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Found 2 results

  1. Does Yugi beat Rapheal

    Does He?
  2. idk how to play ygo but i try i like friendship and i dont try mistreatment of animals and women equally i like anime i fuck my body pillow everynight but im not a weeb as ive called people nigger online so im an alpha male i take care of my squad and family i am 14 rn and studying aboard a ship rn i once helped ddos a fish in germany ? i am virgin but i tink that fag jesus was virgin so it is ok for me hehe xd fag to me means fun and good i hope im in a happy commuinity full of good people who report cheating and illegal (eww) activies i hope we all can coexist together im look for team im not very good at anything im clumsy but i can be useful in other ways i know how to call a black thing (nigger) sorry for my english im not from dog america i have no life im morcoraan and studying im also 21 i think or somethign like that and i love this game for whatever reason idk everything i put theme song of orginal ygo on i can jack off to my gay porn easier XD my only real goal in life is to be good at ygo and spend my retarded (dads) money on cardbord so i can be accepted by other virgins on this site qualifications for acceptance i listen all rules i would let everyone of u die a gruesome death irl if it meant i upheld the rules ill personally defend any injustice i see in this site for minorities and vice versa u can call me white night but i have a sword irl ill defend every ladys honour on here with my 1000 dollar keyboard i was rank 1 a couple times on dn i thought to myself what being a budget player isnt bad so i came on this budget dueling book forums as my first step dont dislike me cause if u dislike my post i will take personal offense to this irl and my feels will be hurt and i will take this out on my grandmother and chokeslam her dumb ( not ygo playing) ass thru our stupid dog ( hope it gets crippled) i like the womens but i will never to them unless they speak to me first im ex muslim as women diserve more rights like more women should be mod on this site but dog MEN admins will see my respect for women and censor but u cannot sensor what can fly ???? so outplayed nig-nogs anyway i wont actually play in any wars i stopped playing ygo 2 years ago cause me no autist but i prob still ez wins cause i can learn with my 180 iq quck and watch ygo anime and the dueling grounds pro videos made by 1000+ post members and i can also ddos so i will win with teamwork i made this post cause LUL it make me laught if this trigger hope u mum die by a rabid dog with infectious aids and cancer(jk) i joke i try be funny for approval from 1000+ post members nah i hope u mum go heaven and jesus bless her with his holey water i hope jesus bless u with holey water 2 ( if u athiest dog) i will pray for u for jesus to give u his blessings XD anyway i want team rn i know budget site struggle memebers so ill wait for guy with 1000 alts to come online to 1. make 50 iq statement 2. get roasted by post after read 3 lines 3. go on 10 acocunts to like his post 4. report to admin cause hurt irl 5. sucide but cant do cause failure irl