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Rules for the Product News and Information Forum

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»slick    4668

Some quick rules, most are common sense, but I'm pinning this so you have no reason to say you didn't know.

1. Please don't start a new thread for a single new promo. This section is for products. Products are generally things that get sold on store shelves.

Products includes accessories, such as sleeves, binders, mats, etc. Feel free to start threads on just about any YGO TCG related product.

To discuss single card promos, start the thread in single card discussion.

Also, threads for OCG products are allowed, but it would be a good idea to indicate it as an OCG product somewhere in your description, to avoid confusion.

2. We don't mind speculation lists for products. In fact, I like them. They are fun and you get some interesting ideas, patterns and theories from people. By all means, post your predictions.

However, do NOT post that a card is confirmed without official confirmation. Official confirmation is: information on the Konami site, information from a retailer that you are certain is authentic (ie. press releases), or you have the card in your hand.

We will be harsh on this. Do not troll DGZ or we will make it so you cannot troll us, ie. suspension or loss of posting privileges.

FYI, just because "a friend" told you something and they were wrong, you are not excused.

YOU are accountable for the posts YOU make.

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»PJ    4183

Also, quoting the Konami site where possible would be of great convenience.

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Matt Bishop    2377

Good idea, will keep some of the Pojo bullshit out of here.

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