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Offical Bushiroad Tournament Software Released

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Bushiroad USA has released free tournament software forCardfight!! Vanguard, which it is distributing through its Website.  The software, which can be used for both small- and large-scale tournaments, can be used to enroll players, create pairings, and calculate match results. 

In line with Bushiroad’s tournament plans for Cardfight!! Vanguard, the software supports both individual and team formats.  Team formats will come up first this year, with the three-stageCardfight!! Vanguard Team League 2013, which runs through July (see "'Cardfight!! Vanguard' Team League 2013").  Later this year, the World Championship 2013 will focus on individual players.


- Swiss
- Single Elimination
- Double Elimination
- Individual as well as Team Trio Pairings
- Allows cutting to either the Top 8 or Top 4
- Stores Player Information (ID, Name, & Birth Date)
- Default Automatic Pairing
- Optional Manual Pairing

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Updated with a motherfucking download link, pinned too because this shit is important. 


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