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Honkey Kong

Ranger vs deer

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long story short, I hit a deer monday night on my way home, or more along the lines the thing hit me. It literally ran out of the ditch, clipped the front part of the fender smashed into it, and that was it. I didn't even kill the damn thing. It put a big, greasy dent in the door,caved the fender in and took my mirror off, which is now replaced(took the guy 5 minutes to do)., and the door wouldn't open until the guy at the body shop grabbed a little metal tool and bent the fender back a little so I can use it again.

pretty much, it's getting fixed january 10th, and my insurance company is paying most of the collision cost(250$ deductable), and my rental car. Actually, It kinda pissed me off bercause the body shop told me to drop off the truck any time I please, and the rental company had a brand new dodge dakota(fully loaded, 4.7, 4x4 quad cab) waiting for me, which they weren't even technically supposed to give me because I'm under 25.

on the same note, i'm relieved that I have my truck, because I'm flying to southern Ontario on december 15th, and staying for two weeks, so I don't have to do this big clusterfuck of dropping the rental off, finding a ride to the airport, finding a ride home and shit.

the truck is 100% driveable. it just looks like shit where the deer hit it.

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