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End of Season Procedures

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First and foremost, the War Council has agreed that in the interest of quickness and fairness, [i]the format for the DuelistGroundz Seasonal Playoff will be 7 heart points with double elimination[/i]. This is like a normal heart points war except for the fact that a team member cannot play anymore after he has lost two matches. This is a format that has caught on a bit lately and we encourage you guys to use this format for future wars. This should go without saying, but we expect teams that qualify for the DSP to be active. With the new banlist approaching, now is the time to get serious and get active.

Speaking of the new banlist, it doesn't go into effect into March 1st, but I'm fine with the teams deciding to use it earlier. Keep in mind that if you're using Dueling Network, proxies will need to be used. Just a reminder, that everything relating to forbidden/limited lists or card legality is the same as real life. If you ever are confused about whether a new card or new set is legal, just look up the Konami legality date.

Also, we're working on possibly changing the 7day rule, but it will most likely be staying the same. However, at the end of the season we're going to be a lot more strict on ending the inactive wars. We don't want teams stalling wars into the next season for the sake of getting a higher seed in the current season.

The season will officially end February 29th 11:59 PM EST. Any wars completed after that time will count for the next season. Also, please do not change your team rosters on 2/29, so I don't get confused while I'm updating the team rankings. There's a close race for the 6th slot; good luck everyone.

Oh and last not but least, plans to hold the next DuelistGrounds Championship Series are currently in the works. I know it's been awhile since we've had one. Rest assured, this tournament is going to be pretty awesome, and there will be a couple of new rules in place that will make the tournament better than the previous ones. More information coming soon.
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