i cant grind through all the backrow before he makes triverr   Game 2: dont remember but i win.   Game 3: We come very close to time and are at table 4 with a lot of people watching. it gets to the point where he has 3 monsters and 2 face up call of the haunteds but i somehow mind game him into not making triverr (where i wouldve 100% lost if he did) and instead get him to rhapsody my mirrors that didnt matter cuz i had a ju in hand.   Round 7 Nekroz   Game 1: dont remember much but i think he djinns me   Game 2: i brick pretty bad and he just kills me   6-1   Round 8 Ritual Beast   Game 1: he summons 1800 guy set 3 and i kill him   Game 2: it looks like im in control but then he has only 2 backrows and flips a set soul charge and combos me for infinite and i lose   Game 3: i start of bricking really hard but luckily he does too and once we both get things going he has a d fissure than eventually banishes all my guys andi cant do anything   6-2   Round 9 Qli   Game 1: dont remember, i think i lose   Game 2: dont realy remember either. i think he doesnt draw scout and i win   Game 3: i exciton for 5 backrow 4 monsters and 2 pendulum scales and otk him the next turn in time   7-2 going into Day 2   Round 10 no show   8-2   Round 11 I have literally no recollection of this match but i won   9-2   Round 12 Burning Abyss   Game 1: he makes double dante pass and gets dweller+brio'd   Game 2: chooses to go first and just passes. i look at my hand and see that i have game and get crazy excited that my top is locked up and otk him on my turn!   We wait for a looong time for them to announce standings. i come in 11th after swiss and my brother Collin (many of you may know him from here) gets his first top and comes in 54th. We do the math with our friend Mike Albanese to see who we play and realize that we would actually have to face each other in top 64!!!!   Top 64 Collin Reardon (my brother) Nekroz   Game 1: i open cycle cycle kaleido clausolas rota. i cycle back the claus and use mirror to summon valk and draw into maju and a book of eclipse. Collin had only been playing the deck since thursday and i remember in our testing he really didnt know how to play around book of eclipse so i set it and surely it is he plays into it and despite the awful hand im able to make a slight comeback by trishing him but i think he late game djinns me and i dont draw an out and lose   Game 2: he goes first and tries to djinn me but i have lancea and get to see his hand. next turn i trish djinn him and he dies.   Game 3: i draw another very lackluster hand where i summon uni add brio set shared ride and pass. i dont remember exactly what he does next but i think i shared ride for a plus one which is enough to get my cards to grind with and eventually win with   kinda sad i had to play my brother in top cut but also kinda cool at the same time. glad at least one of us was guaranteed to advance.   Top 32 Burning abyss   Game 1: i brick and just cycle back a claus with shurit add brio and pass. he raigekis me and makes double dante and i dont have enough to push through his set 3.   Game 2: i choose to go first and open up decree, book of moon, cycle, kaleido, trish. my hand was soooo close to being perfect but i am able to stall for a few turns becuase of book of moon but i never draw one of my infinite combo cards to unbrick that hand and unfortunately get knocked out due to bricking     Conclusion: I was really glad to break my dead streak with Nekroz and finally get the top i had been working for! It was also awesome to see my brother get his fist top along side me and meet a lot of friends i knew from DN or FB like Omar, Alex, Mitch etc. It was also insane seeing one of my friends from my DNF war team Max Schrack get his first konami top and invite to worlds!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you become a champion buddy =]   Shoutouts: My sponsor The island games (theislandg.com) for supporting me and just helping me out for events like always My teammates Ryan, Dilan, Ginger, Nishaad (SQUIDS~), my brother Collin, and Tristan Based Loli and Rapture and brady bunch (or whatever the fuck their gay ass name is) being A1 Day One swagynick fans My DNF team [BOTE] and mainly Kennyk and Pokerkid for helping me therioh a lot and Pokerkid helping me do a lot of testing on DN the week before the event Tyree again for the list Whoever beat Jarel and Calvin because if either of them went to worlds i would've ended my life. All the fans back home who kept rooting for me and believing in me, it means a lot =]   Soryy for making this so long but i really wanted to get all my points across. Please leave feed back!        Thanks,            Swagynick =]
  3. YCS Chicago Top 32- JeffDolls

    Hello, Duelistgroundz. I am back for another tournament report since I won ARG Milwaukee with Sylvan. This time, I topped YCS Chicago with Shaddoll, and I went x-1 during swiss and got 3rd place. Going into the event, I was not confident with the deck. I was worry about opening hands with all Shaddoll monsters, opening many fusions with no Shaddoll monsters, or have no out to dijnn. Even though, Jeff proved to me that his Shaddoll deck is really powerful against Nekroz. I was still worried. However, the tournament proved those worries weren't necessary. Here is my list that I entered the tournament with: Here is the deck profile. Jeff and I discussed the card choices!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXkmCloEqZQ   Okay… Let’s get into the tournament report. It has been a while since the tournament. I forgot how most of the games went. Sorry that the report couldn't be as detail as I wanted to be. Round 1: Nekroz (2-0) Game 1: I won the dice roll and chose to go second. He just passed his turn, and I ended up having Construct and mistake. Game 2: I ran out of Constructs and Falco too fast. He couldn’t get over my Shekhinaga, so he overlayed his ju and Unicore into Number 52: Diamonds Crab King…… (I don’t know why)  Then I summoned Math and dumped PeroPero. I attacked my math into his defense mode Crab King and took damage. Then PeroPero effect destroyed his Crab King, and attack for game with my Shekhinaga. Round 2: Loli Satellaknight (2-1) Game 1: I went first opened mistake and Fusion. Game 2: I lost because I didn’t open any fusion, and he made Diamonds. Game 3: He ended up having a Dweller and Diamond on board, but I topped deck Rageki and came back with Shaddoll fusion. Round 3: Nekroz (Maybe) I don’t remember this match at all. I just know I won. lol Round 4: Patrick Hoban Nekroz (0-2) Game 1: He dijinn locked me and set scrolling. I crushed carded him, but it didn’t do anything to all jus he had in hand. Game 2: He dijnn locked me again. I drew fusion, falco, crush card, core. Round 5: Joey Chou Nekroz (2-1) Game 1: I won the dice roll and made him go first. He just passed his first turn without doing anything. I had an OTK hand, but I got distracted when he maxx ced me and I proceeded to lose. Game 2: He bricked Game 3: We both had a really slow hand, but I opened mistake and slowed him even more. I won by flipping up Beast and drawing fusion and more mistake. Round 6: Burning Abyss (2-0) Game 1: Windna and El Shaddoll fusion. Game 2: Windna and Denko Sekka!!!!!! He breakthrough skilled my Windna, and tried to push with Tour Guide but I had veiler. Game 7: Satellknight (2-0) Game 1: I lost the dice roll, and he made me go first. My hand was really bad. It was all fusion spells. He summoned Vega and Altair. He just attacked, made a Giant Hand and set 4. I used Shaddoll fusion, and then made Winda for game. Game 2: I made Winda, and he had to waste all his resources to get over the Winda while I maintained my advantages and won the game. Round 8: Nekroz (2-0) Game 1: I lost the dice roll. I made a Construct and set all my traps. He scooped when I flipped mistake on his rota. Game 2: I was thinking he was playing Satellknight because all I saw in Game 1 was Veiler and Rota.  Before presenting my deck, I suddenly figured out that he is playing Nekroz because Satellknight shouldn’t play veiler. In the game, I had the warning for his Denko and flipped mistake. He couldn’t anything but scooped. Round 9: Satellaknight (2-0) Last round of Day 1. Game 1: I ended my board having Winda and mistake. He couldn’t even use the rota that he topped deck. Game 2: Again, I made Winda, and he wasted all his resources on her. Then I made Shekhinaga and negated his Deneb that was summoned from Altair. He just scooped.   That ended up my Day 1, I was really excited that I did this good in a YCS being x-1. My friend and I went to T.G.I.Friday and got drunk, which I shouldn’t have done.   Round 10: Feature Match Nekroz (2-1) https://yugiohblog.konami.com/?p=20084   Round 11: Nekroz (2-0) Game 1: I ended up with set falco and set Beast with Construct in grave. He trished me, but then he attacked my falco. I got my Construct back from grave. I just kept attacking with her, and he couldn’t get over her. Game 2: I soul charged and my field ended with a Construct, Leo, Beast, and falco. However, he excitoned me, but he didn’t attack my falco. The next turn, I just flipped falco and got back my Construct. He couldn’t deal with her again.   Top 32: Nekroz (2-1) Elvis V. He is a really good player from C.A. He topped the last 4 YCS. Game 1: I came back with a Shaddoll fusion with mistake. Game 2: I had a mistake and a Construct on board. He ended up bringing out a Clausolas and Decisive Armor. He made my Construct to 0 attack and attack with Decisive Armor for game. Game 3: I grinded the whole game. We ended up with a empty board, and he is out of all his ritual spell. He topped deck preparation of Rites, summoned Unicore with Nekroz Mirror, and attacked for game.   This is my weekend in Chicago...  Shout out to my friends espically Jeff Jones and  Marjanco for playtesting with me, and people who loaned me cards. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have topped this YCS.   Props: Topped my first YCS Got 3rd places after Swiss meeting all my cool yu-gi friends made new friends bought 2 Denko People recognized me from ARG Got drunk for free on Saturday Had an amazing time with my friends   Slops: Top 32 Wasting money on unnecessary foods Bought 2 Denko for $50   If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I will try my best to answer them. And thank you so much for reading this far!!! See ya next time!!
  4. YCS Philly

    Hey all! The weeks leading up to Philly were AP exam weeks and the last two weeks of tennis season, so I barely did any testing. This meant resigning myself to Gears, since it was the only deck I knew how to play well and I'm not good enough to pick up another deck in that time frame. Luckily the Traptrix Artifact deck started going around, and Gears obviously have an amazing match-up against that deck, making them an actual good choice.    Friday Brian (Gavony Township) and I head to Philly on the train, check into our hotel, and go to pre-register/eat. This is my third YCS Philly but my first time visiting the market, and holy crap that place is amazing. Because I'm eating I miss the fight though, and after getting a Blackship Brian and I head back to the hotel. There are actual people in the lobby, which is nice since for Nashville and Richmond I've been in Red Roof Inns, and I get to play some matches.   After the lobby closes, we head to our room and I finalize my list. I briefly considered playing the Seventh One since I felt Geargia really needed an "oops, I win" card and Silent Honor DARK was quite stellar against almost everything. I could also use some really questionable logic and have the Seventh One as the reason for not playing Upstart, which would allow me to play two more traps. Unfortunately, I felt every trap I wasn't already playing was horrid, and I cut Seventh One for no good reason, just because it didn't perform well in the small amount of games I actually played. Plus extra deck space was already quite right, though I do think Seventh One has some merit.    Onto the actual deck list: 3 Geargiarmor 3 Geargiarsenal 3 Geargiaccelerator 3 Geargiano Mk-II 1 Geargiano 3 Maxx "C"   3 Upstart Goblin 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Book of Moon 1 Soul Charge   3 Geargiagear 2 Call of the Haunted 2 Dimensional Prison 2 Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare 2 Wiretap 1 Bottomless Trap Hole  1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 Needle Ceiling 1 Solemn Warning 1 Torrential Tribute   1 Wind-Up Zenmaines 1 Mechquipped Angineer 1 Ghostrick Alucard 1 Leviair the Sea Dragon 1 Number 20: Giga-Brilliant 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Daigusto Emeral 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 Diamond Dire Wolf 1 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK 1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1 Number 85: Crazy Box 3 Gear Gigant X   3 Effect Veiler 1 D.D. Crow 1 Dimensional Fissure 1 Mind Control 2 Black Horn of Heaven 2 Breakthrough Skill 2 Rivalry of Warlords 1 Dust Tornado 1 Macro Cosmos 1 Soul Drain   The main worked out pretty well, the only thing I don't feel confident in is the Call of the Haunted/Soul Charge ratio, but if I had to enter another event right now I would stick with the 2:1 ratio. Maining Mind Control is also an option, since it's amazing against both the mirror and Artifact Traptrix Hand.    I'm pretty certain my extra deck is shit. Soul of Silvermountain should definitely be in here since it solves the whole backrow paradox against Artifacts while having the most defense in the world. I once again underestimated the amount of Gear mirrors I would play, and I think Temtempo deserves a spot just based on the mirror. No idea what I would cut though. Leviair comes up so often because of Macro/Dimensional Fissure/Bottomless/D-Prison and deals with Bujin, and Brilliant beats the 1800 rank 3 benchmark and 2300 rank 4 benchmark. Crazy Box is obviously the weakest card in the extra but Dragons are still in force, and my side was already unprepared for Dragons. Angineer should probably be cut, my main reason for it was protection off Soul Charge and being a generically good rank 3, but in hindsight those factors are much less important than what Soul and Temtempo offer, not to mention the popularity of Blackship and Breakthrough Skill.    Speaking of Breakthrough Skill, it's the only card I would cut from my side. I'm not really aware of the full extent of how powerful and consistent pure Artifact is, or its lack thereof, and so I was terrified of it and felt really unprepared. That's what I sided Breakthrough Skill. Obviously that deck flopped, and there are so many better options for Artifact Traptrix Hand. Third Wiretap feels entirely justified, especially since I expect the Artifact Traptrix Hand decks to be siding multiples of Acid Trap Hole now. Thankfully I never got hit by that card over the weekend. Mirror Force has so much potential reward vs. Artifact Traptrix Hand, but I think the next best card to side might be Enemy Controller. It can stop Hand and Moralltach attacks, can't get Wiretapped, and going Mk-II into a level four to attack a set Hand and then Enemy Controllering to take that hand is a really strong play.    On to the actual tournament, I feel I played pretty badly throughout it. My match-ups were amazing, but the only matches where I feel I played acceptably were against the Gear mirrors. I have a real problem with losing concentration once I reach the point in the game where I know if I don't make any mistakes I can't lose, and that got quite exemplified against the Artifact decks since I reached that point really early but almost blew it multiple times. Contrary to popular belief, I don't actually think the Gear mirror is very bad. Obviously there are times as in any mirror where one person blows out the other, and opening Mind Control is godly, but I've played 9 Gear mirrors between Richmond and Philly, and every single time I think the player who played better won. I lost the die roll in eight of those mirrors, and I believe I won all eight of those game 1s.   Round 1 - Hands Die Roll: Win This was someone I met at our hotel last night. Unfortunately I can't remember your name, really sorry about that. Game 1: He Tenkis for a Mother Grizzly and I'm like what the fuck. Turns out he was playing 3 Fire Hand 3 Ice Hand 3 Mother Grizzly 3 Tenki.dek. He eventually gets off a Creature Swap play after lots of turns of us both passing. I have Maxx "C" for his Ice Hand crash into Mother Grizzly, and he pops the wrong card off Ice Hand, and I think I take the game with Exciton. Game 2: He Tenkis for Bear and I have no way to deal with it, and his advantage snowballs. Game 3: I can't remember this game very well, but I think I had the out for his Bear and then I snowballed advantage with Geargia. Eventually both our fields were clear and I had a giant Soul Charge against his no cards in hand.    1-0   Round 2 - Artifact Traptrix Hands (Matt Bishop) Die Roll: Loss Game 1: He first turn Myrmeleo's for Nightmare. I open a little subpar, and make a Zenmaines. He summons Blackship and passes to play around Nightmare, and next turn he has Book to deal with Zenmaines. I end up triple MSTing because I need to hit the Bottomless, and I hit an Ignition, which he uses to set Moralltach. I make ARK to try to take his Blackship, which gets Breakthroughed, and I forget about Ignition making me skip my battle phase, so I can't crash ARK, which leaves him a target to start crashing his hands into. I'm pretty sure I made loads of mistakes other than that though. Once he played around Nightmare and I saw that he was playing the Ignition build, I fell into the mentality that because he was good he always had three Solemn Judgment set at all times and I tried to play around everything which just wasn't possible. I think I should have made an Alucard and started popping backrows and just hoped I never hit an Artifact.  Game 2: This is a really good match-up and I think I play this game without making any mistakes. I go through a Dweller, and after he gets rid of it I go off in a huge turn, making Emeral to put Dweller back and then summoning it again. Game 3: I don't realize how close to time we are, so I don't side out Upstarts and Soul Charge. The game starts off really well, with me keeping one Armor and him having to use Trap cards to stop the second Armor from hitting the field. Eventually my Armor gets Warninged, but I'm still in a favorable position, and I make Dweller against his two set monster two backrow field, MST a Sanctum, Traptrix Trap Hole the Moralltach that comes out, then make an Alucard, to which he activates a Torrential to clear the field. After the Torrential, he had one card in hand to my Mk-II and dead set Geargiagear. He summons Ice Hand, attacks, and sets a card. On my turn I make Leviair, summon Accelerator, and summon Arsenal. He considers a long time on Leviair, so I thought he was bluffing with a set Artifact, and I make Emeral, which gets Booked. The safe play here would have been to get another Armor and pass, but I lost to him topping any level 4 for Exciton. I could have also made Blackship, but the risk vs. reward of only losing to Book vs. winning immediately did not seem worth it. On his turn he attacks over Emeral, sets another card, and passes. We are in time with me under by 1600 or so, and I draw a Soul Charge. I stupidly don't activate it, which puts me at a zero outer. I should have just paid 4k and hoped he didn't top anything to protect his life, as he had a set Call, but I had Breakthrough. He ends up drawing Dionaea. I replayed the situation in my head and I don't think I could have done enough damage, but it was still a really bad misplay.    1-1   Round 3 - No Show Nobody shows up, so I go to the market and eat. When I get back I take a nap, and after waking up I use the quote from the most inspiring yugioh coach Alexander Ryan Sentnor and decide to stop being bad. It sort of worked.    2-1   Round 4 - Raccoons Die Roll: Win Game 1: I open Armor, Geargiagear, and some protection trap. He Obedience Schooleds and activates Creature Swap. I chain Geargiagear, give him Mk-II, and he tries to make a Nat Beast with Mk-II and Elephun. After he realizes he can't he promptly loses. Game 2: He goes Trap Stun into Barkion, and then has the second Trap Stun for my Torrential + Book play. He doesn't flip Barkion face-up after it's Booked though, and eventually the game becomes my Alucard + Gear Gigant + in hand Mk-II to his nothing at 3900. He draws, activates System Down and passes. I draw a dead Geargiagear, summon Mk-II, and put him to 100. He draws Upstart, Upstarts into Ayer's Rock Sunrise, brings back a Sandayu, lowers Alucard to 800 and Mk-II to zero, attackes over Alucard, and makes Downerd. I draw nothing and he rides the Downerd to the win. Game 3: I have Blackhorn and Breakthrough Skill. He never really gets any Tantans going, only gets one Kalantosa effect off, and loses to my snowball.   3-1   Round 5 - Bujin Die Roll: Win Game 1: I MST his Tenki, and he drew all monsters and promptly loses.  Game 2: He drew a mediocre hand to my hand of five monsters, and I have no way to deal with Susanowo. Game 3: I open D-Fissure, which makes his already bad hand completely dead. Next turn I OTK him, and he sided in Swift Scarecrow and drew it, but thought he couldn't use it under D-Fissure. There was no way for him to win regardless though.   4-1   Round 6 - Geargia Die Roll: Loss Game 1: I don't think he opens Armor and I take the game pretty handily. Game 2: He plays some very, for the lack of a better word, interesting side cards. I get Soul Released and he also Seven Tools me. He makes multiple misplays though, and I end up winning.    5-1   Round 7 - Geargia Die Roll: Loss I can't remember this match at all, but I know I win.   6-1   At this point Brian has lost, so he joins the X-1 bracket.    Round 8 - Geargia (Laithe) Die Roll: Loss After the match Alyx tells me this is Arabs N Scarabs on DGz. Was nice meeting you! Game 1: He opens Gigant + Call for Armor. I have double Geargiagear though, and I think I use Wiretap to force through an Exciton play. I activate either Soul Charge or Geargiagear and chain Exciton, he loses his board, and he can't come back.  Game 2: He takes this game, I think it was with standard Geargia snowballing.  Game 3: I open the absolute nuts and he can't do anything. I don't have Armor, but I have Geargiagear and Wiretap, and on my next turn I top Mind Control for his Armor. Sorry about this game.    7-1   Round 9 - Traptrix Hand Die Roll: Loss This deck didn't play any Artifacts but played Rai-Oh and Grand Mole. The guy was really nice and I saw him the next day and we talked for a bit. I can't remember your name though, if you're on here I'm sorry.  Game 1: I don't hit an Armor and make a Zenmaines to stall. He Grand Moles it :(. I make an Exciton, but I have no way to deal with Grand Mole and he takes the game. Game 2: Standard Gear vs. this kind of deck match-up, he has no way to deal with Armor and I take it. Game 3: Similar to game 2, but I have a giant Soul Charge as well. I fuck up the Gigant loop and end on a subpar field of Gigant + Dweller, but he can't do anything.   8-1   We take a cab back to our hotel, but the cab driver types in Oakland, NJ instead of Brooklawn, NJ, so the trip takes 40 minutes. After 6 or so hours of sleep, we're back, and I'm playing Brian in the next round. This sucked obviously, but at least I had the amazing match-up. Plus Brian had already tilted himself into losing the match before we started playing.    Round 10- Artifact Traptrix Hand Die Roll: Loss Game 1: We go back and forth for a while. Eventually I make an Exciton which he can't deal with, and I win. Game 2: He opened fine and I think I opened 4 Armor/Arsenal, and he snowballs to victory.  Game 3: He has no way to deal with my Armor, and he ends up losing in time. At one point the tilt is obvious and he tries to attack my ARK with two monsters, make a Dweller with those monsters, and then attack again.    9-1   Round 11 - Artifact Traptrix Hand  Die Roll: Loss None of these games were even remotely lose-able but then I played atrociously so they were. Game 1: This game is fine, I have like Armor + Geargiagear + Wiretap and I don't think I misplay. Game 2: I have a set Armor and Torrential, and he summons two level fours. I'm like, that's fine there's no rank 4 that can do anything here, but I miscount cards and he summons Exciton. Then he activates the effect and I don't Torrential because I convince myself Exciton kills itself with its own effect. Then I have to waste a D-Prison on Exciton, which I later don't have for one of his monsters, and I lose. Game 3: I open amazing again and Soul Charge for 5 on the first turn of time, ending with Gear Gigant + Emeral + Angineer + D-Prison + Rivalry to his nothing. I feel like he's on a no outer, since once again I stupidly convince myself that I have the ability to make Dweller for sure next turn. He tops an Ice Hand, attacks with it, and I misplay #2326537465 by Angineering to save Emeral instead of D-Prisoning the Ice Hand. On my turn I draw and I realize I do not in fact have a way to make Dweller, and I search for Armor and pass, hoping he doesn't draw a hand. He draws and sets a monster, but it's a Cardcar D and Blackship of Corning him + attacking for 41 Puts him at 2900 to my 3000. I win but am so tilted I don't think I have played that badly in a tournament match in actual years.    The guy is also convinced I marked my cards and is very passive-aggressive about it, saying really loudly how he would normally call me on it but he won't this time right next to the judge. The judge looks at my sleeves and I get a warning and am told to re-sleeve for top cut.    I come in 7th which I thought was a lucky number but apparently not since I draw the only Mermail in the top 32. Doesn't really matter though, I think I would have lost no matter what with the way I was playing.    Top 32 - Mermail There's a feature. Obviously he shits on me completely, and even with the complete devastation I was handed I still managed to misplay. Game 1 I am so stunned at the PWWB discarding Tidal that I don't chain my Geargiagear, which would let me live and potentially draw Needle Ceiling, giving me a like .3% of winning the game. Game 2 I lapse and don't activate Macro on his draw phase, and he punishes me with Undine. I keep my back row at 4 because I need to be able to set Geargiagear if I draw it, but then he kills me.    After the match Kohanim says he needs to stop featuring me since it's bad luck, as his last feature with me was my match against Jimi Johnson playing Frog FTK lol.    After I lose I get lunch and then enter a win-a-mat with Noble Knights. I beat Bujins, Gears, and Malefic Drain, and then sell the mat for not nearly as much as I should have.   Thanks for reading. Shoutout to the Leverett mom for letting Brian and I store our bags in her car even though she barely knows us. She did the same for us at Richmond, and we appreciate it a lot. Shoutout to legendary and infamous coach Alexander Ryan Sentnor for his inspiring words and sayings, and Eric for letting me borrow cards. Lastly, shoutout to Brian for his first top, you really deserved it even though your ego will be inflated to a hot air balloon now. 
  5. NA WCQ Top 32 Report

    So I topped my 2nd premiere event this weekend, and I have the DGz community to thank for most of it. Special thanks to Rapture for taking the time to answer all my stupid questions about dragons, and of course, congrats on going to worlds. So, here we go I guess.   Wednesday Night: Realize I haven’t tested enough for this event but hopefully I can get by just because most people are just god awful (That’s how I topped my 1st event). So after maybe 5 matches of testing against the mirror, and 2 matches against prophecy, I guess I’m ready for nationals…We leave around 3AM in a car packed tight as fuck for our 13 hour drive, oh joy.   Thursday: Still on the road, we finally get to Chicago in time for insane rush hour traffic. I suppose I should be thinking about my deck list, but whatever. We get to the hotel around 6ish and I think I have the decklist I want to play. I play a few mirrors, and a few games against books, and I still have no idea how to beat that deck.  I figure I will get some sleep, because there is no way I will get any more this weekend.   Friday: One of our friends needs to LCQ, so we get to the convention center mad early. I meet up with some of my Delaware friends, all of which are playing books. They try to convince me over and over to play books, but I’m having none of it. I play 9 game 1s against my friend Jeff Strain and he destroys me 8 of them. I’m no longer feeling too confident, but it happens. I figure he probably knows how to play the deck better than 95% of the room, so I figure I’m still okay. I start writing down my deck list but I realize that it’s pretty awful. I find my friend Karim Ahamjik and just tell him to fix it. He gives me his 2 cents and I feel a little better about my list. I hand in my decklist with a few minutes before 7 to go and find Jarel finishing up his list for books. I give him my 2 cents, but Ben Leveret has that covered already. I leave the event center, feeling fairly confident about my deck list. We get back to the hotel, I help my friend out with his list, and I crash knowing that I will need the sleep. Here is the deck list I registered.   My shitty list:   Monsters: 28 3x Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos 3x Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders 3x Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls 3x Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms 2x Burner, Dragon Ruler of Sparks 2x Reactan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles 2x Stream, Dragon Ruler of Droplets 1x Lightning, Dragon Ruler of Drafts 3x Effect Veiler 2x Maxx "C" 2x Droll and Lock Bird 1x Dragunity Corseca 1x Swift Scarecrow   Spells: 12   3x Super Rejuvenation 2x Gold Sarcophagus 2x Sacred Sword of Seven Stars 1x Monster Reborn 1x Dark Hole 1x Heavy Storm 1x Book of Moon 1x Lightning Vortex   Side Deck: 15   2x Electric Virus 1x Maxx “C” 1x Tsukyomi 1x Psi-Blocker 3x Mystical Space Typhoon 2x Last Day of Witch 3x Eradicator Epidemic Virus (Fuck this card) 2x Vanity’s Emptiness   Extra Deck: 15   3x Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack 2x Number 11: Big Eye 1x Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger 1x Armory Arm 1x Ancient Sacred Wyvern 1x Black Rose Dragon 1x Karakuri Shogun MDL Burei 2x Crimson Blader 1x Scrap Dragon 1x Thought Ruler Archfiend 1x Colossal Fighter   I was dead set on playing 3 sword and 0 Sarc, but my friends told me I was crazy. I kept drawing too many hands with 0 monsters so I figured Sarc’s wouldn’t be that bad. A few of my friends topped with that 3-0 ratio, so it clearly was good. I also cut the 3rd Maxx “C” because I assumed I would play too much prophecy. I never missed it in the mirror game 1, almost all of which I won.   Saturday, Day 1:   As with every Yugioh event, as a mixture of being nervous and getting 0 sleep, I throw up. We get to the event center insanely early, wait a few hours, re-sleeve, and round 1 finally starts. Round 1: Michael Albanese vs. Josh Temple (Dragons) Table 879 Game 1: I go first and summon a dragon which he Maxx C’s. On his turn he makes a big eye which I veiler, then OTK him the next turn. Game 2: He Yolo’s turn 2 under Maxx C with 2 dragons, a Dracossack, and Ancient Sacred Wyvern, and I have the scarecrow. I dark hole him, burei the token, and once I reborn his Wyvern he scoops.   1-0 Round 2: Michael Albanese vs. Cory Fowser (Dragons) Table 320   I have played this guy before at a YCS.  He is a friend of mine. We played round 11 at YCS Providence when we were both X-1 and I lost, but it didn’t matter much. I still wanted revenge Game 1: I have all the hand traps, and I straight up OTK him turn 2 with Tidal, Blaster, and Dracossack. Game 2: Turn 1 I rejuv for 12, then Maxx C him on his next turn. He tries to armory arm me but I have the veiler and he just says “I literally can’t win”   2-0   Round 3 Michael Albanese vs. Brian Chen (Dragons) Table 207   Game 1: I make an early Dracossack which he veilers then attempts to Blader but I also have the veiler. I summon a few times, he doesn’t have Maxx “C” so I put 8000 on board, hit him with lightning vortex, and attack for game. Game 2: He flips an early emptiness, but I just can’t do anything. Game 3: I make colossal and flip emptiness, which he has to set babies to get around. Eventually he summons pebbles and uses e-con to get around colossal and emptiness, but I just have a lot of advantage. I read his backrow as emptiness, but he doesn’t have a dragon so he can’t flip it to make use of it. I summon a few and he finally flips it, at which point my board is like tidal, blaster, burner. I swing and put him at 400 when time is called. He vortex’s me to get rid of emptiness, but just sets 2 backrow and ends. I put a few dragons on the field, make a thought ruler to dodge enemy controller, and swing for game. He shows me enemy controller and book set.   3-0   Round 4: Michael Albanese vs.  Danny Yin (Spellbooks) Table 108   Wasn’t looking forward to playing against books, but It has to happen eventually.   Game 1: He goes first, activates judgment, 3 upstarts, and my hand just can’t deal with it and I scoop soon after.   Game 2: I make big eye and set eradicator and mst. He sets a monster, 2 backrow, a tower, and passes. I activate big eye to take the set, he veilers, and I chain eradicator to make tower miss timing. He has decree but I have the mst to chain. He scoops after revealing his backrow as D fissure and his set monster as veiler (I guess he didn’t want to win) Game 3: He summons kycoo, sets 2, activates tower, and passes. I heavy him, big eye his kycoo, summon a blaster from grave and swing in for 4600. He draws and I just flip the eradicator and he reveals tsukyomi and 2 jowgens. He kills kycoo but I have game next turn.   4-0   Round 5: Michael Albanese vs. Roy St. Clair (Evilswarm) Table 30   Game 1: I have no idea what he is playing, and all I see is a bottomless trap hole. I side for books/Evilswarm   Game 2: We have an issue with a judge that takes a while and he gives us 2 minutes (Thanks a lot judge lol). But I just scoop so we don’t go to time.   Game 3: We have another judge call on Dragon rulers returning to the hand vs. Shock Master. I am correct. He opens Necrovalley but like a sack I have the heavy. I opened tsukyomi so he keeps just turning off ophion. Time gets called and the field is his bahamut and my tidal and mine is empty and he is up by 3550. He Maxx C’s me but I go for it. I big eye the tidal back, electric virus the bahamut, tribute the big eye and something else for a blaster and swing for game.   5-0   Round 6: Michael Albanese vs. Gaeten Georges (Dragons) Table 15   Game 1: I sword, search, and pass. He baby pitches for redox and I allow it, but Maxx C when he banishes for blaster. He passes. I triple baby pitch for tidal, redox, and blaster. I big eye with no fear because I have book, and I figure I can just go for game because my last 2 cards are book and veiler. I make blader so blaster can be sent to grave, summon him and attack for game with my blaster, blader, and his blaster. He asks if I decided against bladering and I just respond that I would rather just win the game.   Game 2: He goes first and passes. I look at my hand and I think, well I win. I baby pitch and am met with nothing. I baby pitch again and nothing. I make dracossack which he has to veiler or else he just loses. I banish for blaster, but I also have reborn. The salt was real, but I can’t really blame him I drew pretty great both games.   6-0   Round 7: Michael Albanese vs. Joey Chou (Books) Table 8   Game 1: I have heavy by other than that my hand sucks. He summons kycoo, sets 3 and activates tower and passes. I heavy and he judgments, and I figure I can just beat him right away but he has the wing blast, and begins to overwhelm me with advantage and I lose.   Game 2: I open Big eye set eradicator, but it doesn’t even matter. He has judgment and magician and I have 2 reactans left in hand. I just lose.   He gets 1st place after day one, but he goes 0-3 day 2. Really nice guy, wish he topped.   6-1   Round 8: Michael Albanese vs. Scott Page (Dragons) Table 42   I really enjoyed this match. We had a lot of fun talking and making fun of a really strange player playing next to us vs. Patrick Hoban.   Game 1: He Maxx C’s me early and I consider pushing for game, but I just swing with dracossack and feel safe behind Scarecrow and other hand traps. He makes a push under Maxx “C” but I have the scarecrow to stop him. I start pushing back with big eye, and he just scoops for the sake of time.   Game 2: He veilers me early and beats over my dracossack (With blaster I think). Later he has dracosack with tokens and no backrow and I have a possible game push. I dark hole to kill the tokens, figuring I will either win this turn or blader him. I big eye which he veilers, make blader which is also veilered, but I summon another dragon and reborn a tuner for my 2nd blader and successfully blader him. He draws and sets 2 backrow, one of which I assume is book and the other rejuv. I figure I need to summon once just to beat the book so I summon Tidal and he Maxx C’s and I swing for game.   Really awesome guy, wish I didn’t have to play him.   Day 1 ends and I finish 7-1 at 22nd place. We get lost on the way back to the hotel, and I plan on re-sleeving but I just go to sleep.   Day 2: We get up too late so we have to rush out, but when Phil Forte is driving you can get anywhere on time. I end up getting there before the event doors even open. I sit down at table 7 ready for round 9.   Round 9: Michael Albanese vs. Larry Wade (Dark World) Table 7   Game 1: He summons tour guide and I look around and say out loud does anyone else see this tour guide? But as I say that I realize I watched him play day 1 and I know he is playing dark world. He makes zenmaines, sets torrential and passes. I try and just big eye it but he torrentials, and I rejuv for 4. He doesn’t really do anything so next turn I just big eye the zenmaines and win pretty easily with the help from dark hole.   Game 2: He opens tour guide and makes zenmaines and passes. I baby pitch and he has the Maxx C, and I just pass safe behind scarecrow AND droll. I pray for dealings but he has dragged down, he rips droll and I rip his grapha, leaving his hand dead unless he draws a snow. He flips a set dealings and I draw droll (ribbed), he discards snow but I droll. He sets a backrow and ends with gate, 1 backrow, and trance archfiend discarding grapha to kill my big eye. I draw and just space his lone backrow which is torrential and put a bunch of dragons on the field, reborn his grapha for safe measures, and attack for game.   8-1. Alright just gotta win one more.   Round 10: Michael Albanese vs. Phil Pena (Dragons) Table 4 or 5   Our locals and the whole NY/NJ area pretty much killed this event so I figured I would have to play one of them eventually.   Game 1: He drolls My Maxx C, activates card destruction, and I ask if he can do that. A nearby judge we asks says yes, then another on looking judge says no. We appeal and he cannot. He makes big eye and I veiler, and after a 15 minute judge call, proceed to stupidly draw for Maxx “C.” I realize I have game but I get a game loss after Phil says I drew after droll and a nearby judge hears what he says. Bad beats, I was literally winning that turn.   Game 2: I just savaged him; all my life point sheet says was 8000-0.   Game 3: He opens 3 Veiler, Maxx C, and scarecrow. We go back and forth into time but his last turn he swords, draws a card and prays the gods he draws the right card, which he does. I hope that it’s emptiness because I have heavy, but it’s deck devi to rip my corseca and my electric virus that would have won me the game. Oh well, bubble time. Good games man.   8-2   Round 11: Michael Albanese vs. Bryan Rockenbach (Dragons) Table 21 (I think)   We find our table and the judges are like feature match and I’m like feature match on the bubble, let’s have all the pressure! Julien Lafon, a favorite of all of DGz says to me, if you can say no don’t do it, it’s too much pressure. I tell him that I am not a bitch, and I make my way to the feature match table. I am told that he got 2nd at nationals in 2007, but all I really care is if he is playing dragons. They explain to us all the feature match stuff, and we get started. If you want to read the feature it’s right here: http://www.konami.com/yugioh/blog/?p=14735   Game 1:   I go first and honestly open the nuts for the mirror match, Maxx “C”, scarecrow, Veiler, and yeah. I make dracossack and he veilers, and I laugh because I have veiler for the blader, rejuv for 2 and pass. He makes blader and I veiler after I Maxx C for 2. I make dracossack with 2 babied dragons, pop the blader and swing 2600 with tidal. He draws redox, redox back blader which I veiler again. I big eye his blader to crash with blaster and swing for 2400 with tempest. He draws veiler, summons a dragon and searches a baby, baby pitches and summons veiler to make another blader. He finally connects with it but by now I know that I have won this game. I pass, he swings and I scarecrow, then on my turn I drop dark hole and lightning vortex and he scoops.   Game 2: He stops me with Maxx C, then OTK’s me on his 2nd turn with a hard summoned blaster, a reborned blaster, and my blaster that he stole with enemy controller.   Game 3: I baby pitch and rejuv twice for 4 and pass. He misplays here when he summons redox, babies for blaster, electric virus my redox, and xyz with his redox that can attack and not his blaster that can’t attack. I veilered his dracossack because time was just called and I could go for game next turn, so he just attacks with dracossack and passes. I electric virus his dracossack, make tokens, and tribute the dracossack to pop his set emptiness. I baby pitch for tidal, hard summon redox, make big eye and take his blaster (I had book for the veiler and scarecrow). I hard summon tidal, tribute the tokens for tidal, and swing for exactly 8000.   Whoo. 9-2, topping nats lets go.   Top 64: Michael Albanese vs. Larry Chapman (Dragons)   Game 1: I Maxx C him, and he tries to OTK me with Tidal, Blaster Colossal but I have the scarecrow, and the dark hole. I try to blader him but he has the veiler so I just swing over the dracossack. He pushes back but I have a lot of hand traps. At this point he has around 10 dragons banished and I only have 1 and it’s under gold sarc so it would be pretty hard to lose at this point. Next turn he feels the wrath of my second blader and he scoops shortly after. I rejuv’d for 2 cards turn 1 and turn 2 I remember.   Game 2: He opens poorly and I just OTK him on my 2nd turn.   Woo, top 32. We watch Pegasus duel which is painful because my phone is dead.   Top 32: Michael Albanese vs. Carl Manigat   Game 1: I open 3 Redox, Reactan, and Veiler. My next card is the other reactan. He draws a very playable hand and I lose very early.   Game 2: My hand is nearly just as unplayable. He has a Maxx C and I have to stop after I already used heavy storm. He makes colossal, attacks, and sets emptiness and deck devi. I baby pitch and he flips emptiness, and on my end phase deck devi rips my veiler, Maxx C, and scarecrow. He puts game on board and I give him the handshake.   I get my mat and prize card, and pretty much just chill and talk to people before we leave for our endless drive back to Jersey.   In 13 rounds, I played against 9 Mirror matches, 2 Prophecy, 1 Evilswarm, and 1 Dark World.   Pros: -          All the mirror matches -          Scarecrow Main decked -          A lot of people I know topping this event -          Lightning Vortex -          First feature match -          Rapture destroying swiss and going to worlds -          Dragons winning the event -          Drawing consistent hands all day until t32   Cons: -          Not maining the 3rd Maxx C -          Not siding more scarecrows -          EEV -          Not playing DNA surgery -          Not going to worlds -          My hands in top 32   Again, I have DGz to thank for my success this weekend. Thanks everyone for their sharing of knowledge on this site.
  6. UK Nationals bruv

    Thursday So I have all my stuff packed on Wednesday cause I'm going up with a friend who is judging and he's paying for my hotel so it's w/e, I just decide that it's probably the smartest idea to go up with him to give me the most time to just get used to everything. Leave the house at like half eleven to get on the train to Waterloo, underground across to Euston and then from there to Birmingham. I feel like I've left something behind but it just yolo it and leave anyway. Get to Euston pretty easy because I didn't have to wait for lifts for the underground because escalators are smart. Have to wait around at Euston for a bit before my train arrives so I spend like half an hour revising for a biology exam I have on the Monday after the weekend. When the train turns up I get on it, wait around for it to depart and it turns out the station my friend was supposed to be getting on the train at wasn't there. I text him think he might have fucked up the booking but assume that he'll be smart enough to turn up at New Street somehow anyway. Eventually the conductor announces it over the intercom thing anyway, saying that we'll be stopping off at Watford Junction after all but only so people can get on. Safe. Do more revision on the train which is good because my friend is doing something biology related at Uni so that helps.  When we arrive in Birmingham it takes us about twenty minutes to work out how we're even supposed to get to the hotel, but once we do get there after walking we spend a bit of time testing the Fire Fist mirror match up. I'm not 100% confident with the deck and then Marcus tells me he has all the stuff for Prophecy so I spent a while testing it and decided I liked it. When I texted Zack about the idea of playing it, he told me I shouldn't. The deck seems pretty good except for the hands were it seemed garbage, and the deck lacked any particular broken plays. I threw it back in the deck box to think about it, resolving that I'd sleep on it. Marcus and I go out, shop around and get something to eat before coming back to the hotel, playing more Yugioh and before going to bed.    Friday Marcus is judging so I vaguely remember him leaving the hotel room at some point in the morning. I shower, dress, pack all my shit back in to my bag as I need to check out and meet Zack at the station. Go downstairs to eat the complimentary breakfast, turns out Marcus didn't pay for it in his order. Fuck. He texts me though and says there is a McDonalds down the road, so I go down and eat like a king eat some breakfast muffin thing. Come back to the hotel, revise for like an hour in my room before I have to go check out. Go to the station and have to wait about an hour for Zack, but he turns up thirty minutes earlier than he thought he would so we head back to the hotel and duck in to some comic shop along the way which had a bunch of cool stuff. He tells me that he thinks Prophecy is really bad and I agree with a lot of his points, and luckily Marcus tells me someone else wants to borrow it anyway, meaning I won't have the luxury to play it. We check back in to the same hotel .___. and then go back to the train station to meet more friends. We dump all out stuff off at the hotel and start the forty minute (?) walk to the venue, and when we get there the general smell of duelist is already present . I meet up with Kenny, Gary, Biki and Matt who are already there. We test games, but naturally I lose to the WATER cards because they're really good. Fire still doesn't seem too hot, but I really have nothing else to play but Wind-Up, which I suck with. Turns out there are also no free cashpoints near the venue, so I have to borrow money from Marcus to pay for preregistration, which was a smart move considering the line was huge the next day. We dine like champions again at McDonalds before we go back to the hotel and play more YGO in the lobby. Turns out a bunch of duelists were at the same hotel as us, so that was kind of cool, but the ever present odour never really left us at all that weekend. We then have to walk back to the station again to pick up Jack who had brought our other friend's case with him. We get back, open it and get 1 Dracossack, 2 Judgment and like 3 Totem Bird among other things. Our friend already let us know that we could have a set of each of the big Dragon Rulers which was sick. Test more generic yugioh and then eventually we all pass out at like one in the morning.   Saturday *this is where the real report starts* Luckily we had been smart and set alarms for the morning, so we all got up pretty quickly. My stomach didn't feel great after last night's McDonalds and I don't think eating the continental breakfast (which Zack did remember to pay for) helped much. Again we walk to the venue because apparently no one has money to get a taxi so w/e. We get there like an hour before player briefing, so I just chill while Zack and Jack register cause they didn't on Friday. Eventually we sit down for player briefing, turns out there were 527 players so we'd be playing ten rounds of swiss on the first day and then top 32 day two. I'm not so experienced with such large numbers of rounds so I have to start focusing myself for the day ahead, realising I need to win eight games to clear my space. I talk to Biki and he uses the swiss triangle which shows there would be one or two x-3s but probably not any because draws would take up their spaces. Finally the pairings go up and I get ready to play YGO.   Round 1 This guy pulls out a Spellbook Regional Playmat so I get that he's either good, or he bought it. I initially think he might be playing Prophecy, but I think he mentioned something about WATER yugioh cards so...   Game One: I lose because the WATER cards are really strong, even when you do use two Dweller. I was close to bringing back a comeback but Diva is super powerful, so I pick up my cards and go to game two.   Game Two: Banisher puts in work. He tries to out it with Diva into Catastor, I Mirror Force (I did this a lot) and just beat him down.   Game Three: Pretty similar to Game Two, except I'm able to have Tengu, Thunder King and Bear as we're going in to time. I think I hit with all, made Cowboy leaving Tengu on the field, detached for 800 then played Dimensional Fissure and two backrow. He offers the handshake.   Round 2 This guy has a bunch of stuff from LTGY in his hands, complains as he was trying to get  Dracossack or Judgment. I assume that he's not that great if he's buying packs but he's 1-0 so I just presume he's playing WATER. I was right.   Game One: I really wish I knew how to win G1 against WATER, but their cards are just too stronk.   Game Two: D Fissure really plays a problem for him. When he gets rid of it he tries to use Gunde twice in a turn, I tell him he can't and he was really confused by that. He also didn't know that I could  use Tensu to summon Gorilla, pop a card then summon another monster.    Game Three: Banisher does work. I don't take any damage in these two games.    Round 3 I'm happy that I'm nearly out of the random zone, pray that I don't play WATER again for a bit. Nope. I know this guy from two other regionals where I played him. He's played WATER both times, I've played Wind-Up and Agents so he doesn't know what I'm playing. I pile shuffle his deck as requested and it's 53 cards. WATER? Check. Low chance of Storm? Check.   Game One: I actually win. I took 200 from something, but I think a Gene Warped just beats him down until I have too many cards to lose (except to Storm!)   Game Two: I lose, I take a few small hits at his life but never really press anything on him, so eventually he does enough to kill me.   Game Three: I make a first turn Dweller, he Soul Takers, so I'm up in life. I'm a BK and don't use Dweller's effect, but he doesn't press any more advantage on me that turn thank God. I put Banisher on the board and start attacking, he kills it so I end up having Thunder King and D-Fissure. He kills D Fissure, sets his only CIH, Linde, and passes. I draw Tenki, flip my set Dark Hole and Tenki for Bear into 3-0.   Round 4  I'm at table 1 now which is cool, though idk if that was because of my tie breaks or because the guy needed disabled access but we were both 3-0 so it was w/e.   Game One: He sets five backrow and summons Sabersaurus. Yes! Not WATER! but then again No! Five backrow!. I don't draw Lance or Tenki so I have a hard time playing through it all, especially when he's smart enough not to play aggressively into my own traps, and then summons Bear when it's most relevant. I lose ):   Game Two: I take like 100 damage over something, but otherwise just win with Tengu and Warning being really good cards.    Game Three: I was in a good position the entire game. I took very little and got a lot of Bear hits in which basically won it for me. He didn't make Laggia or Dolkka once.   After this round I was really happy to being half way to top 32, but I made myself focus on the games because there was still a massive opportunity to drop three games and just crumple.   Round 5 Table 13 or something now, playing against an Asian guy.    Game One: Dark World monsters suck. I also drew Rabbit; Gene-Warped; Gene-Warped; Fiendish Chain; Fiendish Chain; Bear, and could only draw more Bears and the other Rabbit and Fiendish Chain. Skill Drain destroys me basically. After this game, I make imply that if I get such a bad hand again I'll call a judge, but do it in a joking way to my friend next to me. I also get him to look up when shuffling so I guess my opponent got the message.   Game Two: Banisher is a good Yu-Gi-Oh, but he Skill Drains so this doesn't go well. I beat down until kill it afterwards and put Maestroke on the Board to his Grapha and one s/t. He takes a material off and passes. I draw Tour Guide, summon it and Make Giga-Brilliant, pump, use Maestroke to flip him down, then attack to take out his last 1500 LP.   Game Three: I'm not going first so this isn't ideal. He sets 3 s/ts and passes. I summon Banisher and set 3 backrow. He summons Broww, plays Gates. Activates Dragged Down, flips up Drain, I MST that and basically ride it out to victory after he discards my Dark Hole and he loses a Broww. He plays a bunch of draw cards hoping to out it but keep banishing cards. Finally he attacks, I Mirror Force and win all the YGO.   Round 6 Something tells me I'm playing against WATER again cause this guy just seemed to know what he was doing, but it turns out he is playing Fire Fist. Well.   Game One: He Tenki's for Bear to kill my guy and then attacks, then sets two more. I Storm, Tenki for my own Bear and it all just goes downhill for him from there.   Game Two: I summon a Bear or something and he Warnings. I take a Tengu hit. I summon something else he Judgments. I take another Tengu hit. I resolve Rabbit, game goes to me.   Turns out this guy was playing the Dragon build with Trap Cards, but he never saw them against me, so it's w/e. He finished T32 or T16, idr.   Round 7 Back on top 4 tables, table three this time. Three people are playing WATER, Gehan, my opponent gives a comment that he is, and I also see Bubblebeat and Infernity so I guess that's what I'm playing against if I win.    Game One: I think I'm going to lose this, but a timely Tour Guide into Zenmaines puts me back in to it for long enough to take the win.    Game Two: Banisher, Dweller and D Fissure are all strong against the WATER cards. I only take like 1800 in the entire game. This was probably the most enjoyable game all day.   I see both Simon He and Jake Quinsee next to me lose to Bubblebeat and Infernity so I brainstorm how to beat Infernity, come up with nothing and just hope they don't open the combo.   Round 8 So I get a "feature" match for being on table 1 again. It was really a feature match, we're just in an open area which is cooler which is a plus,  but there is no judge and no clock. Brilliant. I'm playing against Bubble Beat so I just prepare to go in to go the last win I need.   Game One: I Tour Guide into Zenmaines, he sets three backrow and passes. I summon Tengu, because he just loves backrow and attack. He passes. I attack again with Tengu and I think he eats a trap card, but the opponent still takes 1700 so it's w/e. He summons Stratos, I do a really bad play and flip Bottomless, but it works out because he uses Solemn (???) and adds Bubbleman. Hits two of my backrow with Night Beam/MST, and makes Maestroke with Bubbleman. He attacks, I flip Dimensional Prison. I draw Mirror Force so I set it and pass, so he has 3 backrow and I have 2 I think. He draws, activates a set Miracle Fusion. I forgot how much I hated that card. I ask him if he's making Abz0 or Great Tornado; I have Fiendish and MF set so idc which. He hesitates for a minute, then summons AbZ0. Sick. He attacks, I flip Mirror Force. Lose my Tengu and detach from Zenmaines, which forces him to play horribly and play his set Storm for my one backrow and his one backrow. End Phase I have to just detach another from Zenmaines and I draw Reborn which wraps up the game because he used Solemn.   Game Two: He sets 4, I Storm, he Solemns, Tengu goes in and he doesn't see a monster. GAME.   So after this I was 8-0 which meant I had all the wins I needed for day 2 so I started to relax a bit. Walked around and talked with people cause I had like 20 minutes left on the round, work out I'm playing Chad Lloyd next round. The post standings for some reason and I'm 2nd which is cool.   Round 9 This round takes 20 minutes to get started as we get deck checked. I'm 100% sure I've desided which is cool, but it's not so cool that Chad didn't draw well and I had purple cards in my hand, along with the best purple card. Kirk comes over about fifteen minutes into the round and says something about the judges talking about sleeves, and I get worried as my Ultra Pro have started to pick shit up on them despite being brand new and my Bears are bent as fuck because they're dumb ultras. Nope, turns out they're holding a purple sleeved deck in their hand, and a judge comes over to escort Chad away. Turns out two of his Teus are bent as fuck because they're also dumb ultras so he has to borrow two from my friend and he gets a game loss w/ a fifteen minute time extension.   Game Two: I'm unfortunately not looking forward to this because I can't put in Banisher or D Fissure so it's basically just a Game One where Chad goes first. WATER puts out FIRE, and I get drowned my and OTK so I pick up my cards.    Game Three: I'm controlling the game with Banisher and Fissure, but I know he has BTS in the Graveyard, so it's not like it matters; he just needs to out the Fissure; I have two turns to kill him as he's on 2800. Not an ideal time for me for him to draw Mystical Space Typhoon when he has a plethora of Divas. I offer the handshake and take my first loss.   Round 10 I'm already assured the top so I don't really care about what happens in this last game, I have to play a friend of mine playing Tin Gadgets, but unfortunately I don't know how to play against Gadgets. I blame a lack of purple cards.    Game One and Two: I play bad and it's getting late so I don't put any effort in so I just scoop it up when I'm four cards behind both games.   We go back to the hotel and I really don't want to play against any more WATER cards. Eat more McDonalds. FML. At the hotel I ask for the consistent way to beat WATER, everyone literally says there isn't. I test a few games but get demolished and then my friends start to play next format decks, so I just say fuck it and go back to bed.   Sunday Wake up at seven, and can't turn the alarm off of my phone so I end up confused for like ten minutes until I just take the battery out. I cannot function in the morning. I pack all my stuff into my bag and get ready for T32, not sure what to expect. I know who my opponent is so I just decide to research it when we get to the venue. I don't feel like eating so we just get going and I walk with Zack and Tom Paine whilst they just talk about silly OCG decks. I just want to focus on the top 32 match and get there about twenty minutes before its to start. My friend finds out that he's playing Dino Fist which is a relief because GWWW >>> Sabersaurus, and I can beat it as long as he doesn't draw Lance.   Top 32 - Thomas Rose Some of the worst YGO I've played. I didn't enjoy this match at all.    Game One: He attacks my Gorilla w/ Genewarped, I Lance; he Lances back. That's one down. I resolve Bear a once, then set up for a Pro-Storm. He has the Solemn for it. I have Tenki into Tengu, I knock him to 1400. I'm in a good position. He draws Rabbit into Sabersaurus, though he did put GWWW on the field first and I should have made him keep them (turns out he did a similar thing against Chad in T8(?) When he claimed Chad summoned Diva with Diva because it fell on the table) and he makes Laggia, which I take two hits from. I Dark Hole it and he Lances, I summon Genewarped and he negates, I use Fiendish Chain which he says is fine and lets me keep my GWWW on the field. I only realised this after the game. I attack, he Prisons, next turn Storms and summons Bear for Game.   Game Two: He summons Tour Guide into Zenmaines. I spend two turns baiting backrow before I resolve Temtempo and plus. He has Tenki'd for a Bear but lost the Tenki so he has no killing power. He thinks for a moment before quickly setting his entire hand: Two backrow + Bear next to his Zenmaines. I attack the Bear with Temtempo, and he Prisons. Fine. I summon GWWW and it goes through. Pass to him, he sets a new backrow. I draw Duality, play it for MST and kill the new backrow. It's a Fiendish Chain. Shit. I assume that his other backrow is a bluff and he was hoping I didn't draw a monster to cover myself after I attacked in to DP, so I summon another Gene-Warped. That's fine. I attack. Mirror Force.   And there goes my Top 32. Next turn, he flips Bears and +1s, and I can't do anything with my hand of two dead Rabbits, one of which I opened, Bear and Lance. I offer the handshake, pick up my cards and the mat and sign the slip. I was actually devastated that I played right in to it. My opponent made the comment that he likes playing Sabersaurus because it's so good in the mirror match. I want to tell him he's wrong but know it's a bad idea so I just wish him luck and leave, cursing Mirror Force as I do. I complain about my misplay to my friends but realise that I still needed to win G3, and that could have gone either way. I was still happy with my Dracossack mat, but disappointed that there was no other prize support aside from the sleeves. I wasn't pleased but there was nothing else that I could do. I realise I still have half a day to do anything, so I watch people play Dragons really bad and get some sick cards drawn for me (I'll post pictures in a bit.). One of my friends gets jipped out of Top 16 when he is in time and has the win, but he set Aqua Spirit which gets Dark Hole'd. My friend's text only said "this can't be special summoned" but his opponent makes a fuss, and the judge rules in his opponent's favor, claiming its an irrepairable game state, even though his opponent made two moves. My friend doesn't realise that his Aqua Spirit had the original text and just agreed even though I pointed it out later, he was not best pleased, but there was nothing to be done.  We go out to KFC later and then I get driven back home by one of the judges, and I end up back home at 9pm which is pretty good as far as the event went.  I was still pissed about the Mirror Force but still had a sick weekend though.   Props: Top 32 Winning eight straight Fire Fist being cool and Bear being a good Yu-Gi-Oh! Tenki + Tengu into five backrow is the best. Only losing one match against WATER. The Dragossack mat is hot   Cons: Ten Rounds Mirror Force Maestroke Aqua Spirit I did not fulfil the Fire Fist Dream
  7. YCS Indy 2012

    Hello duelists, my name is Scott Pulera for those who do not know (all of you), and this is my tournament report from Indy. Originally I had planned on writing down details about my matches after playing them, but it just didn't happen because I was focused playing and didn't want to distract myself (if that makes any sense). I wasn't too sure on what I wanted to play, since I really didn't like the idea of running Windups due to them winning Toronto. This was mainly because I figured there would be a lot of hand traps, mainly Maxx "C" going around and I didn't want to deal with it. This led me to Geargia, which I had really liked a lot for some reason. Something with the deck just clicked. So I was testing both off and on, mainly Geargia online and Windups at locals. I was really liking everything about Geargia and it was testing great, but Windups still proved to be the most unfair deck which kept me at bay on making a decision. After consulting with numerous people I was leaning toward Windups, but still brought both with me to Indy. So fast forward to the Friday of, and my trip begins. I leave around 5 or 6 a.m. with my friends Cory, David, and Jose (Pojo). We got into Indy and went straight for the convention center. Little did we know we got there at 1 p.m. and pre-registration started at 3 p.m. so we just played there for a bit. David and Cory were going to preregister while Jose and I weren't, because we were undecided on what to play. The more I played throughout the day the more it settle in that I was going to more than likely play Windups due to how unfair they were, and how awkwardly I was drawing with Geargia. As the day went on I also realized how much I hated the mirror match (or at least how it seemed to be based off of this limited testing) and it seemed entirely based on who went first. Later that night I tested a bit more with Jose and drew some more hands with Geargia and decided it just wasn't meant to be for this event. I talk with Hentz a bit about some last minute choices I wanted to make such as adding in a copy of Mirror Force for 42, and whether or not to side Decree or Dust. He gave me his position on those, but I ultimately ended up going with what I wanted. So I went to sleep around like 2 a.m. or later and woke up at like 6 a.m. so we could all get ready and be at the convention center really early. I wrote out my decklist and played one more mirror match and turned it my deck. This is what I settled on: DuelingNetwork Image: [spoiler] [img]http://i.imgur.com/n0rJY.png[/img] [/spoiler] Deck Profile: [spoiler][media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hk4_9ogWU50[/media][/spoiler] [u][i][b]Round 1[/b][/i][/u] [u][i][b]Darkworld[/b][/i][/u] I was pretty worried when I sat down and saw a Dragged Down through his deck box, immediately wondering if I was going to lose round one to Darkworld. [i][u][b]Game One:[/b][/u][/i] He won the roll and opened with Tour Guide, I Veiler'd, he set his hand and Dragged down to see my hand of 4 spell/traps and Tour Guide hitting Tour Guide, ditching his Broww. Off of Broww he drew Snow Dealings I believe and then used them, tried to Card Destruction into a better hand, it ended up not working as it gave me monsters and I killed him in two turns. [i][u][b]Game Two:[/b][/u][/i] I don't remember much except I probably misplayed and it possibly costed me the game, but it seemed rather hopeless and I got crushed. A major highlight of this game was drawing Imps off of Dark World Dealings then he never activated another discard outlet. [u][i][b]Game Three:[/b][/i][/u] I remember this game being long due to him drawing few monsters, and me having to deal with a Gozen Match. Eventually I pushed through and got it. 1-0-0 [u][i][b]Round 2[/b][/i][/u] [u][i][b]Hero[/b][/i][/u] [i][u][b]Game One:[/b][/u][/i] He wins the roll and open passes, I summon Rabbit and swing, to which he drops Gorz. I activate Factory and set Compulse and Torrential and end phase banish and search. I win in two turns. [i][u][b]Game Two:[/b][/u][/i] He opens with three backrow and Alius I believe. I set MST Torrential and pass with Magician Shark Shark Reborn in hand. He summons Alius, I Torrential, he Sparks my MST and I hit a card. He summons an Alius and passes. I summon Magician, he flips Warning, I Reborn and go for Shock Master and Co. for game. 2-0-0 [u][i][b]Round 3[/b][/i][/u] [u][i][b]Machina Geargia[/b][/i][/u] (I think, Rounds 3-5 may be in the wrong order. Also somewhere in this mix of rounds I met Sykotic, nice guy.) I actually sat at the wrong table (one over) but fixed it before the round started. A pretty nice guy, he lost out in Top 32 I believe. [i][u][b]Game One:[/b][/u][/i] My hand is abysmal and I find out what he is playing. I try to hand on for too long and probably reveal a little too much information in doing so. I resolve a road but it just isn't enough. [i][u][b]Game Two:[/b][/u][/i] This game took awhile because my hand was better, but not great. I was playing incredibly passively waiting for a piece of backrow removal to try and push, and I eventually got it and did so. [u][i][b]Game Three:[/b][/i][/u] A few turns in time is called, but I had already made a Zenmaioh and starting to take the game by then. 3-0-0 [u][i][b]Round 4[/b][/i][/u] [u][i][b]Dragunity[/b][/i][/u] Nothing interesting for this round other than watching Alistar draw bad against Inzektors next to me. [i][u][b]Game One:[/b][/u][/i] I win the roll and open Thunder King and Compulse, Bottomless, Road or Judgment I don't remember which. I draw traps and another Thunder King but they both died to two separate Mirror Forces since he Night Beam'd my Compulse. I eventually just die and complain about not drawing any of my Alius's. [i][u][b]Game Two:[/b][/u][/i] He sides for Rabbit I guess and I take the game fairly quick. [u][i][b]Game Three:[/b][/i][/u] He fixes his side but I still take it pretty quick. 4-0-0 [u][i][b]Round 5[/b][/i][/u] [u][i][b]Hero[/b][/i][/u] He actually had the Chibi Elemental Hero Fusion mat that got posted on custom mats thread forever ago. [i][u][b]Game One:[/b][/u][/i] I open with a nice slow roll hand with Factory, but no Spell/Trap removal I'm pretty sure. I eventually get to Road his Storm, and win with incremental advantage. I actually got hit by a mained Dyna as well this game. [i][u][b]Game Two/Three:[/b][/u][/i] I don't really think I got him 2-0 but I don't remember, all I do know is that I win the match. 5-0-0 [u][i][b]Round 6[/b][/i][/u] [u][i][b]Machina Geargia[/b][/i][/u] So I originally get paired against Jerry Williams, who I know is playing Windups as well. They take forever to start, and then announce due to the storm yesterday (it was fucking ridiculous) they had to do some quick maintenance or something. So we all leave the room and get a re-pair. I then sit down and my opponent and I get asked to do one of those mini-features. It was horrible and we couldn't remember shit when we were done. Also I had sat next to my opponent for like the past three rounds so I knew what he was playing, he said he didn't know what I was playing, but I think he did. [i][u][b]Game One/Two:[/b][/u][/i] Game One my only really line of defense was a Thunder King that got swung over by Arsenal+Lance, other than that it pretty much went the same way both games, he opened Armor, and I couldn't do anything about it, and he crushed me. 5-1-0 [u][i][b]Round 7[/b][/i][/u] [u][i][b]Windups[/b][/i][/u] He ended up losing on top 32 to Billy Brake. [i][u][b]Game One:[/b][/u][/i] He draws much better than I do but messes up at some point to let me live, but I don't have the Dark Hole or much else to punish him with. [i][u][b]Game Two:[/b][/u][/i] He has a sick hand for a combo and I have a faceup Factory, with Mirror Force and Solemn Judgment set. He makes a Tiras, Zenmaister, Giga-Brilliant, and something else and swings, to which I Mirror Force, and he just concedes at this point. [u][i][b]Game Three:[/b][/i][/u] He draws better than I do and he beats me 5-2-0 [u][i][b]Round 8[/b][/i][/u] [u][i][b]Hero[/b][/i][/u] [i][u][b]Game One:[/b][/u][/i] I set Sangan and two backrow I think. He starts with special Cyber Dragon, I allow, he then attempts to Duality, I point out he cannot, so he summons Barbaros, I bottomless. He lets me search off of Sangan and the game goes for awhile. We both have heavy backrows but his are locked and I end up winning the the long run. [i][u][b]Game Two:[/b][/u][/i] I'm pretty sure I get Messenger and Decree up and win this one. 6-2-0 So it is the end of day one and as round 8 comes to an end I guess Matt Bishop lost and his opponent screamed in joy "I MADE DAY 2 YES". I jokingly tell my friends I will play him round 9 and crush him. So we go to eat and then get back to the hotel rather late. I go to sleep around midnight to wake up at 6 a.m. again. We make it to the Convention Center and I'm ready to try my hand at another day 2 that I need to win out from. [u][i][b]Round 9[/b][/i][/u] [u][i][b]Windups[/b][/i][/u] [i][u][b]Game One:[/b][/u][/i] I nearly lose myself the game by holding a Reborn for too long. I had a monster (I'm really unsure of what monster) out and Reborn in hand. My opponent has nothing. I almost lose because he proceeds to top not one, not two, but THREE Windup Rats consecutively, but I pull through. [i][u][b]Game Two:[/b][/u][/i] He opens Magician Shark into Shock Papilloperative Zemaity banished Rabbit set 2. Well I opened Needle Ceiling and 5 other spell/traps. I set 3 and pass, when I try to Standby Phase Needle Ceiling he Roads, and I scoop. [u][i][b]Game Three:[/b][/i][/u] I drew worse than he did but we go to time and he tries to go for game/push for major damage, leaving me at 900. I have a facedown Lance I set to save myself from dying just in case, and Tour Guide in hand. He has Acid Golem Utopia Zenmaity and a backrow. I draw and recognize my only real way to win was Temtempo on Golem, which worked. He tried to Needle Ceiling but I was feeling generous and Lance'd his no material Golem to secure the game. I found out that this was in fact the guy who beat Matt Bishop round 8 day 1 in fact. Go figure. 7-2-0 [u][i][b]Round 10 - The Bubble[/b][/i][/u] [u][i][b]Windups[/b][/i][/u] Jarel Winston is sitting next to me and was playing against somebody he knew I guess. The guy said he forgot to unside so he swapped 3 for 3 to make his deck back to normal, and asked if Jarel wanted to request a deck check to verify. Jarel said that he would be fine with a judge just saying that they don't look like side cards. The judge was unsure however, so the guy just requested the deck check. Turns out the guy had extra cards and got a game loss for it, that sucks. Also note I only mentioned this because I though it was interesting, I don't think any real wrong was done here besides the guy willingly got a deck check with extra cards in his deck. [i][u][b]Game One:[/b][/u][/i] My opponent opened Wind Up Rabbit + Three Backrow. I don't remember much about this game other than I was nervous and made some minor but still relevant misplays, and I thought for sure I was going to lose, but he ended up getting a little low on life, so I had a chance to go for the kill. [i][u][b]Game Two:[/b][/u][/i] My opponent drew very poorly but I was playing really conservatively not wanting to get Torrential'd and I get him down to 300, but he pushes through a Maxx C I searched earlier and kills me. I couldn't stop from thinking how I should have just been a BIT more aggro and also searched Veiler over Maxx C. [u][i][b]Game Three:[/b][/i][/u] We have 30 seconds before time so we shuffle up very fast and draw my opener. Magician Sangan Solemn Judgment Mirror Force Wind-Up Rabbit and random irrelevent 6th I think. I set Judgment and Mirror Force and Magician and pass. He sets a monster and Four backrow, and passes. Time is called on my draw and I set Sangan and drew a blank. He goes and summons Thunder King and swings, I Mirror Force. I draw, and rip Heavy Storm. I debate for a bit and flop it, prepared to Solemn his response, none. I summon Rabbit and flip Magician and Sangan. Sangan and Rabbit make Zenmaity and I bring out Rat trigger Magician, now I take like 30 seconds at this point thinking I fucked up and stopped myself from making Shock Master, unsure of what to get checking my hand and such and I get a slow play warning when I finally decide on Shark and figure out how to make him. It was bullshit but I wasn't about to argue on what was likely to be the bubble match of my first top. Next turn he cannot do anything and concedes seeing as how I have another turn to do damage as well. I felt really bad about ripping Storm and wanted to stress to my opponent that I was't slowplaying, I was just nervous and unsure. 8-2-0 So they name off the top and I get 18th I believe, not bad. I was pretty happy to say the least. I figure out I am going to play against Machina Gadget in top, and get prepared for what to side and stuff. Top 32 pairings get posted and I go sit down. Announcements are made and paperwork is filled out. Then the match begins: [u][i][b]Top 32[/b][/i][/u] [u][i][b]Machina Gadget[/b][/i][/u] [i][u][b]Game One:[/b][/u][/i] I open very poorly and cannot get much going. I try to Rat/Rabbit banish for a few turns to get answers but I have none. I get overwhelmed and lose. A clutch Solemn also secured him the game. We get deckchecked, nothing is wrong so I shuffle pretty well and we go straight into game 2. [i][u][b]Game Two:[/b][/u][/i] Very similar to Game One, I really didn't get much going for me, and tried to draw outs with Messenger but it just wasn't enough. Solemn Judgment again played a solid part in his victory. I was dissapointed, but not too mad, I mean I finally got my first top, I was just sad to lose right away. I spent the rest of my day just talking to a lot of people, and I got a profile from Paul Clarke, I'll update the op when it does up. Props: Jose getting called to play in the side event prize card playoff and winning it. pretty much everybody I saw there everybody who helped me decide on what deck to run anybody who encouraged me Messenger of Peace Starlight Road Forbidden Lance first top idk Slops: never opening with a t1 Shock and friends opening magician rat/shit lol Prohibition drawing so poorly in top 32, I think it was the worst I drew all weekend [b]Red Roof Inn[/b]
  8. YCS ATL top 32

    So me and a group of friends head out to Atlanta from Miami thursday night in order to avoid traffic and get some rest at the hotel before meeting up with everyone Friday night. As soon as we get to the room we spark one up in the amazing weather outside and knock out till about 6pm. We head out to the extravaganza first instead of the convention center /fail, so we leave to the convention center to register before leaving back. When we arrive at the extravaganza, I'm the only one from the group who registers as everyone else picks up the cards they need for the next day. I figured I would test what I intended to run the next day (wind-ups) and see how the deck worked. I purchase some new white players choice sleeves (changing from my usual ultra pros) from the vendor there for about $5 (which was actually a great buy seeing as every local I've been to sells them for $6-$7 a pop. I was tempted to stock up on them but decided not to. The tournament is double elimination Round 1 some guy playing Jeff jones's Dino inzektor G1: I draw absolutely terrible and he opens up with almost everything (open hornet, dragonfly, Guiaba, lance) G2: I draw essentially the same hand and think to myself wtf. He takes it pretty easily without me doing much both games. 0-1 So at this point I'm starting to question how I managed to open so terribly all of a sudden when I had managed to test the deck over and over without the sudden horrendous draws. Round 2 some kid playing "synchro centric" He seemed to have a really bad cough and didn't really seem like he wanted to be there or cared very much about the match G1: I hand loop him and he just scoops a turn later G2: I draw horrendous yet again and he ends up poking for game G3: comes down to the wire but I ended up having the better top decks as I recovered from yet another mediocre hand 1-1 Round 3 some kid playing windups G1: he wins the die roll as well as opening with the loop (I obviously don't open with 1 of my 3 c's so I promptly lose. G2: repeat of g1. I'm pretty disappointed at my showing and how I drew almost every game in the tournament so I decide to switch back to ultra pro for the main event tomorrow morning in hopes that my draws improve somewhat Saturday Unfortunately I can't find my paper with all of my opponents names. I also apologize for the lack of info on most of the matches, I'll try my best to get the just of every match of the day. Round 1 Lightsworn Chaos Dragons G1: so I open up with the loop and finish him off shortly after. G2: didn't have much of a side deck so I put in eaters and prisons in an effort to stop his big beaters but he surprises me with rivalry and just hits with his massive dragons. G3: he mills 4 names by turn 2 and it's not looking too good for me seeing as I started on low life from trying to set up for a big push. We end up heading into time and I'm at less than 3k so a topped JD can easily rob the game from me. He eventually gets pulsar out with the red eyes in grave so I'm forced to set up the utopia+brilliant play in order to make a massive utopia to take care of the thread pulsar would bring out as well as stall a couple turns since I had the LP lead. I end up drawing the fiendish chain the following turn so the JD possibly was ruled out completely and I took the game. 1-0 Round 2 wind ups Really cool guy, looked like he didn't know much about playing against the mirror and misplayed pretty terribly multiple times throughout the two games. Had fun playing nonetheless and wished him luck throughout the rest of the tournament. 2-0 Round 3 wind ups Another mirror match, I ended up taking game 1 after he failed to set backrow with zenmaity x3 and limiter for game. He opens strong game 2 with thunder king but I make a big dprison play in order to take control of the match. 3-0 Round 4 Dino (rabbit?) Looked like he hadnt played e deck much because he made a big misplay g2 forgetting to mention that he was lancing in the damage step, allowing me to book his Guiaba in response to his lance allowing me to take a quick 2-0 victory. Wasn't sure if he was running rabbit, only monsters I saw were Guiaba, tgu, sangan, and veiler. 4-0 Round 5 inzektor I take game one pretty quickly after he hits me with nothing but arm knight dumping hornet for like 3 turns straight and I just blow up and limiter him for game. Game 2 I don't know how he won but he did. Game 3 we go into time and he was down by 2k. My field was rabbit and a face down mst. He had dragonfly in hand (no inzektor targets) with nothing but a set monster and a set s/t. I passed my turn reading the ryko (since rabbit was my only monster) and he draws (irrelevant card) on his last turn in time. If he can't push 2k I win. He flips the ryko and targets the mst which I chain to his f/d judgment. He mills reborn, dark hole..................and of course the hornet. Everyone around me can't believe he milled the only out he had in that situation and I just accept the loss and move on (I was pretty upset tbh just because of the nature of luck in that play.) 4-1 Round 6 gk So I sit down with hansel aguero's teammate apparently as well as the guy that ran evols' teammate for round 6 and he starts talking about his credentials and etc and how he won the king of games tourney in new York and stuff. anyways we start and he wins the die roll (to this point I had only won the die roll once). He starts with 5 s/t set and I'm dumbfounded. I start poking with the menacing little rabbit and I end up trying to zenmaioh him since he wasn't activating any of his facedowns. I had only seen 1 of his cards to his point because of discarding it with hunter in attempt to take a card then wreck the field (starlight road) so I'm assuming it's safe to zenmaioh him. He ends up having the second starlight which totally catches me off guard and almost helps him get back into the game until I figured out he was running gk and almost makes a comeback. Game 2 I open decree and some other good cards and back him down to a corner but he pulls some very well executed plays which I don't remember clearly and takes back control to take game 2. Game 3 I open decree again (sided 3 in) and end phased his 5 card set backrow and took the game easily. 5-1 Round 7 inzektor Really nice guy, I lose the die roll and he opts to go first after we both get deck checked. He opens with dragonfly, equips hornet and sets 2 back row. I heavy him and proceed to win (lolwtf). Game 2 he does the SAME play. I open with heavy once again and again he has no response. I'm completely shocked at the obscurity of his play but I just continue to with fairly easily with tiras. 6-1 Round 8 wind up Really cool guy, we end up having the longest g1 ever (32 min) which I come back from a huge deficit to win. We start game 2 in time and he ends up opening with double factory and takes it in the end but since we were already in time the judge issued us a draw which was meh 6-1-1 Round 9 dark world Kid sits down and asks me if I wanted the win bad enough to buy it from him and I laughed hard as fuck in my head and nicely told him no. Game 1 I loop him and he scoops so I have no idea what he's playing. Turns out he's playing dw and he ends up virusing me t1 and I just quickly dive into my side deck and side in 11 cards and take the last game easily and he decides to drop (I don't understand why) 7-1-1 I finish as 27th at the end of day 1. So we all head back to the hotel, get twisted, and eat at ruby Tuesday's across the street from our hotel and I knock the fuck out in preparation of getting to the venue at 9 am Day 2 Round 10 rabbit I take game 1 by spamming for 7500 and setting judgment and chain with c in hand. Game 2 he rips into dark hole I believe and takes a very one sided game that I was dominating. Game 3 dolkka creates some problems but I have the Maxx c for the rabbit and the Tourguide that followed so I just overwhelmed him with advantage 8-1-1 Round 11 inzektor I take game 1 pretty easily as he slow rolls it and I get aggressive bashing with rabbits and doesn't get time to set up. Game 2 I start with sim and chain I set the chain he has the mst when he equips the hornet to the dragonfly. The next turn I clear his board and set the sim and he didn't have the s/t removal to deal with it. 9-1-1 So I finished 8th place at the end of 11 rounds of Swiss which I was pretty satisfied with. I really believe I should have been x-0 because of the fluke loss to the inzektor deck and the forced tie with the wind up player. Top 32 wind ups So I end up playing the only wind up that eventually made it to top 4 where he lost to the would be champion running tgs. I don't feel (as) bad losing to him after seeing how far he got. I was more satisfied to finally top a ycs (2nd ycs 1 sjc before this). So anyways apparently I couldn't open with a single Maxx c in either game vs the kid and he just has his way with me opening absolute tits both games. Props to him for being the only wind up player all day that actually knew e deck inside out and didn't misplay with it (as far as I saw). Apparently he's boys with nizar and some other good players he mentioned so not really mad about losing to a 'random'. Afterward we all decide to play in the retro pack draft and I end up pulling a confiscation and a guardian angel Joan which was cool as fuck and my boy ended up winning the draft and taking home the dragon playmat he really wanted Pros Limiter fucking removal Lunchables Roman Rodriguez for taking 2nd $1500 binder for 400 Topping Not playing douchbags 3 Miami players in top 32 ultra pro sleeves Cons Time Hornet Hector/uli/pedro/plue not topping Roman not winning PLAYERS CHOICE SLEEVES My boys shit getting jacked Monsters: 20 3 Tour Guide from the Underworld 1 Sangan 3 Wind-Up Shark 3 Wind-Up Magician 3 Wind-Up Rat 3 Wind-Up Rabbit 1 Wind-Up Hunter 3 Maxx "C" Spells: 13 3 Wind-Up Factory 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Heavy Storm 1 Book of Moon 1 Monster Reborn 1 Dark Hole 1 Pot of Avarice 1 Limiter Removal Traps: 8 2 Solemn Warning 1 Solemn Judgment 1 Mirror Force 1 Torrential Tribute 3 Fiendish Chain Extra deck: 15 1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 3 Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaighty 2 Leviair the Sea Dragon 1 Wind-Up Zenmaines 2 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon 1 Number 20: Giga-Brilliant 2 Number 39: Utopia 1 Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon 1 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis 1 Wind-Up Zenmaioh Sidedeck: 15 2 Cyber Dragon 2 Effect Veiler 2 Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror 3 Royal Decree 1 Wind Up Kitten 1 D.D. Crow 2 Snowman Eater 2 Dimensional Prison Will post more as I remember or as it comes to mind and the deck profile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jFdguJcBRAg