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Found 4 results

  1. Geargia Subterror Demise

  2. 5/20

    It's my Birthday today, just turned 20 like 10 minutes ago (in my time zone).     You might not realize how I like it here or how much I admire most of you, but I do. I honestly wish I did a tiny bit more for this community.       Anyhow, not sure what I'm gonna do today. Probably wake up, go to work, then... IDK, feel free to give me ideas. I'm open to anything, really.     So neg me, wish me a happy birthday, ignore me, suggest shit to do today- It's your decision, I'm open minded. [spoiler][media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y34jC4I1m70[/media][/spoiler]
  3. Gotta stay fresh

    Hi everyone, the name is vivarooney but you can call me freaky. The reason i joined the site is because I want to get better at dueling, and I heard this was the place to do so love traveling, dueling, football, cooking and acting all freaky just randomly. Hope to be a + for the community, so if you got any questions dont be shy.
  4. I have a few C++ programing assignments that I cannot finish by myself, that I need help with TODAY.(If you just code whatever for me that is fine, but I need it explained to me also, but if it doesnt work out thts ok lol) If you are really good with C++ (sorry guys if you are good with other languages I'm sure you wont be able to help me too much because of the specificness of the syntax, but I you think I'm wrong still PM me) PM me and I'll give you problem statements etc. I will pay you via paypal. I was thinking about $20 for the whole thing if everything isn't too hectic. Any questions PM me. Here is an example of the stuff we would work on. Figure 1 shows the specification for an irregular cylindrical shape, defined by seven inputs. Your task is to develop an object-oriented console program that asks the user for the seven (double) and the measurement units (string) as inputs and computes the volume of the shape. The application then asks the user for a density of the material (value and units), and prints an estimated weight for the object. Figure 1. Composite Shape Specification Develop a Shape Class which contains an array of Cylinder class instances and an array of Cone class instances. Use the Cone instances to compute the volume of the ‘top’, and the Cylinder instances to compute the volume of the body of the shape. [url="http://www.imagecabin.com/index.php?view=32241078733a25a61f0964184&html=1"]http://www.imagecabi...f0964184&html=1[/url] Using these classes, develop an algorithm that will do the following: Continue the normal flow until a valid exit condition is given as an input:[list] [*][i]Normal Flow:[/i] Ask the user to enter a six numeric (fixed point, positive) strings representing h1, h2, h3, r1, r2, r3 respectively, one (positive integer) string representing the number of cylinder pairs in the body, and one string representing the units of linear measure. Continue requesting definition strings until eight valid strings are given, or the program exits. When seven valid strings are defined, evaluate the shape for volume. Display the result, and request the density and (fixed point, positive) string and units string. Then restart the normal flow. [*][i]Exit Condition:[/i] If one of the characters given in an 8-string definition is a ‘q’ or ‘Q’ quit the program, and provide an exit message. Otherwise, print a string that repeats the input given, and indicates that shape definition is invalid. Then continue requesting the definition for a valid shape. [/list][list=1] [*]Develop a set of inputs that will test all the paths in the flowchart design. Record this derivation in a .docx, or other file. [/list][list=1] [*]Write an object-oriented C++ console application to solve the shape/volume problem. The main program must only use Shape public member functions. All public and private variables used must be of correct type, have meaningful names, useful comments and follow the coding standard expressed in the [i]C++ Style[/i] text. Each major organization of data must be encapsulated within its own class (e.g., Cone, Cylinder). [*]Record screen shots of tests of your program by running it using the derived test values. The set of tests you submit must exercise all of the different success paths in your algorithm. Note any bugs or issues in a text file. [/list] EDIT: This one is almost done, I just need the main to call all the functions/classes etc. here is what I have. : [url="http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EL2KIJJK"]http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EL2KIJJK[/url]