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Souji Seta

Big Eye vs. Veiler vs. Book of Moon

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Souji Seta    673

Big Eye gets Effect Veiler'd on summon.
Big Eye activates its effect and targets Dracossack, for example.
If Book of Moon is chained to Big Eye's effect, does it resolve properly due to Big Eye being face-down?

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ThatOneGuy    2005
You do realize there's actually no difference in the way Veiler vs Book should function in one of these scenarios compared to the other, right? In regards to both, you will end up with the exact same result: an already resolved Veiler negating the effect of a monster that is then flipped face down before its effect has resolved. And according to how flipping a monster face down will reset/remove nearly all conditions placed on that monster, the answer should be yes; the monster's effect will resolve normally in both situations.

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