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Delirium Trigger

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»Pengwan    7712

¤ Monsters_______
­«¬ 20
¤¤¤| Gravekeeper's Spy
¤¤¤| Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
¤¤¤| X-Saber Airbellum
¤¤¤| Caius the Shadow Monarch
¤¤¤| Cyber Dragon
¤¤¤| Super-Nimble Mega Hamster
¤¤¤| Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind
¤¤¤| Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
¤¤¤| Gravekeeper's Descendant
¤¤¤| Rescue Cat
¤¤¤| Summoner Monk

¤ Spells_______
­«¬ 14
¤¤¤| Pot of Avarice
¤¤¤| Book of Moon
¤¤¤| Smashing Ground
¤¤¤| Brain Control
¤¤¤| Cold Wave
¤¤¤| Heavy Storm
¤¤¤| My Body As A Shield
¤¤¤| Mystical Space Typhoon
¤¤¤| Scapegoat

¤ Traps_______
­«¬ 8
¤¤¤| Bottomless Trap Hole
¤¤¤| Dimensional Prison
¤¤¤| Royal Oppression
¤¤¤| Solemn Judgment
¤¤¤| Starlight Road
¤¤¤| Torrential Tribute

¤ Extra Deck_______
­«¬ 15
¤¤¤| Arcanite Magician
¤¤¤| Stardust Dragon
¤¤¤| Ally of Justice Catastor
¤¤¤| Black Rose Dragon
¤¤¤| Blackwing Armor Master
¤¤¤| Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
¤¤¤| Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
¤¤¤| Colossal Fighter
¤¤¤| Goyo Guardian
¤¤¤| Magical Android
¤¤¤| Mist Wurm
¤¤¤| Red Dragon Archfiend
¤¤¤| Thought Ruler Archfiend

¤ Side Deck_______
­«¬ 15
¤¤¤| Breaker the Magical Warrior
¤¤¤| D.D. Crow
¤¤¤| Dust Tornado
¤¤¤| Legendary Jujitsu Master
¤¤¤| Mirror of Oaths
¤¤¤| Battle Fader
¤¤¤| Caius the Shadow Monarch
¤¤¤| Dragonic Knight
¤¤¤| Mirror Force
¤¤¤| My Body As A Shield

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»Draigun    6835

Flamvell-less version, huh...At least this one should hold better vs. GBs.

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»Pengwan    7712

I don't necessarily know about that, I just prefer this build because it draws better hands & it plays better in the mirror.

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»Pengwan    7712
why are you running 42? the deck is overweight

Between all the Spy/Ryko/Hamster thinning it really hasn't made a difference to me, I've been playing 42 all format and it's been fine.

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