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Fortune Lady

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Yune    240
Might be able to come back because of these:



Spellbook of Life brings back Fortune Ladies at a much higher level - more ATK, especially for Dark (such as banlsh a level 4 caster to revive Dark at level 9 and 3600 ATK), and easier to use Water's effect. It also banishes a Spellcaster to set up Fortune's Future, which was one of the hardest things to do previously (people resorted to Gold Sarc which negated the advantage of Fortune's Future). Spellbook of Power also lets Dark kill bigger things and lets Wind actually do something after destroying backrow.

Temperance summons FL Dark from the deck, removing the need for FL Light, which was one of the weak points of FLs.

Going more into the deck, Wisdom makes it much easier to kill something with Dark for the revival and possibly draw 2.

The deck could still use a High Priestess or two if you want - FL's draw power makes it easier to assemble 3 Spellbooks to summon Priestess from hand. The FLs fill a role in the deck pre-ABYR - the lack of viable monsters.


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Egnever    358
The thing is, the deck plays like 25 spells. It's hard to pack both the standard Spellbook monsters and Fortune Ladies into the remaining cards outside of the spell lineup. Seems like a gimmick deck.

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Yune    240
Of course it is pretty much impossible to fit the FLs in after Abyss Rising. But before it, there aren't nearly as many Spellbooks, meaning more room.

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Dawgy    2038
It's pretty gimmicky, and the fact that none of the Fortune Ladies can stand by themselves as a 1-card drop is one of the several reasons they are lackluster. You're basically relying on Spellbook of Life to make your Fortune Ladies USEFUL, and that's not a strong backbone for a deck to rely upon.

Getting Spellcaster-Type monsters into the grave is also not the easiest thing in the world.

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┬╗victor    6398
Deathbot, you're mistaken about the reason why people ran Gold Sarc. People ran it because it was a card that set up FL Water, pulling it out the deck and removing a potential dead draw. When you Fortune Future a RFGed Water, it ends up in grave, where you wanted it for Miracle Fusion or Dark's effect. The fact that Gold Sarc and Foolish Burial were both Normal Spells, synergized with Diamond Dude even more.


That being said, I was messing around with Fortune Ladies, but I found that everything was combo-oriented and there weren't enough risk-free standalone plays or strong followups.

Case in point of the former, I was playing Summoner Monk to tutor and dump FL Water, and then XYZ.

It sounds perfect in theory. You run a lot of Spells and can afford to discard stuff like Duality (you're going to Special Summon, you play Duality because this is a combo deck, you run Tragoedia, stuff like Lyla, Spellbook Magician, CCD), Upstart Goblin (a combo deck needs to thin for combo cards, needs to have multiple Spellbooks in hand to make LIFE alive, etc.) or Spellbooks that you could only use 1-of a turn.

You in essence get your Foolish Burial, set up Dark, Life, Call of the Haunted, etc.

You could go Summoner Monk, Lyla, effect, XYZ and have LIGHT/DARK in grave for Chaos Sorc or BLS.


But, there's a reason Crane Chaos or all those Summoner Monk decks never pan out. There are times you stuck with Summoner Monk in hand facing backrow, Veiler, Maxx C, etc. You might not want to ditch that Spell, it's a card that requires the most ideal of circumstances.


And beyond that, I found that follow ups to FL Water were all combo cards. Wonder Wand seemed really good but then you opened those bad hands.

Or you resolved your big advantageous play, but the rest of your hand was combo pieces and couldn't capitalize on it.


Resolving Disc Commander is great, but then what?
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