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Megalo vs LADD

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If my opponent has a face up Light and Darkness Dragon and I attempt to activate Megalo's effect to special summon, which effect will LADD negate? Will LADD negate the effect to special summon, leaving Megalo in the hand, or will LADD negate Megalo's effect to search for an Abyss card from my deck?

Also, it's my understanding that the the Atlantean cards discarded by Megalo will start a chain preventing LADD from negating them. Is this also true?

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Phappy    28

sup brandon! Chains form like this with megalo vs ladd


chain no.1
CL1 megalo ignition eff trying to summon itself
CL2 LaDD -500 atk&def negates megalo effect activation

chain no.2
CL1 either marksman or infantry
CL2 either marksman or infantry
CL3 LaDD -500 atk&def negates whatever on CL2 activation
CL1 marksman or infantry resolved sucessfully

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