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Indignation    2854

An idea I had to try and Donk the opponent t2 With Yanmega and Cinccino.

I am having trouble with what trainers I should run and how many. I want to be able to modify the cards in my hand easily to match my opponents (hence Judge). Here is a basic idea of a build. Yanmega is good too since it has resistance fighting which is cinccinos weakness and it has 0 retreat cost.

Pokemon: 22

4-4 Cinccino

4-4 Yanmega

2-2 Zoroark

2 Cleffa

Trainers: 26

4 Pokemon Collector

4 Pokemon Communication

4 Plus Power

4 Judge

4 Copycat

2 Professor Elm's Training Method

2 Pokemon Reversal

2 Dual Ball

Energy: 12

4 Double Colorless Energy

4 Special Darkness Energy

4 Rescue Energy

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Indignation    2854

changed it up a bit for consistency. Should I take out stantler and add more cleffa or vice versa? Dual balls or expert belts? I like that plus powers, expert belts and darkness energies on zoraroak can OHKO zekrom/reshiram.

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Loaded Dice    1182

Do you expect to have big hands all the time? Wouldn't Pont be better then copycat?


Misread copycat. Makes sense now.

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