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Ally Of Justice Core Destroyer

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Forlum    9162

I mean...read its effect. Being an out to Rai-oh and Heros is the main draw (obv works against other stuff like a bunch of the XYZ's wind-ups would summon but less revelant in those scenarios). Is searchable by Gear-X and in the deck can assist in making Rank3/Level6s. Dodges BTH, I guess some people use that card.

it kinda does a little bit of the job trooper does and a little bit of the job kinetic soldier does.

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Candela    546
[quote name='marshmallow' timestamp='1347721944' post='3281444']
was a decent side back when agents were everywhere, but i cant see it being that good this format
This wasn't even that good against Agents, honestly.
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Miss Click    2475
The problem with siding this against Heroes is that they have four ways to deal with it - Gemini Spark, Hero Blast, Super Polymerization (it is a light and they love their Shining) and simply running over it with a non-light attribute Hero (Stratos or any non-light fusion) or Xyz (Blade Armor Ninja). Not to mention, It simply destroys Shining, so your Opponent will still be winning off that exchange grabbing an Alius for Gemini Spark or Stratos to run over it.

It isn't [i]bad [/i]​ necessarily, it is just that there are probably better and more pro-active options available that might not be as prone to removal.
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