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Mobile Suit Pikachu

Once Upon A DGZ: The Second Season

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Pride: "HELLO"

Sky: "The fuck!!?! We just saw you....disappear..."

Pride: "Well I'm back now. I don't think my other colleague is coming back anytime soon so I'll have to kill you all myself."


Sixxy: "Fuckkkkkkkkk"


Allenpennington: "Wow that seriously didn't just happen right? That blast was too strong for us."


Pride: "Zap Zap ZAAAAAPPPPP I kill you all like the vermin you all are. Sooner or later DGZ will be mineeeeeeee."

Atem: "...Fuck what happened....why am I on the ground..."

Pride: "AND A ZAP!!!!"


Another admin has appeared in the field of play.

MosDef: "I'm tired of your shit."

Pride: "Looks like I have to kill you too, ZAP ZAP ZAP!"



Just like that Pride is out of the picture.

Atem: "What the hell hit me so hard?"

Otaku: "Concussive shell man, got you hard."

Sky: "Alright so it looks like we cleared this area, so what next?"

MosDef: "We alert the others and go after Drakow."

Otaku: "What do we do with Lillian?"

Allenpennington: "Let Salad deal with it."

Sixxy: "I would get rei to do it but he seems a bit busy now."

MosDef: "Well we have Atem here so we should be fine."


Sky: "I guess we should stay here and wait around a bit. They could come this way, I'm surprised there were very little troops here."

Atem: "Everyone else got called back so I was pretty much the only one here."

MosDef: "I was around here but only patrolling the area so when I came back I saw you guys fighting."

Atem: "Goddammit, we need better communication than this. Maybe it might be time for us to start invading them."

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»Pharaoh Atem    15772

And to think, I haven't even used my Ultimate Burst technique

Maybe if I had I wouldn't have been so easily ripped up

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»Sky    978

T'was a great chapter bro. Always get excited for the next one.

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Okay, too much shit to do so I'll have to postpone this for awhile guys sorry. With the holidays and stuff coming up, I can't continue this for a bit

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