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The Date Scene

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Guest zyqom   
Guest zyqom
Short scene I wrote. I think it is garbage

This is a heavily improvised script as the *___* imply

Anything beginning with 'x^' implies that the other actor/actress in the scene didn't know of that part of their partners script. xx^ implies that neither of the main actors/actresses knew exactly of what was to come

16yr Linda is sitting on her couch all excited for her date to show up whilst reading a magazine

-door knocks

Linda: *shows excitement through words as she throws her magazine on the coffee table and gets up*
Linda: *walks over to the door and opens it*

Scott: *greetings with arms wide open*
Linda: *greetings finishing with hug*
Scott: x^ *pets the side of Linda's face*

Scott: "So heyya" *laughter*
Linda: *greeting and then walks scott over to sit down on the couch*
Scott: *sits down on couch *
Linda: x^ *sits down on the couch and kicks over the coffee table*

Linda is instructed to pretend like she didn't kick over the coffee table if Scott mentions it as an improvised response

Linda: *asks if Scott is ready to go to the movies*
Scott: I thought we could *implies some form of sexual act whilst not just saying sex or fuck*
Linda: *implies she is confused by sport game terms*
Scott: *puts his hand on her knee* "no no you're confused"
Linda: *starts to clap* "B.R.A.V.O. that is bravo"
Scott: *Stands up and walks towards the camera*
Scott: "There's got to be an easier way!" *make sure to carry the 'A' long like aaaaaa*

Cue strange keyboard slap bass music whilst Scott looks blankly into the camera

Anouncer guy: "Oh there is an easier way!"
*Lights dim quickly*
*Two men wearing horse masks jump in from the left and right corners of the screen and dance behind the couch*
*People come on stage to push the couch out of the scene and move Scott out of the way so that we can better see the horsemen dancing* *Coffee table is not touched*
*Fat opera woman singing opera is slowly dropped down from the ceiling*

Opera woman:
"You no no no no
You no no no no
You no no no no no no no
Galaxy o o o o horsemen
Horsemen in my galaxy
o o o o
Horsemen in my galaxy
Scott, Linda, Scott, Linda, Scott, Scott Scott
Scott, Linda, Scott, Linda, Linda, Linda
o o o o"

*Horsemen pick up the opera woman and take her off stage
*Lights come back*

*Scott and Linda walk in through the door*

Linda: *laughter* "wowwy! I had a great time!"
Scott: *laughter* "Ohhy me tooie!"
Linda: *long scream* where is my couch!
Scott: *shows excitement*
Linda: "It was right here" *continues to express that the couch was there when they left for an awkward amount of time* "they even knocked over my coffee table!"
Scott: *slowly turns head towards the camera with a dead look*
Scott: "Yes it was. Where could it have gone"
Scott: *Continously winks and quinces at the camera*
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Guest zyqom   
Guest zyqom
thanks and you both may feel free to be a part of it

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