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Ipad 2 Tournament Report

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jabronii    20
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3][size=4] Ok so this is my first tournament report on dgz so I appologize in advance if any mistakes are made, the post is also really long just a heads up. The Ipad tournament was being hosted by my local store Alternate Universes (Blue Bell, Pa) yesterday (Saturday as I started writing this about 11:30 pm) and the night before the tournament my friends Mark and Joe comes over to test and chill. I decided to run rabbit for the event as I expected a wind-up and gravekeeper dominated meta. Joe was running Darkworlds for the event and my friend Mark ran Wind-up. To be honest in our testing I got completely scraped by both Mark (which I wasn't expecting as I had built my main deck for the wind-up matchup) and Joe (which is to be expected as its darkworld vs rabbit. [/size][/size][/font]

[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3][size=4] The next morning (none of us got any sleep as we tested all night) registration started around 11. We typed up our decklists (which i didn't change despite getting scraped all night) and my friend Joe drove us all over early[/size][/size][/font]. We get there about 10:30 and before registering my list I decide to play a few friendly matches with Alexander Flamer (some of you in the yugioh community may know him from his obsession with Frazier Smith and his hilarious youtube dancing videos). Flamers is playing wind-ups as well and I promptly 2-0 him and then 2-1 him the next match (my one loss coming from getting looped.) I notice one guy staring at me and watching me play the whole time during the match but whatever, I brush the wierdness off and am now reassured that my friend Mark is just really good with wind-up (he x-0ed swiss at nats with it so) and that my build is fine. I get registered fine and am now mentally preparing for round 1.

Not quite sure where to put this (as the how to write a tourny report didn't seem to cover it) but here was my list real quick before we get into swiss rounds: (Extra is pretty much standard didn't want it taking up too much room)
Main: 40
Monster: 21
3x Tour Guide
3x Rescue Rabbit
3x Kabazauls
3x Sabersarus
3x Jurrac Guiaba
3x Effect Veiler
1x Maxx "C"
1x Sangan
1x Spirit Reaper
Spells: 10
1x Reborn
1x Dark Hole
1x Pot of Avarice
1x Book of Moon
1x Heavy Storm
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Forbidden Lance
Traps: 9
1x Solemn Judgement
1x Mirror Force
2x Solemn Warning
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Compulsory Evacuation Device
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Fiendish Chain

Side: 15
3x Snowman Eater
3x Macro Cosmos
2x Dimensional Prision
2x Soul Taker
2x Fossil Dyna
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Dust Tornado
1x Fiendish Chain

I sit down for round 1 and discover I am playing the same guy who was somewhat creepily watching my testing with Flamers earlier. GREAT. The dude completely knows my deck and build and I have zero knowledge of what he is playing. Anyway Mike the store owner announces that there are (I think) 55 players and as such will be 6 rounds of Swiss.

Round 1:
Game 1: He wins the die roll and starts off with 2 set cards. I open with a hand of Sabers Kabazauls Mst Lance Warning Book of Moon. I summon Kaba and poke he seems to have no monsters so I keep poking for a few turns. He dualities into Doom Cal so i figure some sort of Anti-Meta. I use my traps to hold off his monsters but he keeps topping more of them and my draws arent amazing. It comes down to my in hand Guiaba and reborn to his one set card (we are both low on life) so i summon guiaba and he allows it. I then reborn targeting sabers and he torrentials. I was quite salty about this as I assumed hed TT the summon seeing as how life was so low. He tops chaos sorcerer and kills me next turn.
Game 2: Open Rabbit + Backrows and make quick work of him.
Game 3: Another grind game but i read his set as bottomless and bait it with Kabazauls then summon Rabbit next turn and its too much for him to handle late game.
Round 2:
Game 1: I win the die roll and know im playing the Rabbit mirror (my friend Mark tipped me off) so I open with Tour Guide into Leviathan and just beat down his infinite normal monsters he set.
Game 2: He opens Rabbit into Laggia and sets two, I open with Snowman and some decent backrow (I warning his guide next turn and he attacks then chalices snowman). I draw into soul taker and force his negate then make Zenmaines with Tgu and get some pluses off that to get back into the game and eventually win when he runs out of monsters and doesnt draw any more.
Round 3:
Game 1: I lose the die roll and saw this guy playing last round so I know I'm playing Dragons. He opens with a set monster (I presume to be Ryko) and not gonna lie my hand was filthy with something like double Rabbit mirror force, bottomless and dark hole. So i Rabbit to Dolkka and negate the what turned out to be Sangan. Either way my hands way too filthy to lose.
Game 2: My side deck goes to work here. I end up locking him down after I soul taker his pulsar and summon Fossil Dyna with d prision set for his Card Trooper. After the game Steve Silverman jokes to me about how he knew Rabbit could get that 2-0 cream on Dragons I started dying.
Round 4:
Game 1: My opponent was an Indian kid my age (16) and he seemed rather cocky. I win the die roll and open with three normals and warning and fiendish so I probably lose this one right? Turns out my opponent is playing inzektors. He opens with hornet and alot of inzektor monsters so I hold him off with my two backrows (and I draw into dark hole and another normal while beating him down) he then resolves a dragonfly but ends with inzektors equipped with the sword. I manage to steal the game by dark holing him and then summoning sabersaurus for almost exact game.
Game 2: I open with macro normals and judgement going 2nd, I judgement his space on my macro then top a Guiaba to kill his Centipede he left there for a laggia which seals the game.
Round 5:
Game 1: I play Nick Ma this round who top 16'd YCS philly with wind-up so I assume he is playing wind-up again. I win the die roll and open with normals (which are sooooo good vs wind-up, like its really ignorant how hard it is for them to deal with them) and backrow and quickly beat him down (I see Wind-up Rabbits so my assumptions were correct).
Game 2: He gets messenger and factory with Wind-up Rabbit on board 1st turn and I manage to stall this game out with multiple traps and Zenmaines (but i don't draw any mst, heavy or the dust i sided in just for messengers and factories) so he gets this through gaining massive advantage and overwhelming me.
Game 3: I open Rabbit and a few normals so after my first Rabbit which goes into Laggia my Rabbit plays are completely dead (as i side out avarice vs. wind-up). Nick opens up with messenger again (which I don't negate because i figure mst and dust tornado are real cards right?) and I attempt to keep my chances alive with overlaying 2 normals for Dolkka however a warning stops me there. Eventually as the game goes on he wins through drawing his removal for my Laggia and Dinos and I just never draw space or dust for his messenger so not much to do there. My take on the wind-up matchup with Rabbit is either your going to win early or your gonna lose because they have far more resources than you do (I know from playing the deck from about March til post nats when i dropped it due to the dickriders.)
Round 6:
Game 1: I get paired up against my friend Mark which i was pretty upset about because there was a chance the one who lost might not top. I lose the die roll but Mark opens with one of those just magician no other monster hands and I capitilize with storm for his backrows and sabersarus beatdown backed by 2 bottomless.
Game 2: Mark opens with messenger, Wind-up Rabbit and 1 backrow so I immediately don't like where this is going. However I draw Rabbit Guide and space so I decide to space his one backrow and play it safe Making Evolzar after Evolzar (he didn't have veiler). He ends up drawing into double messenger and I don't negate either one as one of three things will probably happen: either he will burn out eventually as I have 2 Laggia 2 Dolkka and 5 backrow at this point. Or I will draw storm or my remaining 2 mst and dust tornado. After about 10 turns of stalling and trying to force my negates (which worked for one Laggia and one Dolkka but i had a lance in there somewhere) I draw storm and the game promptly ends. I feel bad about beating my friend especially since he destroyed me last night in testing and offer him the win but he declines as he still has me and Nick Ma (who went x-0) as tie breakers.
5-1, at end of Swiss ended up getting 4th place. My friend Mark made it as x-2 and got 6th (highest x-2). Joe ended up going x-3 and missed the top cut due to a game loss for accidentily drawing while under reckless meh.

Top 8:
Game 1: I Know im playing a wierd evol inzektor deck this guy from my locals Dave runs. I open with mostly normals and he opens with Dragonfly Hornet Storm so ggs.
Game 2: There is probably no way I should have won at all lol I once again draw normals and little backow, he resolves 2 dragonflys going dragonfly pop backrow (bottomless) grabbing ladybug then insect imitation on ladybug for another dragonfly making tiras. But I played my cards in correct order (meaning I used them to try and get the utmost value like getting a nice +1 on torrential i drew into etc. I specifically remember thinking of Chris Bowlings advice in his video "Playing out of Bad Hands") and eventually I top deck a Rabbit (which somehow doesnt get veilered ) I make Dolkka and use lance to kill his Tiras with no materials. His deck simply can't handle Dolkka and it wins the game.
Game 3: I open 2 space typhoon Rabbit Macro and space his one backrow make Dolkka kill his set Snowman and set Macro and space. He blind spaces my space and Macro just destroys him along with Dolkka.
Top 4:
Game 1: I face Nick Ma once again. I win the die roll this game and he tells me uh oh im about to have my shit pushed in. Thats Exactly what happened as I open Rabbit, lance and some decent backrow to quickly seal the deal.
Game 2: He opens with a Thunder king and some decent backrow and I just never get my presence established at all. He gets Wind-up Rabbit with factory going after I finally kill the Thunder King. And i didn't have ways to deal so advantage quickly overwhelms me.
Game 3: Frazier (Smith) comes over at this point and I kinda look up to him as a player so I really want to play well as he and my friend Mark decide they are gnna split with each other and pick who will play out the finals as a "representative" of sorts for them. I open with Kabazauls Sabersarus Warning Mst Dark Hole and Fiendish Chain. I get sabersarus on board early and try to play sabersarus beatdown for a bit but Nicks Messenger says no to that. Frazier tells me mid way through the game that "Rabbit is slowly getting there (after i get Kabazauls on board and then space messenger) but that id need some luck to win based on Nick's hand." Instead of Exceeding with my Kabazauls and Sabers (as i didn't draw any other monsters) I turn Kabazauls to defense (fearing mirror force) and keep trying to poke. Nick drags the game out with another messenger which I eventually get rid of with my sided dust tornado. Next turn he pushes and it gets down to his Zenmaity and Utopia ray on board (he ran out of utopia materials from trying to protect zenmaitys eariler and avoid a possible road play) to my sabers and kabazauls. He goes and swings over Kabazauls with Utopia Ray (fearing lance if he attacked Sabersarus). We are both low on life at this point (I'm at 14 from Wind-up Rabbit earlier and paying things like warning and he is at 1k from my normals and warning cost) I top deck fiendish chain and figure i could fiendish the zenmaity but instead i go for sabersarus attacking his zenmaity with one material. He uses up his last trap card (the mirror force i had been fearing) to protect Zenmaity. I was pretty happy about this because i wanted to bait out either that or a d prision then main phase 2 flip my dark hole i had since turn 1. I clear his board and he tries to game me with Wind-up Rabbit he rips. I fiendish chain it he chains eff to banish and I rip Tour Guide to kill him. It was a really close and hard fought match and I was extremely happy with my play.
Game 1: Frazier decides he will take me on as my friend Mark comments on how my savage 2-0 of him in swiss "Broke his spirit" I lost last weekend in the finals to frazier so I'm not extremely confident but I try not to let this show as I remember body language is really cruical in this game. I lose the die roll and open with maxx "C" and veiler and Frazier opens with magician Shark, which I maxx "C" he goes for a solid setup with Utopia and Zenmaity grabbing wind-up rabbit however after i draw up to 8 (i think) cards I veiler the zenmaity so he can't get the annoying bunny on the field. After I start my first turn with 8 or so cards in my hand including rabbit, avarice , and dark hole and mst I quickly win from there.
Game 2: Frazier shows why he is a pro this game as he gets wind-up rabbit and some traps to hold me off and eventually works through my entire hand trap line-up of 3 veilers and 1 maxx "C" with magician rabbit combos and zenmaitys. I didn't have many strong plays besides normals and he had answers for them. We both agreed that he had to work really hard for that game and that normals are extremely ignorant vs. wind-up haha.
Game 3: I can't seem to remember my exact opening this game but i think it included Guiaba, Tgu, mst and Veiler? or something like that. I play this game in my tempo as i push with guiaba attacking wind-up rabbit then attacking direct etc and he gets messenger on board at one point however i have the space. Midgame I resolve a Rabbit followed by a crushing Tour guide next turn (yes i sacked a pro ok I don't think it was really that legit of a win but a wins a win). We agree the match was really pretty unreal with how well i drew but I played correctly and as such won. Afterwards I joined Mast Fx (which my friend mark was already on) which was quite exciting as I think it will truly help me improve even more as a player.
8-1 Was the final record. I took home a very nice Ipad 2 which I'll be giving to my dad who needs it for work purposes, hopefully it will help me convince him to take me to YCS indy later this year. I've only gone to two major events Nats this year and YCS Philly (both of which i lost on the bubble to inzektors). And I really hope to get to more events this year. If you read this all thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry for all the parenthetical writing but its my style.

One quick misplay I remember making is that Nick ma during top 4 attacked his zenmaines into my kabazauls and I had a set fiendish chain. On declaration i activated fiendish on zenmaines. What I should have done (which Frazier pointed out to me) is let zenmaines ram into kabazauls and have Nick take 200 then main phase 2 or end of bp (whatever) fiendish chain the zenmaines so he takes extra damage and is down a material. I got tired and didn't think it through enough just thought id mention it.

- Winning An Ipad
- Beating Frazier Smith and Nick Ma
- Joining Mast Fx
- My friend Mark also getting top 4
- Drawing Pretty well and winning about half the die rolls
- Giving away info to my round 1 opponent
- My friend Joe getting kinda shark'd and game loss'd to miss top cut.
- Not remembering to bring food/drinks to the event.
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Seerus    1971
just to let you know, although it is noble(?) of you to not brag about beating a "pro" or something, you also do not need to apologize. Everyone has their right to draw good cards.

good report 10/10 might read again

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BrandonBalls    1308
You've gotten really good man. Congrats. Great read. It makes me feel good when I test with you and I can split games. Hopefully you can come to Indy with me and Laith


Link to that Chris Bowling video, pretty good vid.
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jabronii    20
Haha hopefully he will bapesta and thanks Seerus appreciate it, and idk i just kinda felt like a sack beating Frazier like that thats all.

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Absolute    1396
[quote name='BrandonBalls' timestamp='1344834858' post='3253517']
You've gotten really good man. Congrats. Great read. It makes me feel good when I test with you and I can split games. Hopefully you can come to Indy with me and Laith


Link to that Chris Bowling video, pretty good vid.
everything he said is so obvious
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Frazier    325
Very nice report, Luke. What I really respect about you the most is your humility, honesty, and willingness to learn. Don't change that for anything. Those are really good traits to have nowadays, even outside of yugioh. Also, don't worry about the luck factor too much; I think you're really good and that combined with your luck is exactly what you need to be great. Skill isn't the only factor that counts, remember that. I get savagely lucky sometimes too--everyone does.

So yeah, congrats on joining our team and congrats on taking me down in the finals of the iPad :D
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sunnyd2293    85
Congrats Luke! Loved the read. You're a really humble player and glad to see you did so well. We'll definetely see you topping upcoming YCS'!

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Gj luke youve gotten mad good.. guess those 30 hours of testing between you and I turned out good and yeah hopefully me you and brandon can get to indy

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Moja Jojo    1453
Enjoyed reading this. Respect for other players being demonstrated, along with the lack of bragging....such a breath of fresh air. 10/10

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jabronii    20
Thanks Frazier, appreciate that, I'll try not to change any of those things. Also I guess your right with the luck thing, hopefully my luck keeps up. Also sunny and laith thanks a bunch guys, testing with you guys on Dn really helps prepare for these things and get better. Hopefully we can all go to indy and chill seeing as how it should hopefully be a good format coming up.

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