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The Official Goat Format Thread (April 2005 TCG/DB2 pre-NTR/CT2/CRV)

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6 hours ago, siwski said:

I'm new here. What is this warrinh thing and where can I join, if it's still a thing?

Warring is in a bad spot atm but post in this thread and join our Discord server if you haven't already: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/171230-free-agent-recruitment-thread/&page=4


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4 hours ago, siwski said:

I will :) Is anyone also on DN? I sometimes see Pero and ACP. What about others?

I have an account on Duelingbook but I only get on for warring or matches for our ranked system on the Discord server. Anybody that wars or had warred since Duelingbook started also has a DB account just because we pretty well do all our warring on there.  

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