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YCS Miami: When Bears and Wind-Ups Unite

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iDisputez    175

Hey everyone! Anthony here, trying to catch up on the sleep I didn't get during Miami. Despite me feeling so out of it right now, Miami was definitely worth the trip. So, without further ado, lets begin!




     So it all begins on Thursday. It's Valentine's Day, and the first thing that happens is my girlfriend breaking up with me. For reasons not to be explained here, I was planning on ending the relationship as well, so I guess it worked out for the best. With that, I had a Java common that evening, and so I spent the whole day studying. 6pm rolls around, and I'm sitting in the first half of my class listening to my teacher ramble on about things I learned about last semester (seriously, CS classes are way too easy sometimes). Second half finally arrives, and I proceed to destroy my common. Strings could never be any easier. Afterwards, I head back to my dorm and prepare for the longest night of my life.

     See, my flight was scheduled to leave at 6:45am, and my friend who I was travelling with was picking me up at 4am. I decided on whether or not to pull an all-nighter or get some sleep. Unfortunately, I picked the former (HUGE MISTAKE), and I got so fucked over. I had things to keep me busy, such as packing for the actualy trip (I'm such a slacker), playing some good ol' Pokemon Black 2, and talking to friends. Only thing was that I had to do this while my other room mates were sleeping, so I had to be odee quiet. I decide to play Allen Pennington's Wind-Up deck that mained three Tenkis and two Bears. I was testing the deck out and it was surprisingly consistent and just smooth overall. I never ran into any dead hands and it certainly fit my play style, so I was certainly comfortable with it. Allen, if you are reading this, you did a really great job with this one. Anyways, so after a couple of long and utterly uneventful hours, I finally leave for the airport.

     We both get there and do the usual procedure. I absolutely had to eat breakfast, because if not, I was probably going to die (thank god for that sausage, egg and cheese sandwich!). We get on the plane and we set off for Charlotte, due to our flight having a layover. I tried getting some sleep, but I came to the conclusion that I cannot go to sleep on any plane ride, so in other words, gg for me. We finally arrive at Miami, and I must say, there is a significant difference between Miami and Miami Beach, and the latter is so much better. We get to our hotel, the Ramada, and to this day, I will recommend to everyone out there, DO NOT stay in this shitty hotel. It sucked in so many ways. Room keys didn't work half the time, paint was coming off the wall, and just bad hotel service overall. What's worse is what proceeded to come afterwards. We get ready to go to pre-regs, and so we ask the concierge if he can call us a taxi. He does, and he tells us 10 minutes (the magic number is 10 and you'll see why). after about 15-20 min of waiting, we ask again, and he gives us the same answer (I guess :/). After about the same time, the taxi STILL didn't show up, and we simply realized that Miami has the absolute worst taxi service ever. It finally came, but the fun didn't stop there! Our taxi driver could not be any more retarded. He didn't know where to go and took the longest possible route to the convention center. O OK. We finally arrive at pre-regs an hour and a half later.

     I thought the hall was going to be open, but I found out that it was just a come-and-go sort of thing, so I got there and filled out my information. I pulled absolute shit and my friend pulled a Dire Wolf so it was all good. Afterwards, I met up with my friend, Tom Mak, and we just chill for a few. Afterwards, we decide to head back, and guess what, more fun ensues with the taxi cab service! See, we relied on my friend's friend to make the travel arrangements for us. Apparently, he is a total dumbass and didn't realize that there was a Double Tree hotel right by the convention center (nice job guy -___-). We try calling about eight, EIGHT, different taxi companies, and NONE of them pick up. We were furious. We eventually get one after speaking to the concierge at the Double Tree, and so the taxi cab driver tells us that they've been waiting for us there for a long time. Lol, I didn't know that the convention center and the hotel were the exact same thing. We eat at Chili's and head back to the hotel to test a bit. My friend decided to run Wind-Ups with mained TKR, so I managed to get some mirrors in. I consistently beat the deck, so I was feeling more confident than ever now.



     We get up, shower, and head off for battle. On the ride there, we hit up Anthony Alvarado and discuss our card choices. Although he and many other people chose to play Dire Wolf in the extra, I chose not to, and decided to stick with Utopia because I felt it to be more reliable, durable, and ultimately a better choice. I meet up with some friends from the east coast. I decide to go over to the Gaming ETC table and try to sell some cards, but there was a guy with like 10+ binders worth of valuable cards so I opt out of waiting in line. I find out that my friend James Guerrero is there as well, so him, Jordano, my friend Frank, and I are the ones who are repping Jersey at this YCS. Round one comes up, and we are off to battle.


Round One: Fire Fist

Pre-Game: Oh god, that was the longest wait to start a YCS EVER. There was a problem with the PA system so we had to wait longer than usual. Afterwards, it was time. Nice guy sitting in front of me. Native to Miami.


Game One: He goes first and opens up Nin-Ken Dog with three backrows. I try making plays with Bear and Tenki but he has outs to all of them so I fall over to Tensu+Gorilla abuse.


Game Two: The guy thinks that I'm playing Fire Fist, so when he sees a Trap Stun into Tour Guide+Shark play, he is instantly confused. I win shortly afterwards.


Game Three: The key turning point in this round was when I Torrential'd his board of Tiger King, Nin-Ken Dog, and Barbaros. After that, it was Rabbit beatdown from there.




Round Two: Chaos Dragon

Pre-Game: Guy is an experienced player and pretty much knows his stuff. This won't be easy.


Game One: Magician+Shark to victory!


Game Two: We both get ourselves to run each other out of resources, and so it's the luck of the draw at this point. I know that he still has a third Lightpulsar in his deck, so when I make Temtempo and detach his Leviair's material, I opt to take out the Leviair. Next turn, he tops the Lightpulsar and proceeds to win.


Game Three: Tour Guide+Shark puts the nail in the coffin.




Round Three: Dino Rabbit

Pre-Game: My opponent almost showed up late but we started on time. Cool guy, so no worries.


Game One: He goes first with Laggia and three backrow. I try doing things, but you know how things go. Not gonna lie, the game dragged out a bit longer, but his second Laggia sealed the game.


Game Two: It's a total grind game here, but in the end, time is called and I just stall out with Messenger for the rest of the duel. Couldn't do much else. Ended up with a draw.




Round Four: Fire Fist (Courtney Waller)

Pre-Game: We know each other from YCS Ohio in 2011 and so we simply catch up on stuff. I know that he's arguably one of the best Fire Fist players so I had to be prepared for this.


Game One: He has a really good set-up and I can't do anything. Mirror Force kills me and I scoop.


Game Two: See game one, except with Call of the Haunted raping me even more lol.




Round Five: Sea Lancer Frogs

Pre-Game: Wasn't too upset. I was still in it so it was all good. I see a Caius when the guy shuffles so I automatically think Plants, but then I see a Swap Frog and I'm like, oh, ok.


Game One: He sets up a field of Sea Lancer and Gachi, but I get over it and win.


Game Two: Mage+Shark and he can't keep up, even with his set Reaper and Gachi.




Round Six: Fire Kings

Pre-Game: Guy shows up late and we start at game two.


Game Two: Guy opens up some random Hazy Flame guy. I Tour Guide+Shark him and have answers to all of his plays. Bottomless tells Garunix to go home.




Round Seven: Mermail

Pre-Game: Guy is from France, and the person next to us tries to stall out the whole game by claiming that his opponent's dice are weighted because he rolled 1's. Lol scrub.


Game One: I make a big play with Abyss Dweller and Tiras, but he Black Roses my board and I can't recover.


Game Two: I manage to draw one Soul Drain, but he spaces it and proceeds to go 8,400 die. Must be nice.




Round Eight: Agents

Pre-Game: Just keep going through my matches. That was my top priority.


Game One: Guy tries to summon Venus and I Bottomless it, and he chains My Body as a Shield! LOL oh god. He draws the nuts and wins.


Game Two: I open DiFi and proceed to win while he has Orange Light and Honest in hand.


Game Three: Tenki and Bear go in on this one, and I control the game from there.




Round Nine: 48-card Mermail (oh god)

Pre-Game: I knew he was playing Mermail from before, but I certainly didn't expect his deck size. This was going to be fun...


Game One: He stalls with Abyssdine and Abysslinde but I manage to pull through with Bears.


Game Two: This one goes out all the way towards being close to time. I try to make a comeback play, but he Maxx "C"s so I insta-scoop in order to take it to game three.


Game Three: I open up well and he doesn't. It's all good from there.




     Awesome! I made day two! I decided to keep on playing because I know that sometimes, X-2-1's can make it if they have good tiebreakers. I end up getting 95th, and I head to bed soon afterwards. My friend James made 6th so Jersey was still strong.



     Regular procedure. Get up, shower, and head off.


Round Ten: Mermail

Pre-Game: I saw him the round earlier and I knew what he was playing.


Game One: Magician+Shark for the plus.


Game Two: He doesn't seem to get anything going and I just eat away at his life points with Rabbit+Rat plays.




Round Eleven: Wind-Up

Pre-Game: We get deck checked and we're both all good.


Game One: I open up the best hand of the weekend: Tour Guide, Shark, Starlight, Compulsory, Torrential, and Fiendish Chain. I win.


Game Two: He opens up with Dyna and a set monster and I simply set a Magician. I then play Factory and Dark Hole his board of Dyna, Rabbit, and his other Dyna, trying to bait the Rabbit, but he doesn't blink. I Reborn it and proceed to gain a lot of advantage.




     Sweet! I did it! Now all I had to do was wait for the final standings. Unfortunately, I ended up getting 36th overall, which upset me quite a bit, but it was alright in the end. James topped and made it to top 16, so I was happy for him.


Closing Statements

     This weekend was so awesome, in so many ways. I did well, everyone congratulated me, and I made a lot of money afterwards. Hung out with New Yorkers and ARG, and we see Tahmid playing some guy for $50s. The next day, my friend and I arrive at Charlotte again for another layover, and we both see James and Jordano sitting there. We find out that their car got totalled, so they had to take a plane. I finally arrive back in Jersey, and that was the end of that.

     I want to thank everyone at home and at the event for supporting me. I know very well that I am capable of going far in this game, I simply need to keep up the good work.


The Plusses

1. Destroying my Java common

2. Meeting up with friends

3. Hanging with Paul, Joe, and many others. See you guys next time!

4. Friends at home supporting me

5. Coming so far, in this game and at the event


The Minuses

1. Pulling an all-nighter when I should have slept

2. Terrible hotel

3. Terrible taxi service

4. Coming so close!



Monsters: 16

2 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear

1 Sangan

2 Tour Guide from the Underworld

2 Wind-Up Magician

3 Wind-Up Rabbit

3 Wind-Up Rat

3 Wind-Up Shark


Spells: 11

1 Dark Hole

3 Fire Formation - Tenki

1 Heavy Storm

1 Monster Reborn

2 Mystical Space Typhoon

3 Wind-Up Factory


Traps: 14

2 Torrential Tribute

2 Solemn Warning

2 Bottomless Trap Hole

2 Dimensional Prison

2 Fiendish Chain

2 Compulsory Evacuation Device

1 Solemn Judgment

1 Starlight Road


Extra Deck

1 Stardust Dragon

1 Abyss Dweller

1 Temtempo the Percussion Djinn

1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn

1 Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity (I'LL MISS YOU!)

1 Wind-Up Zenmaines

1 Number 39: Utopia

1 Photon Papilloperative

1 Number 16: Shock Master

1 Leviair the Sea Dragon

1 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis

1 Number 20: Giga-Brilliant

1 Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction

1 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon

1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn


Side Deck

2 Thunder King Rai-Oh

2 Effect Veiler

3 Dimensional Fissure

2 Soul Taker

2 Messenger of Peace

2 Soul Drain

2 Trap Stun


I don't think I could have played this any more differently. It was just so perfect. :wub:


WIND-UPS FOR LIFE!!! <33333333

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Dank Memeston    1716

i have to say "o lord" to dat wu statement



gj tho man :)

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