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Blitzkrieg    214
So I have a 99 MB E220 CDI the thing is that the car will start the key is recognised by the car in the ignition, but the car won't lock with or without remote, not even by hand, will only close individually, turn signals don't work but emergency ones do, electric window won't close/open, button for opening the trunk won't work, sunroof does work.

Anyone have an idea with what is wrong with it?

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Anonymous    58
you got some blown fuses, and that many gone........I would check your voltage regulator on the alternator and check your wiring. bad wiring or a fucked regulator on your Alt have been known to do shit like that.

yes, the alternator is the component that keeps your battery charged, but when your battery is still fully charged, and the alternator is trying to force more energy into the system than needed, that energy has to go somewhere and sometimes can cause mini surges that blow fuses,headlights and mess with electronics.Usually, the fuses blow before anything else is affected. all you gotta do is get an analog battery tester, start the car, watch the load. if it's staying between 13--15 volts with no jumps,then that can't be your problem. it's 13 if it's idling and the 15 range if it's revved up. if it jumps to 16-18,even periodically, then it's being overcharged, and there's your problem. the reason why you should use an analog one(the one with the needle), because the spikes(if any) are alot easier to see than opposed to a digital.

for the wiring, check for rotton spots or greenish discoloring. if it';s green,then it means the wire is oxidized,and therefore, fucked.

Also, just to ask, and because this has also been known to do this...do you have any aftermarket electronics installed in your mercades?

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