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»lo fi    2612

This is just a journal Entry.. I do role play. I did it on AOL for awhile I still do it not as much. One of my characters more recently. His name is Judas, he's like this guy who's been bobbin' around. Was this notorious serial killer.. And such, changed his life though to try and create a "normalcy" but got dumped by the chica he was seeing for the primary reason of him going all SOFT, trying to create a normal life for the two, because he thought he was a hazard to the two of them..

Anyway so this is the journal entry of him coming back pretty much into his whole " I'ma kill you phase." There are typo's and grammatical mistakes here and there so bare with it, I normally write on the fly.

Enjoy :3

//And so I started again...

AndI staggered off my love of love,

Romanceand valentine ways...

Shefelt so cold, so cold

Shefroze under the sheets while I slept all day...

Shewill sleep here

Inbetween the cracks

Justa flower with a broken back

Waitingfor dirty water...Did you sleep alright..?

Shesgiving beat stares from being beat all day

Indianeyes and the American way.

Butlet me tell you about this doll, that I had found.

Street corner illuminated on the side of third avenue, she had been askin'for a ride. Drunk out of her god damn head. Now, this would be anawfully easy time to take advantage and so I did? She hadn't seen itcommin'. I asked for the time, and by then her hair was already pulled and the chloroform folded over her mouth, and she did nothing.A beautiful specimen, I'll tell you something she had the body of a goddess. One I could press the blade against and satiate my hunger for her pain? But did I not yet.. It took awhile to drag her form one end of the street to the other. No one had seen me, no one ever did.Back to lounge I had gone.. She was logged into the back of thetrunk? Why for safe keeping.

It'd been a forty five minute drive, and I already heard her getting restless. Do you know what it sounds like to have a 5'5 girl in theback of your truck screaming her absolute face off, because she'sconfused on the destination she's being taken to. It wasn't the lackof oxygen that was supplied, it wasn't the darkness.. It was the factshe was completely unaware of where she was, and where she was going.Let me tell you somethin' she'd wanna face to the inside of the trunk at this point rather than her painted demise. Finally arriving at our destination I had stopped the car. Eyes rollin' outside of my head. Pent up aggression that's been bottled.. Apparently the girl inside of the trunk had quite a bit of it as well, screamin' and clawing.She made an awful mess. Spitting everywhere, and crying. DNA absolutely EVERYWHERE. The cool thing about this one, she didn't fit the profile as the rest. She wasn't like the rest, not dark-haired skinny, a hooker.. Tall like the stockpiled bodies that had came from head to toe.

So what exactly had I found? A 5'5 blonde who weighed about half of adamn combat boot running out from my trunk space gasping for air onceI had let her out. She had stared, and screamed at me. Like she hadseen my face plastered upon some magazine that read. " I am your typical serial killer." The new issue wasn't out but my face would sure to be plastered somewhere. Her screams inate, while shewas dragged by her hand through the barren wasteland. I told her to stop screaming, so she could stop choking on sand. Unless she wantedto die that way? I had no issue with experimenting with murder weapons.. Dirt, sand, knives, guns it didn't matter.. As long as my point was painted across that still canvas we call "life."

In we went, back into the place that made us history before. Our home..Cheshire and I? Where was she? Well locked away for the second timeher own doing but of course, she'd come out a changed women. Tryingto breathe the living aesthetics of a real serial killers, painting it over his body while most had left the bodies beaten and mangled.It wasn't art the body had no life anymore.. The canvas was ruined and the organs couldn't be harvested then what was our true point? Well I couldn't exactly pin that one myself, but I've learned from my mistakes, and if she was watchin' she'd be very proud of me.

No..she wouldn't actually.

Wegave up what we loved most, for WHO we loved most.. That was a crimeof passion. I was putting myself on trial, and I was losing in thiscourt of law.

The girl was dragged into our home, coming past the creaky western styledoors that the top of her head had came to pass. I felt the familiar bump of wood against the cranium while I dragged her across thefloor. It didn't feel right the first time, so there was always atime for seconds, and so I assisted with a second calling of thisbump and thus her head smacked once more.. Ahh that felt like it hadhit the right spot.. She had been screaming but it was like thewondrous sound that had been lapping at my ears. Her agony turnedinto such a bitter sweet turn on, for me.. Back in town for a roundor two.. Or would we stay and self collect with the cadaver? Maybe have a go while she's still alive It might of worked, If I wasn't tooheart broken over this one madame that we'll get to. My hands sliding through her hands and the rest of her skin feeling like it waspeeling from her scalp as I pulled we neared the downstairs mainroom. The place that me and my ex lover had once started? A placewhere , malice and murder had turned to be one of the bestexperiences of my life? It's where we started, it's very well wherewe had ended..I could still see the blood, and hand prints on thewall from our first part of decoration.. It made my legs woozy, andmy frame ill just remembering how much of the replenishing substanceI had lost.

My fingers lapsing over the doll's head while she was anchored up. My knee bend down to her sternum where I had crushed forward? Break abone? I wasn't exactly that heavy.. It'r prevent her from breathing,what happened from, there I could only define as the most violentdisplay of something horrible that I'll keep in the back of my mind,and for the rest to exactly read, because the b e a u t i f u l actof murder I had committed could only be explained through my eyes...

But afterward I had gone home... Not the s"laughter" loungethat wasn't my home any longer... I had another place inside of thecity..I had turned into a different person crossing the city limits..I lost myself for a moment...

My eyes couldn't seem to focus on her as I walked through what seemed tobe that pit that'd absolutely tear me apart. It was like the gauntletwalking only those feet dropping that pack of cigarettes on thetable. She didn't breathe a word to me, and I felt like I should ofbeen stealing her oxygen. I felt like her thoughts and everythingthat she was holding should of been there.. Right there right fucking there. Did I get it? No she wasn't ready to see me nor, was I ready to see her. I can't stand the thoughts in my head telling me that Ineed her. I need a break? So I had found one right. The snap of theblondes neck to finally get out the pent up aggression, and the rest of her bodily fluids leaking out all beneath the hardwood floors.Where DNA would collect, and the rest of my case would be put together by private investigators. If they had ever found me? The death penalty would do me no justice.

But right now I felt like I was on death row, on the next in line for the electric chair, and she's got the switch to throw the voltage she'sgot the power in her hands she's got everything that I could possibly fear..

Willshe flick the switch? I don't know..

I left her cigarettes, and stationary on her desk.

I can't let her throw the switch, it's not my time yet.. But what'slife worth living when the one you want the most doesn't want you?

Well that would make her throw the breaker would it not?

Please baby, If you somehow recover this through osmosis.. You know what todo...



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»lo fi    2612

Please feel free to critique.

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