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Found 1 result

  1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WRdXpIpGDecTMtsf2zABWfRy4b0PaIkYXqrN652eSJc/edit#gid=1006519487     Scum Team  Gemstone Ammit  Zapp The Antagonist   Traitor Malcolm    Mod Notes:    I did send Delta his role PM and had him rolled in, but he never pm'd me saying he didn't get it and that created an issue.    I probably should not have allowed modkills in final 3, but I never dreamed that in a 3 way with no confirmeds anyone would be willing to hammer themselves rather than vote the other player. Scum will probably rage at this, but considering the insanity of this scenario I can't even....   So when I originally designed this game, it had a bunch of amazing and super cool roles. Then I witnessed both town and scum have several horrendously bad games and decided to change this to basically a vanilla game as a way to promote basic skills and good play for both factions. The insane number of mistakes that were made by both factions basically turned this game into the greatest what not to do ever. The spreadsheet has the mod QT where I rage at some of the horrendously bad things going on, but here are the highlights   Game Highlights   Day 1 - Town does a pretty good job at identifying the scummy players. Zapp was a totally justifiable lynch for a needless defense of gemstone. Count called the reason exactly correct. Best part was that the read was wrong since Zapp didn't even look at his role pm (outside of what his role and faction were) so he didn't even know he was defending his partner. Fortunately, Zapp's fake claim + good reads allowed them to kill the actual cop and convert Malcolm   Day 2 - Scum had the chance to win the game by modkilling 10 ppl. Let that sink in for a minute. 10 ppl could have been modkilled for missing quota, but enough ppl left votes out that scum could have reached majority had they been even reasonably active. Gemstone realizes this hence the cleanse the city comment.   Night 2 - Scum plans to toss Gemstone and Ammit to the town, but chooses to leave rei alive when rei had only pinned Gemstone and Ammit. They continue to leave rei alive until final 3 giving rei time to pin the entire fuckling scum team. Like wtf, if you were planning to toss these 2 and auto the next two days, why would you leave one of the few players that can fuck your end game up alive? Yea Malcolm could have gotten alive = scum'd but its easier to play around that than letting rei get momentum and push your lynch.    Day 3 - Scum has the chance to secure about 5 modkills (again on a day that was auto'd), but inactivity fails to do so.    Day ??? - Kahu gets lynched essentially over nothing. Flavor didn't help his cause, but there were worse players.    Leaving votes out or tossing ones up for no reason only hurts town especially on days that are auto. When you allow scum to net modkills like that, it is the equivalent of giving them a mislynch towards their win con. Scum could have potentially won the game on day 2 because ppl threw votes up needlessly and didn't meet quota before doing so.    MVP - rei - read scummy players correctly and was able to differentiate bad town from scum. The only knock is the self-preservation ploy. While I find the self-preservation ploy of not explaining shit stupid (since scum should just NK him anyway), he eventually pushed his reads and was able to lead town to successfully killing scum.    LVP - God there are so many I could put here. Sherzo and Nelrick both deserve it equally as much. All modkills outside of Malcolm and chrono deserve to be here to as by not meeting quota, they gave scum mislynches necessary to win the game.     Warnings - JC (rage quit instead of just pm asking for a sub as directed) and Kahu (threatening to intentionally break the rules of the game).   Honorable Mention: Count played a really good game as power role. Scum had no idea he was pr except for one slip (telling doc not to cc).     A lot more to say, but this game is a really good example of what not to do as either alignment