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Duelistgroundz Coverage Thread

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Shane    164





Arabs N Scarabs vs ItsWhatever


[spoiler]Welcome to the Playoffs! Our first match features 2 up and coming Yu-Gi-Oh! studs. Itswhatever is representing Actual Literal Nuts, a team brimming with talent and salt while Arabs n Scarabs will be representing the colorful characters known as Spics of Life. Which team will draw first blood in the war? Let's find out!

Game 1
Scarabs wins the RPS, and opens the game by summoning Brotherhood of the Fist - Bear and setting four cards to his backrow.
Itswhatever summons Mermail Abysspike, but is cut off by Solemn Warning. He then sets 1 backrow and ends, losing his Abyss-Sphere to Mystical Space Typhoon in the End Phase.
Itswhatever: 8000
Scarabs: 6000
Scarabs summons Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Gorilla. He swings first for 1600 with Bear, setting a Fire Formation - Tenki from his deck. Gorilla follows up for another 1600. In his Main Phase 2, Scarabs overlays both his creatures for Abyss Dweller, then flips Tenki to add another Bear to his hand. Scarabs then sets 1 card to his backrow and passes.
Scarabs: 6000
Itswhatever: 4800
Itswhatever draws to 5 in hand, and debates his options while staring down Abyss Dweller. He eventually decides to set a monster and 1 card to his backrow before passing.
Scarabs summons Bear, and then moves to his Battle Phase, opting not to destroy the set monster with Bear. He declares an attack on the set monster with Bear, then uses the effect of Abyss Dweller. Dweller swings over a set Atlantean Marksman, then Bear gets in for 1700. Scarabs sets another Tenki from his deck, then flips it in Main Phase 2 to search out another Bear. Scarabs ends with no further plays.
Scarabs: 6000
Itswhatever: 3100
Itswhatever draws and scoops!
Arabs n Scarabs jumps out to a 1-0 lead in the match, taking the dreaded Game 1 against Mermails! Both players spend a few minutes considering their Side options, then Game 2 begins!
Game 2
Itswhatever opens by setting 1 backrow and ending.
Scarabs activates Pot of Duality, revealing Mind Crush, Banisher of the Radiance, and Dimensional Fissure; all excellent optons against Mermail. He opts to add Banisher to his hand, then summons Banisher to the field. Itswhatever has no response, so Scarabs opts to Mystical Space Typhoon his opponent's set Mystical Space Typhoon. Banisher then attacks for 1600, and Scarabs ends after activating Dimensional Fissure and setting 1 card to his backrow.
Scarabs: 8000
Itswhatever: 6400
Itswhatever draws and swiftly activates Heavy Storm, using powerful rain to clear out Scarabs Dimensional Fissure and set Fiendish Chain. He then Normal Summons Deep Sea Diva, bringing out Atlantean Heavy Infantry from his deck. He uses his Extra Normal Summon to Summon a 2nd Deep Sea Diva, bringing out Marksman from the deck. Itswhatever tunes Diva and Infantry together to Synchro Summon Armory Arm. Armory attacks over Banisher for 200, then Marksman follows up for 1400 and brings out Atlantean Dragoons in attack! Dragoons and Diva then connect for 2000. In Main Phase 2, Itswhatever overlays Armory Arm and Dragoons for Abyss Dweller, detaching Atlantean Dragoons to search out his 3rd Deep Sea Diva. He then tunes Marksman and Diva to Synchro Summon Ally of Justice Catastor and ends with no further plays.
Itswhatever: 6400
Scarabs: 4400
Scarabs summons Thunder King Rai-Oh, attacking over Abyss Dweller for 200 before ending his turn.
Itswhatever: 6200
Scarabs: 4400
Itswhatever summons Deep Sea Diva, bringing out another Marksman from the deck. Catastor attacks and destroys Thunder King, then Diva and Marksman for 1600, allowing Marksman to bring out another Dragoons which connects for 1800. In his Main Phase 2 Itswhatever tunes Atlantean Dragoons and Deep Sea Diva together to Synchro Summon Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier. Tiger King returns Marksman to Itswhatever's hand before Itswhatever ends his turn.
Itswhatever: 6200
Scarabs: 1000
Scarabs draws, summons Gene-Warped Warwolf which attacks into Catastor to ensure defeat!
Game 3
Scarabs begins the final game by summoning Banisher of the Radiance, then setting 2 cards to his backrow and ending.
Itswhatever sets a monster and ends.
Scarabs summons Cardcar D, tributing it to draw 2 cards and pass.
Itswhatever sets a backrow and ends, losing his set Bottomless Trap Hole to Mystical Space Typhoon in the End Phase.
Scarabs summons a 2nd Banisher, attacking into a set Snowman Eater with one Banisher. Snowman Eater destroys the 2nd Banisher while dealing out 300 damage. Scarabs sets a 2nd backrow and passes.
Itswhatever: 8000
Scarabs: 7700
Itswhatever summons Deep Sea Diva, bringing out Atlantean Marksman from the deck. He tunes Marksman with Deep Sea Diva, bringing out Ally of Justice Catastor. Catastor attacks and gets through, destroying Banisher! Itswhatever passes with no further plays.
Scarabs draws and activates Dark Hole, clearing out Snowman Eater and Catastor. He then summons a 3rd Banisher of the Radiance, attacking directly for 1600 with it. He then sets a 3rd backrow and ends.
Scarabs: 7700
Itswhatever: 6400
Itswhataver summons Mermail Abysspike, declaring an attack on Banisher. In the Damage Step, Scarabs uses Forbidden Lance to keep Banisher alive and deal out 800 damage. Itswhatever loses Abysspike and ends his turn.
Scarabs: 7700
Itswhatever: 5600
Scarabs activates Pot of Duality, revealing Mirror Force, Fiendish Chain, and Rescue Rabbit; he keeps Mirror Force. Gene-Warped Warwolf hits the field next, and both monsters connect for 3600. Scarabs sets a 3rd backrow and ends.
Scarabs: 7700
Itswhatever: 2000
Itswhatever draws and Scarabs activates Mind Crush, bravely calling Dark Hole. He whiffs and loses his last card in hand, Gene-Warped Warwolf. Itswhatever summons Deep Sea Diva next, but Diva is immediately hit by a Fiendish Chain that had been set the entire game! Itswhatever cannot believe his misfortune, and scoops with no way to stay alive!
Arabs n Scarabs wins the match 2-1, giving Spics of Life of 1-0 lead in the war!
Author: Spider In The Snow[/spoiler]



SqirmyWurmy vs Evolution



[spoiler]Luke Feeney vs Danny Vrabel

Danny wins RPS

Vrabel summons CardcarD and sets 1, activates the effect and draws to 6.

Feeney sets 3 and passes.

Vrabel draws and slams Heavy Storm losing his own Solemn Warning in exchange for taking Feeney's Bottomless Trap Hole, Mystical Space Typhoon and a Torrential Tribute!

Vrabel follows up with a Fire Formation - Tenki for Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear.
Duality revealing Starlight Road, Tengu and another Tenki. He takes Starlight Road.
Summons Bear, attacks for 1700, sets Tenki from the deck and 2 cards.

Feeney sets 3 more and passes.

Vrabel draws to 4, flips Fire Formation - Tenki to search Brother Hood of the Fire Fist - Gorilla.
Summons Gorilla and sends 1 of his Tenki card to target Feeney's face-down Mystical Space Typhoon. He chains it destroying Vrabel's SLR.
Bear attacks directly and searches another Tenki.
Gorilla attacks for 1700 as well dropping Feeney to 2900.
Sets 1 card and passes to Feeney.

Feeney draws to 2 with only 2 cards on his field to Vrabel's 7.
Feeney scoops after careful assessing the situations deciding it is better not to reveal his deck and lose.


An early 2 for 3 Heavy Storms seals the deal as Vrabel gains a massive advantage through his Fire Fist monsters and tutors. Can Feeney's unknown deck give him an edge in game 2?

Game 2

Feeney starts duel 2 with 2 backrows and passes.

Vrabel starts with a Tenki for Reborn Tengu and summons it.
Feeney is quick to activate a Solemn Warning to negate the summoning of Tengu.
Vrabel sets 2 more cards and passes.

Feeney draws to 5, summons Cardcar D sets 3 cards and activates the effect of cardcar to draw 2 more cards ending his turn.

Vrabel draws and summons Bear, attacking. Feeney Mirror Forces. Vrabel passes.
Feeney draws, sets a card to replace his 1 for 1 mirror force and a monster passing back to Vrabel.

Vrabel sets 1 card and passes.
Feeney draws a card and flips up Geargia Armor.
Vrabel responds with a Fiendish chain but Feeney has the set MST to get the effect of Armor!
Feeney searches for Accelerator and re-sets Armor.

Vrabel draws to 4, a total of 7 cards to Feeney's 8.
Vrabel summons Bear. Feeney flips Overworked. Vrabel responds with Tenken making his monster invincible from card effects during his main phase 1!
Vrabel flips his set MST targetting a set Fiendish Chain!
Vrabel proceeds to his battle phase and attacks Feeney's set monster with his Bear.
Feeney flips his Third Fiedish Chain!
Vrabel decides to set 1 before passing back to Feeney.

Feeney draws and flips up Armor once again getting another search grabbing another Accelerator.
Feeney special summons both Accelerators in face-up defense position.
Feeney overlays the 2 Accelerators to summon Geargigant X detaching a material to search a Gearframe.
Feeney summons the Gearframe and attempts to search his deck but Vrabel has Effect Veiler!
Feeney specials another Accelerator overlaying Gearframe and his new Accelerator for a Maestroke the Symphony Djinn.
Feeney activates the effect of Maestroke detaching Accelerator targetting Bear to flip it into face-down defense position. He then activates the effect of Armor changing it into face-down defense position.
Feeney now attacks over Bear with Maestroke and lands 2300 points of direct damage to Vrabel with GearGigant X.

Vrabel draws and scoops.

Scooping before his opponent could see and cards in G1, Feeney gains a great advanatage in making his opponent believe he was playing Fire Fist. We are now going into game 3!

Game 3

Vrabel starts duel 3 with a Thunder King Rai-oh and a set card.

Feeney Starts with an MST hitting a Forbidden Lance.
Feeney summons a Arsenal and tributes it for a Geargiarmor. He sets 2 before passing.

Vrabel draws to 5 and summons a Cardcar D.
Feeney debates for a while and finally decides to Warning it.
Vrabel sets a card and passes.

Feeney draws to 3.
Feeney pitches a Geargiaccelerator and Machina Fortress to Special Summon it from the Graveyard.
Vrabel has to tribute Thunder King to negate the summon of Fortess.
Feeney flips his Geargiarmor now to get another Accelerator. He re-sets Armor and sets 1 before passing.

Vrabel activates Tenki and searches his deck for Bear. He summons it to lose it to overworked!
Vrabel flips his face-down Tensu and summons a Genewarped Warwolf!
Feeney responds with a Bottomless Trap Hole!
Vrabel begrudgingly passes.

Feeney draws and flips Armor but Vrabel negates its' effect with and Effect Veiler!
Feeney specials summons Accelerator and overlays both for Geargigant X.
He searches for a Gearframe, summoning it and sending a Machina Force to the Graveyard to summon Machina Fortress!
He attacks with all 3 monsters dropping Vrabel to 1400 and equipping Gearframe to Gigant proceeding to his end phase.

Vrabel draws another Tenki! He searches Bear and uses Tensu's effect to second summon that turn; this time for a Reborn Tengu!
After sending a Tenki to the Graveyard to destroy Fortress with Bear he overlays his 2 monsters for a Maestroke the Symphony Djinn. He uses the effect to flip Geargigant face-down destroying the equipped Gearframe.
Vrabel attacks the face-down Gigant and passes.

Feeney draws to 2.
He summons Machina Gearframe and searches a Machina Fortress.
He picthes a second Machina Force to Special Summon his Fortress from the graveyard!
Feeney attacks over maestroke for 700 damage leaving Vrabel at a mere 700 life points.
He ends his turn by equipping Fortress with Gearframe.

Vrabel draws, changes maestroke to defense and sets a card before passing.

Feeney draws for turn and unequips Gearframe.
He enters his battle phase and attacks with Fortress but Vrabel has a freshly set Fiendish Chain for it!
Feeney sets 1 and passes.

Vrabel draws for turn and without any moves to make he passes.

Feeney draws and tributes both of his monsters to summon another Machina Fortress!
He attacks over Maestroke, sets 1 card and passes.

Vrabel draws and activates Dark Hole! Setting 1 card before passing back to Feeney.

Feeney rips a Monster Reborn off the top for Geargiaccelerator to win the game!

After an intense amount of card advantage back and forth, Feeney comes out on top despite losing a crucial game 1!


Author: Nauzf & Pretzels[/spoiler]





Sharpman vs Dalton



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Shane    164

^ random


Are you just going to upload all the stuff to your channel Shane?

It doesn't really matter where it gets uploaded, as long as it is posted here.


I will also try to put everything coverage related in the OP

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»Sidereal    3723

what do we do with the written features? send them to someone?


Yeah you can probably just send them to Shane since he has OP of the coverage thread

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»Sidereal    3723

Anybody who wants to write up the features can do it whenever they want. Just PM them to Shane so he can put it in the OP. You can add bits of commentary in the text too, either from vid or from yourself. It doesn't have to be straight "draw, summon, pass" if you don't want it to be

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Evolution`    2037

To be clear I went to Edison regional and I was 10 people away from the door when they capped so I was unable to play. We went to some local that had close to 70 people iirc and I won. That was the mix up.  :)

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Shane    164

On all day to record hit me up on aim or dn.  aim- jrgrasscutter      dn- the standard

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