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I have personally tested every YGO simulator on the market today, including YVD 8.6, YVD 9.3, Untap.in, Salvation, Salvation (manual), Duel Portal, Yugioh Nexus, and LackeyCCG. None are better than Dueling Network (which is saying a lot) and each has their own issues, but a lot of folks ask me how to play Goat Format and lately I've been telling everyone the same thing: LackeyCCG is your best bet.

It sucks because it's a downloadable client, it's kind of ugly, and it's menus aren't nearly as efficient as YVD, BUT it's easy to set up, easy to connect, manually controlled, already has all the card images pre-installed, is quite stable, and is easy to use once you get the hang of it.

To access Yugioh cards with LackeyCCG:
- Download and install LackeyCCG: http://www.lackeyccg.com
- Copy this link: http://www.lackeyccg.com/yugioh/high/updatelist.txt
- Go to Main menu -> Run game plugin installer wizard -> Paste auto-update URL and install.

Deck Builder:
- Using the built-in deck editor is too slow. Build your deck using Notepad and save it to /plugins/yugioh/decks instead.
- Download a sample decklist at http://kperovic.com/(Post)_Standard_Goats.txt
- You must load your deck after every new game but you can use the "Reload recent deck" shortcut to do it automatically.

Getting Started:
- Set your player name from Player Preferences -> Profile.
- See below and set your own shortcuts by going to Preferences -> Key bindings.
- Play full-screen and type "/scale125" in the chat bar to make cards more easily viewable.
- Declare an attack by dragging your card and putting it on your opponent's. 
- Put a card into the Graveyard/Deck/Side/etc by dragging it to the appropriate tab.
- Control visibility of your deck by right-clicking on the Deck tab and revealing it's contents to yourself.
- You can create tokens quickly by using the "Spawn card" shortcut below.
- Disable any sounds you don't like from Preferences -> Sound.

Recommended shortcuts from Preferences -> Key Bindings:
- Some of these can also be accomplished by clicking on-screen elements.
- You can delete or ignore any shortcut not listed below.
- New game: CTRL + n
- Reload recent deck: CTRL + l
- Quit: CTRL + q
- Draw: CTRL + d
- Previous phase: CTRL + DOWN
- Next phase: CTRL + UP
- Flip a coin: CTRL + c
- Roll D6: CTRL + r
- Next turn: CTRL + e
- Spawn card: CTRL + v
- Switch (ATK): CTRL + a
- Switch (DEF): CTRL + s
- Counter +1: CTRL + EQUALS
- Counter -1: CTRL + MINUS
- Flip over: CTRL + f


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