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»Gnation    594

If you are going to be posting in this section, it is in everyone's best interest you follow this simple rule, a rule which WILL be enforced with ZERO tolerance.

If you are posting what you believe OUGHT TO or SHOULD happen with respect to any aspect of any deck, you must provide sufficient justification for your position. Any such posts without sufficient justification provided will be deemed meaningless and should be deleted. Topics filled with said posts will be closed and/or reset.

If I see anyone at all, and I don't care who you are, ignore this rule, appropriate disciplinary measure WILL be taken. If you don't like it, make mine and everyone's lives easier and don't post here. These rules are being put in place to benefit everyone associated with these boards. Healthy debate rather than mindless banter will always benefit those involved.

Note: Let the standard for "better for the game" be "the game requires more skill."

-Starwind & Deck Garage Staff

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»Pengwan    7724

Apparently some of you aren't getting this so I'm going to make even clearer

These are examples of unacceptable posts:

Hamster is garbage until they make a decent 7 Synchro.

Good lord what the hell is this shit.

drop the mind control and the dust for double opp id say

i stopped reading at 1 ryko :/

These are examples of acceptable posts:

I've considering -1 Smashing, but then I think to myself, when they get aggressive, whats Sarc or Trap Dustshoot going to do for me? So I kept it at 2. Trap Dustshoot is good ygo but I cant find room and its staying so consistent for me so far, that I feel Dustshoot might get in the way of that. 2nd Sarc I would fit in before dustshoot and I am trying to make room for it, but I wanna keep that 1 cyber 2 oracle in the deck, my monster lineup is testing so good so far that I cant find anything to remove from it.

I don't really need Trap Holes.

Malevolent and Jujitsus are usually enough but we'll see. I'll wait and see how popular Blackwing get before I do that as of right now though I don't need them.

Sorcerer is so clutch in here.

Of course I'd prefer to remove Gorz but I don't mind removing Plague/Necro if I really need to. Usually I can wait but if the moment calls.

Don't see why I'd want a second Jain wacko.gif

I like Malevolent > Decree but there are those matches where Decree gets the job done.

I'm not 100% on some of the side ratios yet but it's been fine so far. I might end up siding a second Royal Oppression but I'm not sure.

Saying a card/deck is bad with no reason as to why it is bad can get you warned. I'm not saying you have to write a wall of text every time you post but you will be required to defend your viewpoints from here on out.

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+rei+    34682

Further clarification:

This is not to say you cant enjoy yourself a bit. As the rules thread says, we're dictators but we're much more Tito than Stalin.

If you post "My deck is the best!" either you're joking or you likely think too highly of yourself, either way just remember people are likely going to confront you on your stance if you get argumentatitve about it.

The way this thread reads seems very confrontational and antagonistic, but really we're just sick of no one really getting help (because fighting over cards without any logic or justiciation at all is fucking useless), and dumb fights when kids get butthurt when they're wrong.

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