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Metal Gear Salad

cities 9th feb

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3 Darkrai EX
3 Sableye
1 Keldeo EX
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
4 Skyla
2 Bicycle
1 Random Receiver
4 Dark Patch
4 Pokemon Catcher
4 Ultra Ball
4 Energy Switch
3 Hypnotoxic Laser
2 Dark Claw
2 Virbank City Gym
1 Enhanced Hammer
1 Computer Search
1 Energy Search
1 Switch
Darkness Energy

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went 3-3 (4-2 if i sharked but was too pissed off with terrible starts to bother).


started writing report but hit backspace and lost it all.


summary - all losses were due to shitty shuffling missing ALL skyla/comp search/energy search/11 fucking energy for literally 3-7 (literally fucking 7) turns no energy, even with supporters. got two t1 night spears and 1 t2 night spear, obv winning these games. t2 is pretty standard and obv the aim of the deck, bicycle makes it so damn consistent IF YOU SEE DAT ENERGY. so pissed off, lost to some real shitty players today too who just dick'd their way through cos of my unbelievably shit starts. but yeah, now's not darkrai's format imo, you need eviolite to stand up to fighting derp but you need dark claw to hit anything with 140hp (or EXs with snipe damage) with poison. you can't have both. all in all fun day with friends but shit day for what i expected, absolutely raped all games WHEN I SAW FUCKING ENERGY though. sigh.

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