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SEGOC in Japan

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~NeoArkadia~    2797
Atem brought this to my attention, and he wants to know if the SEGOC rulings there hold for the OCG.

There appears to be no "official" page from Konami on the matter, so we have to rely on second hand fan sources:

Rulings have never been my strength, and someone like Ness might be better on this sort of matter.

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~ness00~    1013
Uhm...I'll take this thread to say that I'm kinda lost with stuff from The Organization since I had this lapsus with formatting my computer like every four days these past weeks and not only I couldn't get Japanese to pop up, but I completely lost track of the pages I browsed...Q_Q

SEGOC exists in the OCG. Mandatory Effects go before Optional ones, Turn Player's go before opponent's, and each player can arrange the ones they control of a similar type (mandatory or optional) within those of the same type in any order.

In the TCG, traditionally and up to this date, the guys in charge have always upheld that if an effect activates earlier than the other, that effect must be placed earlier among the effects that player controls of that type. Like, if I tribute Dandylion for Caius, Dandylion MUST be placed earlier in the chain than Caius. I've seen this for years before Konami took over, and I've been informed they kept insisting with these even in recent YCS events. The OCG on the other hand has been quite lax on this arbitrary order thing. Official rulings often just mention how effects just "form a chain", without mentioning SEGOC (unless required by the question itself).

I can't really check the sources you mention due to some time issues, but if you see a discrepancy, let me know.

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For the most part as far as I know, the only differences between SEGoC rulings in the TCG and OCG is that, in the TCG, Trigger Order plays a large part. Here's one of my generic copypastes showing my knowledge on the matter

How SEGoC Works (Simultaneous Effects Go on Chain)
SEGoC is the game mechanic regarding how a chain builds, where multiple Trigger effects are met during a chain or action. Firstly, all Mandatory Trigger Effects that the Turn Player activates go first on the chain. Next, all of the Mandatory Trigger Effects that the Non-Turn Player activates go on the chain. After that, all Optional Trigger Effects the Turn Player can, and wants to, activate go on the chain. After that, all Optional Trigger Effects the Non-Turn Player can, and wants to, activate finish the chain. Note that in TCG rulings, there is a further mechanic I dub Trigger Order, which tidies up discrepencies about how the chain builds. In each of these four timing groups, that group of effects add to the chain in the order they are triggered in. If multiple effects that had their Trigger met at the same time are in one of those Timing groups (for instance, a Torrential while a player controls 2 copies of Sangan), the person activating those Trigger effects chooses the order.

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