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Found 7 results

  1. Launching A Youtube Series

    So, DGz, I am officially starting this youtube series. Basically, I got laid off my best job i'd ever obtained in Sams Club Wholesale, and I feel like i was blindsided by it all. I was smart, invested into certain things, I have a Script written for this series I plan to bring to fruition. It's going to be a Youtube series and the goal is for me to make some money doing what I love, and a plan to pursue in the future. (I will be using this too as a platform I start my college apps in mid 2017.) Now what I took advantage of with my job, was the business members, and most of them were very friendly, and offered myself to feel free to film in their venues/locations as publicity is something we all want and enhances business relationships with the consumer(s) even further. Now my question for you guys is, what equipment can I use to enhance effects for displays such as CGI, Face Alterations outside of the costume wear I plan to have made. Certain cameras or props to invest in? It's going to be a supernatural genre if this helps with answers. I plan on doing this mostly from iPhone, and would appreciate if any DG users would recommend their thoughts on certain equipments, endeavors, and the latter to me as I would appreciate it.
  2. So i saw DDSpade online and decided to ask him for an interview.   Question: xRaTeD.Runzy: firstly what deck have you been using to top this format? and why?   Answer: DDSpade: Shaddoll Artifacts    Question: xRaTeD.Runzy: So how effective is Sa?   Answer: DDSpade: Ignition is amazing card, artifacts can stop opponent's plays on their turn, Shaddoll can make the really good fusion monsters and they can play super poly, flash fusion etc.  they have a good tool box and Artifacts allows you to make pliedes and michael, lightsworn  . best cards in extra deck   Question: xRaTeD.Runzy: What as been ur best moment this format? On Dn and irl.    Answer: DDSpade: I dont get to play in real life anymore, have not bought new cards.    On DN, probably when I 2-0 n3sh using the card "Flash Fusion" to push for game   Question: xRaTeD.Runzy: what is your best card / card you like the most this format?   Answer: DDSpade: malevolent catastrophe in the side is really good. it works well w/ artifacts and counters opponent's artifacts   Question: xRaTeD.Runzy: Last question : A big fan of your youtube and i was going to ask are you going to make a video of you topping Dn and maybe sharing ur list with your fans?   Answer: DDSpade: Yes. I was actually going to do that right now. lol,  I was just waiting to hit top 3.  I'm sure I can get to 1 but I gotta sleep soon lol   xRaTeD.Runzy:  Thanks for your time have a nive sleep and am sure you will hit rank 1 in no time   DDSpade: thanks.     Please check out his youtube channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/DDSPADE   Will interview ferza and the others later on.   http://i.imgur.com/uzD3x4j.png   Please do not post offensive comments.
  3. Gazer Shark

      Gazer Shark Level 5/ WATER/ Fish 1000 ATK 1900 DEF   You can banish this card from your Graveyard, then target 2 Level 5 WATER monsters in your Graveyard, except "Gazer Shark"; Special Summon both those monsters, but their effects are negated. Immediately after this effect resolves, Xyz Summon 1 WATER Xyz Monster using only those 2 monsters. You can only use this effect of "Gazer Shark" once per turn.   With the game having so many cards that send from the deck to the grave (like Kuribandit, Genex Undine, Lightsworn Support, ect.) it seems extremely easy to set up, and spamming Crystal Zero Lancer's from the grave seems extremely cool.   However, almost nobody knows this card exists. At locals, I have seen people tearing up this card and I am stunned. Am I over-hyping this card, or is it really a diamond in the rough? What are your thoughts? What else can this card do?
  4. Like this video for no good reason.

    link removed   Give this video a like, it talks about a shit card and im pretty sure the guy is an albino.
  5. I'll leave you with the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IJCFc_qkHw
  6. Hey Everyone! McSwagon Here!

    Hey! Glad to finally be a part of the Duelist Groundz community! very few of you might know me from my small youtube channel! be sure to check it out! http://www.youtube.com/user/JEWFanMarshall other than that im a big Disaster Dragon player! and i have a pretty good knowledge about the game. ill do what i can to help and learn! See yall around!!! McSwagon out!!!
  7. Some chick posted this on my facebook. Enjoy! [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwfmcNnBJBc&feature=youtu.be[/media]