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Genex Ally Birdman

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harig07    2058

When this card got released it initially saw play in two new, powerhouse decks that were quickly taking over the TCG: Agents and Plants. However, to deal with the hyper-aggressive Special Summoning that was defining Yu-Gi-Oh, another card became popular to counteract this trend:


The increase in Maxx "C" and other such techs meant that the faster, more aggressive variants of Plants and Agents started to decline in play for favour of slower, Stun-esque builds. So we said goodbye to our friend Genex Ally Birdman.

Currently in the TCG, Maxx "C" has declined from staple in the main deck to staple in the side. It is only really effective against Wind-Ups, who aren't as overpowered as we had first feared. Effect Veiler is seeing an increase in play because it is almost unanimously useful, at least more so than Maxx "C".

I think that Birdman should be considered as an option for many of the Tier 1 decks this format, and its opening comes from the lack of Maxx "C" at this point in time.



-In any deck that runs floaters (think Tour Guide, Stratos, Venus) you can bounce them with Birdman to use them again later. This puts pressure on the opponent, as you've already generated the +1 and are now in a position where you can do it again. If they Veilered then the fact that you've baited the Veiler and still have the same card that the opponent used Veiler on to reuse next turn is very good.

-If you play a boss monster (think BLS, Hyperion, etc), probably with once per turn effects, if you have sufficient setup, you can use its effect (which is generally a +1), bounce it for Birdman then drop it again to get another +1. Again, it puts a lot of pressure on the opponent and a push like that can generally be enough to win the game right there.

-Level 3 means that it fits in with most Xyz strategies and the fact that it's a Tuner means that it can create Synchro plays, which is pretty huge in an Xyz format (most Xyz decks have problems with getting over monsters with attack over 2500: 2500 is a pretty standard benchmark for Synchros, so access to Gaia Knight and Scrap Dragon amongst all the other broken stuff like Brionac, Black Rose, Catastor, Stardust, hell even Mist Wurm, is excellent).

-If they leave a Cyber Dragon exposed you can use this to soak it up for Chimeratech


-Rabbit -> Kabazauls x2, bounce one for Birdman -> Gungnir is very, very good.

-Tour Guide -> Sangan, bounce Tour Guide for Birdman -> Leviair is also very good as you have a guaranteed way to produce a second Leviair if the first one gets destroyed before the next turn (1800 isn't great let's be honest)


-Rat -> revive something, bounce Rat -> go into Synchro/Xyz is awesome

-Birdman + Shark = Gungnir

-Having Birdman makes Kitten less shit, because after you've used its effect you can either bounce it for Birdman, meaning that you can bounce something else next turn, or you can bounce something else and Synchro with the Kitten, which is a lot more productive than just using Kitten only for it to die because it's stats are bad and level 2 sucks in Wind-Ups


-Everyone and their mother is playing Veiler, mainly to stop Inzektors, so Birdman could be a decent countermeasure. Veiler on Dragonfly only for you to bounce it for reuse next turn isn't half bad.

It has a few uses in Tier 2 decks like Karakuris and Agents but I didn't really see the point in noting them. So yeah, tl;dr is it time to test this out again?
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+Urthor    10228
Or you can just run it in Geargia where it is the easy win card. Also reasonable in Six Samurai as you just bounce Kizan or Grandmaster for synchroey goodness. Its a card that is used for combos and its fairly lackluster in the soon to be former Big 3 of the TCG.
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Shuren    430
Today I tried this in Agents for a couple match, summoned Stardust + Gachi in 2 games first turn since no one mained Maxx "C", and OTK'd one by reusing BLS lol.
I'll test it in more relevant decks tomorrow. Seems good in Wind-Ups, summon Rat bring back Shark bounce Rat and have level 6-7-8 synchro options including Gungnir etc. Though extra deck is tight and its all theory-oh now.

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dincuss    139
This is probably one of my favorite tuners, especially in the current format where its hard to get synchro plays off. However I dont really see the need to synchro right now honestly. This card adds some benefits but nothing too beneficial, or any benefits that are game changing.

All in all, I think it would work as a tech once in a while but I could be wrong.

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Warthog    165
it has been mentioned in Inzektors. Bounce back monster after Dragonfly. Keep Dragonfly in hand for later and now there are synchro and XYZ options. Underground Arachnid and Locomotion are badass synchros that would surprise a few.

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Patrick Hoban    6364
Summon Tour Guide, get Tour Guide, bounce Tour Guide for Birdman and make a level 6/rank 3 seems good.

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