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Loaded Dice

Leaf/Doom - HGSS - on

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Loaded Dice    1182

Pokemon: 22

3-4 Leafeon Undaunted

1 Umbreon Undaunted

2-2 Roserade Unleashed

2-2 Houndoom Prime

2 Reshiram

2 Shaymin

2 Cleffa

T-S-S - 23

4 Professor Oak's New Theory

3 Pokemon Collector

3 Seeker

3 Pokemon Reversal

3 Energy Exchanger

3 Pokemon Communication

2 Twins

2 Interviewer's Question

Energy - 15

6 Leaf/Grass

3 Psychic

4 Rainbow Energy

2 Double Colorless

This is a really fun deck. I had wanted to make a special condition deck, and someone suggested a leafeon deck. Then someone suggested houndoom and figured it was the perfect thing to add in. The main idea is to set up roserade, houndoom and leafeon asap. Get those special conditions in there and start taking out my opponent's pokemon. Cleffa is good to stall and help give me new options. Reshiram is there to help take down certain bad matchups. Outrage will pretty much do the job, and if my opponent wants to stall, I have my houndoom and roserade which put in work. Shaymin is there to help fix energy problems or rearrange my energies as I see fit. Also since cleffa can backfire quite easily, twins is a great card to help me set up.

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Loaded Dice    1182

We only played 2 games. The games turned out to be super long. Game 1 came down to if I roll right with houndoom, I win, but I rolled wrong and scooped up. Game 2 was an even longer game, but I forced sasha to play defensively and status conditions forced him into a corner. He eventually ran out of energies. It's pretty good, and I can ohko a lot of things. Twins is so freaking boss in this deck. It won me against toby's sizzor deck in record time.

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Loaded Dice    1182

Bump, this deck is pretty good but it's very susceptible to sniping... Anyone have any possible ideas to help me with this problem (mainly vs blastigator).

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