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Found 8 results

  1. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    Well, y'all were some of the dumbest nigga last year, and that has not changed this year. God DAMN this was embarrassing. /sarcasm It was a decent game to say the least. Town was a bit too wrapped up on Faint, although their play less than decent. Unfrotunately the Cop scanned Faint n1 and didn't attempt to save them in order to move the lynch elsewhere. The reasons scum were caught were correct, though. Scum did not coordinate any attempt to move agenda, whether it was because of not being online, or inability to do so. Scum shot themselves in the foot. The one thing i noticed were the WiFoM assumptions and the "i wouldn't do this as scum" sort of things said that should be avoided as indicative of a certain alignment. i think some players did not think as critical of the phase as they could have, but we'll work on it. Another thing we should all realize that this is a game where ANYTHING is suspicious. Don't get mad that you're being called out. Scum QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/bUfyEZYps4CVk Host QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/jxD7NWPmR2A The players who so rightfully went through the trials and tribulations necessary to finish this game. My thoughts as a whole... TheGoldenTyranno: One downfall was too much credit to Solstice for the "i'm TOWN! YAY" post in the beginning. Good catch on Solstice for them discussing a potential jailkeep as the doctor. Nothing else of note other than trying to act like scum was already caught in the beginning which I don't perceive as helpful. Rather cocky. Jazz: I thought you played well. I think you should have reconsidered other poor play over Faint when it occurred. BuildTheWalia: Your cop play was less than to be desired. You kept silent on Faint and could have pushed an endgame where scum would have to NK you and Faint. The lynch very well could have went to Solstice in the case you were more vocal on the lynch rather than passive. Jazz scan I thought was a tad peculiar and would have been better on someone else. Be more aggressive and not a sheep. Sophocles: You were an immense asset to town. Your reads are unrivaled in the community and your positivity is an example to us all. The way you outsmarted the scumteam by getting Night killed N1, right after nailing the crucial evidence on the wall against them, was marvelous to watch. Your posting style is gracious and your mechanical mafia skill impeccable. Most of all, despite all this, you remains a humble part of the community. Better than Tyranno's cocky attitude. Solstice: I think you need to panic less and plan more. Spread an agenda, don't watch town roll you over the game, even though you have rolled scum many times in a row. I also think you need to be less critical on others, as well as less defensive and push instead. The low post thing you defended was not a good look. Faint: When you keep getting lynched, it may not be idiot town all the time. You need to make more clear what you're trying to say as some stuff may be simple to you, but not so much to others. Less partner connections, more people on their own. Certain scenarios that "had to have happened" are not always what have happened, either. Jap Nick: Your notes are cluttered and lists do not project towniness on their own. This section also does not have maturity issues when one person says fuck you to you, although I agree what Solstice said was poor. Don't call the site a bunch of idiots when your play meets those idiot standards. The players have to know you are not afk but busy instead, right? They might as well have read your mind and knew you should have been the lynch of the day anyway. The pace of MafiaUniverse is much faster than here, and believe me, you'd be chewed up and spit right out the way you played here. If you want to encourage activity, then push it regardless of alignment. Push your own agenda, especially as scum. The pace of this game would be comparable to that of DNF back in the day. If you're going to leave, leave quietly. You have nothing to defend if we are all idiots. Wunterslaus: I didn't see much of note from you this game. I think you need to more aggressive and less a sheep. Mascis: I would peg you to be the player who was the most correct, but the least into the game. Less lists, less dumb floaty nigga, more pushy pushy and communicate. Thanks for playing, everyone!
  2. First off I'm sorry this game wasn't as fun as I wanted it to be, I know the lack of traditional nightkills made getting reads difficult and timezone issues didn't work out the greatest for everybody. That said I've gotten more subs signed up for this game than I have any other I've run, so I think it was a good set up idea in theory if not in practice, and if nothing else it was something different from the usual matrix 6 which is what always seems to be run here when the player base is pretty dead. Thanks to everyone who approved, played, or agreed to sub; I couldn't have done it without you! night actions: As far as MVP / honorable mentions, Wunter, Faint, and Jazz are all in the running here. Wunter nailed both JC and Malcolm day one and stuck with them throughout the game, but never really explained to town why he scumread them and as such couldn't lead others to follow him. Faint correctly outed JC day 2 for pocketing Jazz, but backtracked on it when none of town believed him at the time. Jazz identified the team day 3 based on JC's behavior towards lynching Maloclm at the end of day 2, but it took him a little longer to get there than it did wunter and faint. I think I'm going to give Jazz MVP for getting town to coordinate a hammer so scum couldn't intervene at the last second, but faint and wunter still both did very well, and you deserve your honorable mentions. As far as LVP...probably between soph/malcolm/psk. Soph never had a vote out at EOD for the two days he was alive, and I can't really blame town for lynching him as he was a pretty big question mark. Malcolm got outed for not contributing, and didn't really fight that hard to stay alive. PSK was super off on the scum team and I don't think he ever voted either one of them. I'm probably going to go PSK here just because I think I had higher expectations compared to the others, and it was kind of a big let down to see him going so far in the wrong direction. I think Soph is/was involved in a hydra game off site, so I can kind of see how his efforts could have been divided between games. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns; this is the place to voice them. I'm sure you're all glad for this game to be over, so get the ranting/venting off your chest. scum chat: https://discord.gg/Erk67Tw
  3. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    Welcome to Forest Fire Mafia; a 9 player open set up game consisting of a 2 arsonist mafia team, with the town containing a firefighter and 6 trees that will stump upon being lynched. Arsonists have a single factional night action which they can use each night. They may choose to prime a single target, or to ignite all previously primed targets. Firefighter, Trees, and Tree-stumps are all vulnerable to being primed and ignited. Players are not told when they are primed; Arsonists are not told if the priming was successful. Firefighter blocks the priming of a target ONLY on the night in which they are being primed. They cannot heal the same target consecutive nights. They cannot self target. Trees become Tree-stumps upon being lynched, allowing them to continue posting in the thread. Tree-stumps cannot vote, and do not count as a vote for endgame purposes. For more in depth info, see the following link: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Forest_Fire Scum have daychat. Quota is 4 posts, stumped players are still required to make quota. Hitting majority will cause the day to end. Ties end in no lynch. No lynch is NOT a valid vote. Self voting is not allowed. Full claiming is allowed. Votes made at XX:29 will count, votes made at XX:30 will NOT count. Phase length is 48/24, but day 1 will be much closer to 24 hours to better fit this into my schedule. All standard mafia rules apply, they can be found here: Players: 1. @TheGoldenTyranno 2. @BuildTheWalia - STUMPED day 1 3. @Sophocles - STUMPED day 2 4. @Wunterslaus 5. @Jazz 6. @Malcolm Lynched day 3 7. @Faint 8. @JC. 9. @PSK DAY 1 STARTS NOW AND ENDS AT 10:30 PM CST ON SUNDAY DECEMBER 3RD.
  4. Well this game ended up being a blowout win for town right up until the end there. I honestly did not think dgz town was capable of throwing two scum on the lynch block day one (jc and walia, and the day started with them scumreading silver also) so massive props to town there for playing a far better day 1 than I’ve seen on here before (normally a random town gets lynched and nobody learns much from it until a few days later). The fact that there was a third faction was not supposed to be revealed until one of its members actually flipped, so I apologize to JC and silver for that as it pretty much costed them the game, though having only 1 night of double nightkills due to a faction wipeout didn’t help them much either. Scum Quick topics: Broken and walia: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/ASedFYEuMLR Jc and silver: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/jsdEKxQGDKyMh LVP is Broken. He didn’t even post in the QT until after walia had already died (I’m not sure if he even read it before walia died), and he gave walia no help in the thread to save himself or at least turn his death into massive towcred and solo it. On top of that he scumslipped hard on day two, and when called out on it he basically just rolled over and admitted to being scum. I doubt anybody is going to disagree with this choice. Scum MVP is JC. Early in day 1 he correctly deduced that there was another faction, and that town likely had tracker instead of cop. Despite almost being lynched day 1 he played it brilliantly and went on to earn massive towncred for it. If his faction hadn’t gotten revealed before one of them flipped I think he had a good shot of eeking out a win. He was also pretty much the only thing keeping scum from throwing in the town early on, and actually managed to get a mislynch when I thought for sure he was a goner. Thanks for sticking it out for the spirit of the game as long as you did, even though I’m sure you didn’t want to. Town MVP is Jazz for finding pretty much all the scum and leading town down the right path for most of the game. You were really the only one trying after Malcolm and PSK died. This night actions that were taken will be listed below: N1 Slick tracks wunter, who went nowhere. Mascis gives a one shot cop device to death sentance. Death heals faint believing he claimed cop (Malcolm was actually the one to claim cop). Actually it turns out death said heal winter mutli (faint) but he meant malcom’s multi as he was the one to claim cop, but he got the names mixed up. OOPS. Broken chooses to watch Malcolm and kill PSK. He sees Silver visited Malcolm. Silver chooses to kill and watch Malcolm. He sees Broken visited Malcolm. JC chooses to use his one shot heal on himself, assuming the other faction will believe him to be the town doctor, and thus try to kill him. N2 Logic indirectly reveals in the day two flip that there is a third faction, which I was not planning to do until a member of that faction actually flipped. This basically guarantees a town win, as now town is not looking for a third partner, but a separate entity. SORRY! Mascis gives a 1 shot vig device to Jazz. Death sentence uses his one shot cop scan on 2k, who is town. He also uses his one self heal on himself to make sure he will live to share the scan result. Slick chooses to track Silver, who visited no one. JC choses to kill slick. Silver does not watch anyone. N3 Jazz chooses to shoot faint Jc chooses to kill 2k since he is confirmed town Death sentence chooses to heal 2k for the same reason. Mascis gives 1 shot watcher to 2k This is not a set up I came up with on my own; I actually played it before on another site and had a lot of fun with it. The game made it to mylo there, where scum narrowly lost. I’ll summarize what happened in that game in a spoiler in case anyone wants to compare it to this one: Based on how close to victory scum came in the other game I don’t think town’s landslide victory this game was due to massive factional imbalance, but rather a series of “everything that can go wrong, will go wrong” for scum this game. rei rolling tracker was great for them because they could kill a strong player and a PR with one shot, but unfortunately he got subbed out day 1. Having 2 scum docs on the lynch block day one and being forced to cc each other only ends with one dead and the other locked into a claim early on which will prevent them from soloing in mylo/lylo, which was also unfortunate. Having the inventor refuse to give scum any inventions due to scum reading them was unfortunate as they could have really used the boost after that disastrous start. Having both scum teams catch and try to kill each other early on and having one faction wiped out day 2 was unfortunate as scum NEEDED those double nightkills. And logic prematurely revealing the third faction was the final nail in an already buried coffin. If day 1 had gone different I think scum would have had a decent shot at winning, but unfortunately it kind of set the pace for them for the rest of the game. I’m sorry people (especially scum) didn’t have as much fun with this game as I had hoped, but it did help me grow as a host. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, this is the place state them. Thanks again to everyone who played or helped in running the game; I hope you’ll continue to do so in the future.
  5. It was the annual Smith family reunion. The family was gathered in the backyard munching their barbecue, when Auntie noticed she hadn’t seen Solstice for awhile. Asking around, it became apparent that nobody had seen Solstice for over an hour. The family decided to send gramps to make sure Solstice wasn’t scarfing down all the desserts. However upon entering the house, they were greeted with a gruesome sight. SOLSTICE HAD BEEN MURDERED. They were laying face-down in the kitchen in a pool of blood, with a butcher knife stuck in their back. This was no accident. Someone wanted Solstice dead. The motive was easy enough to guess, Solstice had recently won $500,000 from playing powerball. Somebody was clearly after this small fortune. Each and every member in attendance had left the group in the last hour at one point or another, all claiming they’d gone around back to the cooler to fetch a soda or beer. At least one of them was clearly lying. It’s up to you now to figure out who the culprits are. Welcome to family mafia. 13 players, closed setup. You may claim role but not flavor. Day phases are 48 hours, night phases are 24. I will try to have days start/end 10 PM CST regardless of when day ends (just means longer night phases in that case) or when all night actions are received. Votes made at XX:59 will count, votes made at XX:00 will NOT count. Quota is 4 posts, but back to back posts will not count separately for quota unless at least one hour has passed between them. Failure to meet quota will result in a forced sub out, or a modkill if a sub is not available. I want to try something with this where if a person places a vote they include an updated vote count after it. I'll try to post vote counts as often as I can, but if you guys could help out by doing that it would be great since I'm trapped at work a lot. All standard mafia rules apply; they can be found here: 1. rei iSlickz (Town Tracker) 2. BuildTheWalia (1-shot In-Law Mafia Doctor) 3. Silver (2-shot Step-Family Mafia Watcher) 4. Jazz 5. 2k17! 6. Broken Brilliance (2-shot In-Law Mafia Watcher) 7. Malcolm (Vanilla Town) 8. Mascis 9. Faint (Vanilla Town) 10. Wunterslaus 11. Death Sentence 12. PSK (Vanilla Town) 13. JC. Day 1 starts now and ends at 10 PM CST on Sunday September 10th. Town wins when all threats to town are dead.
  6. Matrix 6 After-Game - Town wins!

    Captain's Log, star date 17317: The away team has dismantled the machine on the planet surface and eliminated the Romulan saboteurs with minimal redshirt losses. The USS DGZ is off to its next adventure! The Scum team was Jazz and Tyranno. We were in column B. Faint was Doctor, Wunterslaus tracker. (And he s p a n k e d Jazz. Good work, Ensign) Game was pretty straightforward after D2, idk?
  7. Multi Mafia Aftergame - Town wins!

    DGZ is now a barren wasteland of a forum; filled with shitposters, holocaust-deniers, and soulmates. >Moderation in 2017 LUL Scum team was: ACP Antag Faint Jace Beleren Nick and Harima the mod multi (Usable by all scum but operated exclusively by ACP iirc) Mascis and Jazz were lovers SOULREADS. The multis were Harima (scum) and YuseiFud0 (Nelrick, neutral survivor). Alisae was not a multi. Neutrals were: Nelrick: Had a multi in YuseiFud0 and had to have either account survive the game Gemstone: Had to lynch Heatnation. (or survive if killed otherwise) Role Sheet Scum QT (Mostly inactive due to paranoid scum, see below) Soulmates QT (Tl;Dr: "Beast sucks at mafia") Dead QT Loyalist Forum QT Game Set-up / Balance thoughts: Game thoughts: This is heavily condensed and more a description of what happened day to day from my perspective. I don't really have the time to go in-depth on things, you guys can do that if you want to. Tl;Dr: Scum got smashed early on in the game and had to play catch-up, unfortunately they played like ass collectively and the only reason they held out as long as they did was town imploding. Awards Scum MVP: @ACP He played D1 really well by putting pressure on Jazz and nearly getting him killed by the DOB and Vig. He had pocketed most of town until day 3. His only mistakes were outplaying himself with his own power and trying to create misdirection about the Loyalist Forum QT and Nelrick. (Admittedly, that was partially my bad because I moderated it poorly, but I still think it made ACP suspicious regardless, and it was unnecessary) His handling of Harima was also pretty funny to watch. All around he just tryharded the fuck out of this game. Town MVP: @PSK Basically solved the game by himself. Even as a backup (parity) cop, he stayed low well enough (while picking off an inexperienced scum) until he could use his power for the first time, linking ACP and Antag as the same alignment and doubling down on them being scum. Pretty ballsy. LVP: Everyone who got modkilled MemeVP: @JC. No explanation needed. Also HM to JC, he played really well in the later stages of the game and was a major contributing factor for town winning the game. The decision to give PSK MvP over him is a bit arbitrary, but he just nailed more scum. DGZ Santa: Also @JC. for posing every post in the thread Retiring as Champion: @rei Paranoid Peter Award: @ACP After DOB hit scum and Beast (Jailor) successfully blocked a kill, ACP got so paranoid about people who somehow found out the QT he held the rest of the scum chat in private PM. Inaccurate Ian Award: @Mascis and @Jazz for coming up with the wildest theories about the game set-up, 95% of which was wrong. (Might be off 2% depending on whether or not you consider "beast sucks" to be an accurate statement) Mafia Host with the Most 2016: @Sophocles t_t So Bad It's Good Award: Jap Nick did pretty much nothing early on other than complain in the scum QT he didn't know what to do and didn't have time to play. Scum was on the verge of conceding after the Antag lynch because he was going to be modkilled / next to be lynched but he managed to squirm out of it by self-voting. This was considered to be such a stupid thing to do by scum he was townread by a few. Salty Slowpoke Award: @Jazz DGZ Oscar: @Nelrick for his portrayal of @YuseiFud0
  8. Roles   Mafia quicktopic   Well, the streak ended. Every single of my games up to this point has been won by the mafia faction. Until today! Go town!   Abilities-wise, my biggest regret was not including a "your extra vote will be hidden from public view" clause on Zach's ability. By the time I realized how easy it was for him to confirm its validity, it was effectively too late imo, though I still liked that the role was ambiguous enough to where it wouldn't necessarily be automatically thought of as being a town ability.   My favorite roles were the ones Canasian and Aurirevoir held.   There's some complaints in the QT that town had absurdly strong powers or w/e but Papa was the only scummer that actually died as a direct result of an ability   I think overall this game didn't quite match up to its predecessor, but its uncommon for sequels to end up being better than the original so I guess this fits the trend. I reworked some of the issues with the first game (some people didn't like there being too many vanillas on town's side / both town and scum having a role block aka what if they targeted each other, who would get what flavor result / maybe 1-2 more I can't think of off the top of my head)   Feel free to C & C below; I am aware that the game had its flaws (eg Zach's ability), but I hope you guys had fun nonetheless.