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Found 1 result

  1. Yeah, pretty basic stuff. Currently at Gold 4, and with terrible luck from the tag duel tournament, I only have 2 salamandras. Here’s the list: 2x Salamandra 2x Guaiba 2x Iguanon 2x Element Saurus 2x Sgt Electro 3x E-Con 2x Shard of Greed 2x Mirror Wall 1x Curse of Anubis 1x Windstorm of Etaqua 1x Xing Zhen Hu This deck is slow- well, not slow, but it’s very, very cautious. Since there’s such a clusterfuck of decks out there, I can’t see any other way to play. Haven’t played since WC 2017, so when I came back, I was overwhelmed. I thought Bujin was a legit contender, but with only Boar and Centipede at their disposal, it’s difficult to swing things from a non-neutral position. Now, why my choices? We’ll go one by one Guaiba: simple, efficient, advantage. I want to say Hydrogeddon is better, but it doesn’t quite match the deck’s pace. That, and it would throw the synergy out of wack, but more on that in a second. Electro: Good things come to those that wait. Electro is the optimal opening play, forcing the game into a pure battle phase game, which is what this deck does so well. Your opponent must be playing with cards that are currently slow (i.e. Riryoku), with no real way of coping with the high attacks (i.e. traps), for the game to not funnel into an advantageous state. Iguanon: This card is Electro in disguise turn one, plus he clears the board of set monsters later on. Surprisingly good at funneling. Salamandra: Beatdown in it’s purest form. It gets stronger if the game progresses past turn 4, too. Element Saurus: This card is pure glue, and the reason I think the deck works. It clears the board for Electro/Iguanon and is such a nice feint for the people I’m matching with this far. E-Con: still the best card since WC. It is the pace of the deck incarnate. No main phase 2 means easy cleanup. It’s still game more often than not with it’s second effect. Shard: At first, it was filler, but the more I thought about it, it’s so perfect. The two turns invested always give a good return, that, minus the occasional straight flush play, affords one the comfort of committing three cards to the back row. Mirror Wall: It’s great. Honestly not sure about this versus wall of disruption, though. I’ve been alternating. Curse of Anubis: protects against both walls and is a great attack deterrent. Windstorm: kinda underwhelming, but I’ve been facing cloudians and it will stay until I don’t see one. Probably the only card I’m on the fence about. Xing Zhen Hu: I would run 3 if it weren’t such a dead draw after one of them goes off. Perfect for shutting down other decks’ traps and funneling the game. So, any thoughts?