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Found 2 results

  1. New Zombie Support

    Zombies have recently received new toys and with the current card pool are poised to be a solid deck. Zombies’ star cards imo are zombie world, mezuki, and now drochshuile. The rest are enablers - setting up the abuse of these cards. The warrior engine is better than any of the zombie cards at enabling combos, requires less cards, only needs monster effects, and does not need to search. Therefore, it will be used in this discussion. I have some videos below and there are a lot of potential combos beyond the ones I showcase. You could likely run the variant as an extra link deck, thunder dragon, Crusadia OTK, or a myriad of other things. For example, you could make herald with beast of the pharaoh, then revive arma (with zombie world), send dragondark, and search dragonhawk. The basic combo only requires 1/1.5 cards with Isolde (arma, grepher, vyon) and with two warriors the list of starters could be extended to dawn knight in this build. That will get you Beatrice which will fully enable Drochshuile and allow you to expand your board. In a lot of ways it is built like gouki except that the individual monsters have a lot more utility. The biggest choice when building this deck will be the extra deck space and deciding what combos you want to build for – and whatever the banlist may be. Even without summon sorceress you can field a boss monster beside Drochshuile and with future cards or combos discovered that could be increased – and that’s with only 1 – 2 cards. Zombie world and mezuki have long allowed you to do some pretty crazy things and zombies have always been pretty adaptable - check this out from 2015/2016: The only big concern I have for the deck is going second vs. extra link as with tri-gate there isn’t much the deck can do without siding bar a very lucky hand. Not a huge fan of hand traps unless they are turn stoppers vs. respective decks so I opt to side in a bunch of cybers. I’m going to leave the deck building pretty open as I have not tested the deck much going second. One thing I’m sure of is run phoenix as most decks seem to run few backrow cards that you could likely out first on most hands. Also, I run double of the zombie world stuff as it is important for the boss and combos, while also having anti-meta properties against a number of decks (and rivalry!). It is often a priority for the opponent to get rid of or disrupt during your turn. While you’ll generally want to summon Drochshuile going second do to the banish effect I’m only running one as that is all you need. There’ll be times where you draw bulb going second where you’d want to summon Drochshuile, but those would be a low amount of games. One card you may not be aware of is: This card allows you to get two extra uses out of mali and is a great extender for synchro/xyz plays. Most of these combos are tcg/ocg internet format as I live in tcg territory, but I did include one ocg combo and there are many more. I didn’t record it but there is a zexal combo for ocg players. Here’s some examples of the fields you could make – naturia monsters, calamity synchro, fun stuff. The deck is potent even going second and against hand traps. I recorded some duels and even though I don’t play around hand traps well I’m still able to plow through. In practice I’m not sure if I would use Isolde’s first effect, depends how popular ogre or if it would end your turn. The deck that I'm using is: https://imgur.com/a/vlg0ads __________ I didn't realize how soon the structure deck was being released. With that in mind here are some tcg combos for the deck. The weak point for the deck is when you attempt to send bulb on your opponent's turn, but once we get savage dragon the soulkius build should be able to be built to be robust to handtraps at any point.
  2. MONSTERS: 20 (Pendulum Monsters) - 9 Dragon Horn Hunter Dragon Horn Hunter Dragon Horn Hunter Flash Knight Flash Knight Flash Knight Foucault's Cannon Foucault's Cannon Foucault's Cannon   (Effect Monsters) - 4 Blue Dragon Summoner Blue Dragon Summoner Blue Dragon Summoner Summoner Monk   (Normal Monsters) - 7 Dark Blade Dark Blade Dark Blade Tune Warrior Tune Warrior Trance the Magic Swordsman Trance the Magic Swordsman   SPELLS: 12 Reinforcement of the Army Reinforcement of the Army Reinforcement of the Army Mystical Space Typhoon Mystical Space Typhoon Heart of the Underdog Heart of the Underdog Wonder Wand Wonder Wand Dark Factory of Mass Production Dark Factory of Mass Production Dark Hole   TRAPS: 8 Breakthrough Skill Breakthrough Skill Pendulum Back Pendulum Back Dust Tornado Dust Tornado Tyrant's Throes Tyrant's Throes   EXTRA DECK: 10 Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon Scrap Dragon Thought-Ruler Archfiend Cloudcastle Photon Strike Bounzer Number 104: Masquerade Stellarknight Delteros Daigusto Emeral   SIDE DECK: 15 Rescue Rabbit Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior Aether, the Empowering Dragon Aether, the Empowering Dragon Supply Squad Supply Squad White Elephant's Gift White Elephant's Gift Heat Wave Heat Wave Faustian Bargain Faustian Bargain Kuraz the Light Monarch The A. Forces.   This deck has quite a few cards in it that restrict the fuck out of Effect Monsters, but my main issue are set Spells and Traps on the opponent's side. Delteros helps immensely with the Torrential Tributes, "Hole" cards, and things of that nature...but Sakuretsu Armor and it's ilk kind of hurt.   Yes, there are Dragons in here but they're only there because I don't have warriors to replace them with. If I can find them, I might toss in Tune Warrior so I can use some Synchros. Though, I don't have many Synchros at the moment so I might just hold off on that.   If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears! Mostly, I'm looking for something to deal with Spells and Traps (I wish Heavy Storm was unbanned...it'd be a LOT of help). Delteros can help with them and I'm looking to get a second one but something I can use that would let me have better field control would be great too.