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Turbo Duelist Cromat

laggia vs fiendish chain vs forbidden lance

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so i attack my laggia into a gorz token. he lances my laggia. i negate. he fiendish chains

CL1: lance
CL2: laggia
CL3: fiendish chain.

does laggia's attack go through in this scenario? my reasoning is no because fiendish chain resolves first and stops laggia's attack and effects. then laggia resolves and gets negated. then lance resolves and laggia is unaffected by spells and traps. but fiendish already stopped laggia's attack at chain link 3 so even though it is no longer bound by chain, the attack is still stopped.

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Morleh    1143
The attack doesn't happen in the middle of the chain. Keep in mind that you're probably responding in the Battle Step or attack declaration. So we'll resolve the chain.

Chain Link 3: Fiendish Chain negates Laggia's effect.
Chain Link 2: Laggia activates, but is negated by Fiendish Chain.
Chain Link 1: Forbidden Lance resolves and causes Laggia to be unaffected by Spell/Trap effects.

As Laggia is not affected by Fiendish Chain due to Forbidden Lance, the attack[b] continues.[/b]

I think you're think of Fiendish Chain as a card that negates attacks. Fiendish Chain does not necessarily do that; it stops the target Effect Monster from attacking.

Besides, why wouldn't the person just use Forbidden Lance during the Damage Step?

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