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Found 1 result

  1. Make Yugioh Great Again

    Lately there's have been an influx of illegal migrating to the glorious game of yugioh. They're bringing guns, drugs, crimes, and bad guy. There's only one guy that can stop all of this madness. That person is none other than Trump himself. Trump has personally sent me a perfect decklist for the upcoming YCS. He stated that this deck will make yugioh great again. Trump 2016: 3x Labyrinth Wall. This is the perfect card to stop the illegals from coming over. With an impressive defense of 3000, even the most agile illegal can't climb this mighty wall. 3x Koa'ki Meiru Wall. Sometimes, even the most crafty of illegals will resort to using tools to scale the great wall. This impressive wall on legs will sacrifice its sell to the glory of Trump to prevent any uses of tools. 3x Cannon Soldier 3x Snipe Hunter 1x Twin Barrel Dragon 1x Barrel Dragon 1x Wall Shadow A great wall is nothing without an army of border officers. These ruthless and vicious guards will ensure any illegals caught climbing the great wall will be punished. 3x Elephant Statue of Blessing. Trump is a true blessing to us all, and this precious statue is proof of it. 3x Cardcar D. An important man is nothing without his loyal steed. This armored car will ensure the great man is safe on his journey. 1x  Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle. The Eagle is a stunning mascot of our glorious nation. 1x Erebus The Underworld Monarch. This card is the perfect avatar for Trump. He does not care about the illegals and wishes his loyal subjects to take care of them. 3x Upstart Goblin. Illegals has invaded our nation. It is Mexico's fault. They will pay for the wall. 3x Chicken Game. Trump is an extremely brave man. He is no coward. The Oni Tank represent Mexico. 1x Magical Labyrinth 3x No Entry!! Illegals must be denied entry to our glorious nation. 3x Imperial Iron Wall. Even with spaceships, illegal will have a tough time getting over this impressive wall. 3x Dark Bribe. Sometimes you just gotta bribe some people to tell you where are the illegals coming from. 1x Wall of Revealing Light. This beautiful wall may seem expensive for our nation to afford. Luckily, Mexico will have to pay every single pennies. No side or extra because they're for illegal. Trump does not need them to win Only illegals use noob meta netdeck.