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Places to play in X

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tonioredj    0

New Shop for Yugioh in Charlottesville, VA

Tournaments will start 3 but people usually arrive around 1 to trade and play

Cost: 5 dollars

Structure: 4 rounds of swiss with a top cut playoff

Prize: Store credit depending on the turn out.


Monthly winabox tournaments also


"The End Games"

Seminole Square Shopping Center at 143 Zan Road Charlottesville VA, 22901

(434)973-2205 or omegagamesllc@gmail.com

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fractal    2515

Where are the places to play in Madison, WI? I know of Misty Mountain (and actually live like a 10 minute drive away from there), but I don't know anything about the quality of play/"prizes" there. I was told by a friend who plays MTG that there's a card shop on the West side, but idk what it's called, where they are, or if there's YGO.

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knives1990    245
Are there any locals in Kissimmee, FL and if so what days/time? I'm going on vacation in a couple weeks and might hit the regional that's there, and would like to try maybe stopping by a local sometime during the week for some trades

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+mmf+    23117

now that dn's dead maybe we should :(


the information is all probably outdated though. maybe we should just make a new "where to play yugioh" megathread where we compile every relevant local in every state/region. konami keeps one of these with the OTS list but it's getting more and more popular for stores to say fuck konami so maybe a compilation of those OTSes and then other unsanctioned hubs for play would be useful

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