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happy music
Announcer: Brian was an average man, living the American dream.
see Brian working in the factory and then cuts to a picture of his family
Brian: I love working in the factory! And I love my wife and my two children, Bob and Miranda!
brian and his wife laughing together in a hammock
black screen with text saying the bellow
Announcer: But his life changed in an instant
see Brian sitting in an office across from his boss
Brian's Boss: You're fired
cut to Brian talking to his wife in the kitchen
Brian: I lost my job. We will have no money!
Brian's wife is holding a knife
Wife: I am leaving you and I am taking our two children with me!
Brian: Oh nooooo!
cut to black screen
cut to Brian shooting up and having jars of piss all over in his room
Brian: Whyy!!!
cut to Brian walking down the street
random guy handing out advertisements on the street (played by Lance Reddick) hands Brian a pamphlet about the local zoo
Brian: Oh no thank you
Lance Reddick grabs Brian's arm
Lance Reddick: I know what you're going through, go to the Zoo have a good time
cuts to Brian walking around at the Zoo
Brian sits down in front of the Penguin tanks and starts to cry
Brian: Why is life so bad whyyyyyy! Ugh pew uhuhuhuhuh
Announcer: But in the blink of an eye, Brian's life changed forever
show a magical penguin in the tank with a wand
cut to Brian laying in bed only his head above the covers
as he removes the covers we realize he is a penguin from the neck down
Brian walks into the bathroom and sees himself in the mirror whilst brushing his teeth
Brian: AHHHHHH! I'm a penguin!
cut to inspirational music
Brian talking to his mother and holding roses
Brian: I'm a penguin
Brian's Mother: hugs him and kisses him on the cheek
Announcer: coming this fall. prepare yourself for something different
Brian: I want to do stand up comedy
epic boom boom boom music comes in
cut to Brian in a comedy club talking to someone after the show at the bar
Brian: I'm the funniest mother fucking penguin there has ever been!
bunch of random cuts to various things throughout the film
final cut is Brian wearing a red glove on his head and holding a gun while sitting on the bed
Announcer: Coming this Friday to a theatre near you. Rated PG
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