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Elementary School Shooting

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[font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]This cultural impasse is part of why discussing gun control with an international community is challenging as its a very fundamentally different way of thinking[/size][/font]

maybe one small exampe (link) could be tied to population density. if you're in a sort of vacant region with few people around, the thought of killing might be deterred and a few reasons for owning guns would be for sport, hunting, and self defense (if there are no nearby police forces). in crowded places its easier to get organized (or maybe better available?) crime, and also there are more people to target for them. i assume canada is mostly empty with some areas of thick settlements (and maybe WI as well?) so maybe heres one small link in all of this.


I can't speak for Canada, but Europe's a lot more densely populated and most countries in Western Europe have stricter gun policies than the US - if only because they actually enforce those laws.

It's just the US that has this obsession with guns, I don't see how it could be tied to particular characteristics of the nation.

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