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Questions for cool college kids

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Shaman    532
I think I'm gonna have to start studying more for college. I'm way too used to doing absolutely nothing in high school and destroying 5 AP classes at once. Now in college I can't check my grades every hour since the whole grading system is based on 3-4 tests. I also miss the structure that busy work gave in high school...

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theraybrams    10

haha. protips:

-pick house parties over frat parties: no ratio, although sometimes you might have to throw fives. and you won't have to worry about not being able to bring a fellow guy friend or two. (plus, the girls are less threatened by dudes that aren't dry-humping them. trust me. i know.)

-don't smoke in your dorm room. i've seen kids get kicked out the day after move-in from that dumb shit. either get a vaporizer or do it outside. it's better than losing ten grand for housing. 

-i'm a big class-skipper, but i'd avoid regularly skipping unless you 1) know the prof won't murder you (ratemyprofessors.com), and 2) have a friend or two in the class that is willing to help you out with missed assignments and/or excuses and/or signing you in when you're not there. 

the best life-lesson i've learned in college is how to be lazy without making it seem like you are. fake it, fake it. 

be strategic in your mischief, young padawan. you will learn. 

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for dem dere british kids


6th form is really fucking hard, uni is piss easy in comparison

your online uni workspace will be your savior for model answers and past papers galore

learn the exams/seminars, the actual content is long winded and mostly unnecessary 

join a society that isn't gay (i wish i joined american football over fucking physics and astronomy)

you will either put on or lose a shit ton of weight

quit your MMOs around a month before exams (not that you need a month revision, but you will not just quit instantly lol)

revise in the library. 24/7 uni libraries are awesome and there's nothing to distract you besides facebook (deal with it)

never buy full price takeaway. dominos hand out 50% vouchers (only time you should ever use dominos) and most takeaways do any 2 pizzas for £6-8 depending on size

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Aaron    2047

for UK ppl:


sixth form: 

go out, drink, have fun, fake ID, bars, clubs, girls.

get past exam papers from 1989 til now for each of your topics. read your syllabus at the start of the year. buy 2 good textbooks per subject. use the past papers, syllabus and text books to make sure you cover everything. don't listen to your teachers (if they are good teachers, you will learn the wrong shit because the exam boards suck in terms of testing how passionate you are and how far your knowledge extends). suck up to one teacher, suck up to your deputy headmaster and headmaster cos they do your reference. put in any mitigating circumsances you can. 

do your personal statement and makes sure its good.

get volunteer work on there and get 2-3x different work experiences.



i guarantee following that you will reach the top 5% academically in the UK.




if you are doing a normal course where you need to get 40% to pass, then just chill out until the last month. make sure nothing matters in year 1. concentrate on finding job offers (i.e. if ur in law go through an agency).


if you do something a bit harder, then set apart 1 day a week where you study for 10-15 hour marathon in the library. dont worry about knowing stuff, just concentrate on building a very condensed set of notes. then once you hit christmas, study 4 hours a day. easter, 5 hours a day. you should be fine. 


network in university on your course and upper years. get any past papers you can. 



be single for the first year of university and have a lot of fun. don't just bang students, try to get with local girls because it will extend the circle of people you know immensely. 

visit DGZ, watch animes, watch TV shows, watch movies when you feel you are going off the rails or during exam time.

have a diverse group of friends and be nice to everyone. 

dont get involved in first year dramas because 90% of people are fucking clueless in first year. 

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