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I'm bad at introductions.

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»Dashie    511

Good evening, duelists of DGz. I am widely considered across the land as the best player in the game today. I started out with a Kuriboh as my boss monster, and have since climbed up the ladder of success. I am willing to break my back having to carry a team. Some say that there is no "I" in 'team," but what if I am the entire team? I'll carry this team across the river, to Victory Island. We'll pull out the champagne, with the ladies surrounding us. With a cigar in my mouth, I'll deliver the final speech. Our pilgrimage is complete. Our lives are over. The perpetual euphoria has been reached. The impossible has happened. You ask yourself if what has just transpired can possibly be real. I am no miracle worker, but I do have heart. And sometimes with a little bit of heart and some imagination, the world is yours for the taking.


Joking aside, I hope to take part in some gentleman's discussion of Yu-Gi-Ohz and so on.

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»rap tap    20154

can u even break it down

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Digbick    7266


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