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Jvizzle87    56

So this is the Constellar deck I've been testing out and I'vereally liked the results:




Constellar Pollux x3

Constellar Algiedi x3

Constellar Kaus x3

Thunder King Rai-Oh x2

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer x2




Dark Hole

Monster Reborn

Fire Formation - Tenki

Forbidden Chalice


Book of Moon

Heavy Storm



Macro Cosmos x3

Dark Bribe x3

Vanity's Emptiness x2

Bottomless Trap Hole x2

Mirror Force x2

Fiendish Chain x2

Compulsory Evacuation Device x2

Torrential Tribute x2

Solemn Warning

Solemn Judgement



Fusilier x2

Mystical Space Typhoon x3

Deck Lockdown x2 

Last Day of Witch

Eradicator Epidemic Virus x3

Mind Drain x2

Prideful Roar x2


Extra: Standard


The deck hs been working nicely overall. Against Dragons I can usually pull through with all the different situations this deck can present. Against prophecy if I'm going first or if they couldn't go off turn 1 I almost always win as this deck can setup really beneficial first-turn boards against prophecy. Going second after they go off is a lot tougher for the deck but it can pull through a decent amount of the times. This deck is extrmely budget compared to te other decks of the format or the normal costellar builds for that matter. If you want to be able to play in this meta without breaking the bank this deck could be a good path to go on.


The main cards I'm iffy about is the Monster Reborn and Chalice in the main and the Last Day of Witch in the side. If anyone has any suggestions for good cards going second vs. prophecy it would be greatly appreciated.


Edit - Changes:


-1 Reborn

-1 Chalice


+1 Helios

+1 Lance  


On Friday when the new XYZ comes out I'm taking out the Fusiliers and the Last Day of Witch from the side to try 3 Puppet Plants.

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Raylulz    1778

I mean no offense, the deck just doesn't look that good. It's wicked trap heavy too. Why would you not play sombres? I mean I know you'd have to work around macro (could just swap for D.fissure since your monsters will still hit the grave for sombres when you XYZ.) Sombres is literally the card that makes Constellars good. Constellar puts up a good fight without kycoo/rai-oh mained against prophecy and dragons. Dragons I can easily take, prophecy I have to side in for a little more guarantee but it's still good. You can still run a cheap build without bear that can compete in the same way as the original.


My build,




Plenty of ways around the current big 3. Constellar completely takes out E-swarm, deck can take on dragons with the proper set up, you can easily shock lock.


Just the side needs work though. Currently at locals (Not really a big deal but it is what it is) I'm 23-2 in matches. I've only really had problems with random rogue decks. But yeah this build is wicked cheap considering you have M7. You don't need bear though it does make things go smoother.


Back to your deck


macro (Just don't like it right now)
bribe (Hate making your opponent plus, it's basically useless against dragons)
mirror force (It's not that great right now, pandemic, dragosack, lance, dress all are cards used heavily)
rai-oh (Wasting a summon to not make a pleides is kind of hurtful and can easily get around)
kycoo (It's an ok card but for the same reason as rai-oh you'd waste a power play for a small percent that the opponent wont get over it)
I'm not saying your build is horrible because clearly like you said you are winning with it but I wouldn't take this to an event.
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┬╗victor    6398

I realize this is super budget, but if you are playing Macro Cosmos, there is no reason not to run




If you play 3 Macro Cosmos and you play a deck with LV 4s, and especially LIGHT LV 4s at that, there is no reason not to run this card.


It makes Shock Master, Photon Palandynamo, and what's more you can do things like Macro Cosmos + Torrential Tribute to clear the field, on their turn, or without using up your Normal Summon.


The TT play is more useful with Rescue Rabbit, but the principle largely is the same here.


Even if you can't get a Bear (though prices have dropped), you need 3 copies of Tenki as Kaus is your most important card. I'd go so far as to play Reborn Tengu if you need additional targets.


Also, Dark Bribe is bad, the card you are looking for is:




Going 2nd against Prophecy, I'd side out Macro and bring in Puppet Plant so they can't Fate you, Drolls, etc.


Stealing LV 4 and making Shock Master off it can happen.

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Jvizzle87    56

I might've gave off the wrong impression with this. I have the cards for a normal constellar deck I was just tinkering around with different ways to use it and came up with this and it started testing really well so i stuck with it. The thing is that against prophecy you can't keep up advatage wise so you'd have to otk them early to win.


Another thing that sombres wasn't working for me. If I draw it early I have a dead card or am forced to use it to xyz and that leads to me getting outpaced and having a harder time winning. Another thing was if for some reason I didn't have targets to make him live I'd just be sitting in my hand.


I like Macro due to Dragons not being able to use both their hand and grave to special monsters and the bigs not bing able to use secondary effects. It also keeps vanity's alive. Against prophecy removing their spells makes cards like tower and fate and master potentially dead which goes a long way to winning the matchup.


Bribe is there for the blowout cards like Heavy, Dark Hole, Rejuv, Judgment that just makes the games largely unfavorable to win.


The thing with mirror force is that with pleadies out dragons tend not to go into xyz without trying to run over pleadies first and mirror force comes pretty clutch in this situation. Also keeping lockdown cards like rai-oh and kycoo alive is a big plus.


In my other Constellar build yes 3tenki is mandatory but in this version I feel like only one is needed since I'm using normal summons  like kycoo and thunder king as well so I don't want my hand to clog with too many monsters.


Also another thing I feel is that sheartan is too slow since you're basically giving up your turn to set up where it can really hurt you since you can get outpaced fairly easily.


The helios thing is a very good point and could be fit in since it could give me easier acces to shock and other cards etc the only thing I see is me drawing it and it being subpar lol


Raylulz that main looks really fragile in the prophecy matchup since you don't have anything that outright shuts the deck down since I don't see you winning on card advatange.


Thanks for all the suggestions they were really helpful and good things to keep in mind!


edit: The puppet plant idea vs prophecy sounds really good going second as I can xyz with the kycoo taken and just set up a board without interruption. Although a little unconventional, I can plant magician and use kaus to make himself 2 and go into phoenix to go in for decent amounts of damage.

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Slowpoke    1377

I don't see why you don't run 3 Deck Lockdown in the main over 3 Macro Cosmos. Macro does almost nothing if not activated turn 1 vs Prophecy. Deck Lockdown strongly hinders both Dragons and Spellbooks and with Pleides it's way too real.

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Jvizzle87    56

Deck Lockdown is a great card and all but macro is just a more versatile card in the sense that it protects emptiness, shuts down mermail, doesn't allow blaster pops, and stops kerykion if used early enough. Lockdown is also dependant on you having pleadies to keep it alive. Plus macro shuts down mor rogue decks which have to also be accounted for. Deck Lockdown is a phenomenal card in conjunction with Pleadies and does get sided in vs dragons and prophecy though :)


edit: Also if macro is out and star hall or tower get blown up for whatever reason they don't get effects. With the new generic rank 4 EEV target I prbably won't need the fusiliers in the side giving me room to add 3 puppet plant in the side.

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Jvizzle87    56

-2 Bribe

-2 Fiendish Chain


-2 Kycoo


+2 Tenki

+2 Lance

+2 Veiler



Can you explain these choices please? Veiler and Honest don't work under macro and I feel like kycoo is a very important part of the deck allowing me to put the opponent in awkward situations without commiting to the field.


The problem with 3 tenki in here is that unlike traditional builds I'm not running bear. This means there's nothing to get rid of the tenkis already on board and seeing as how I run a trillion traps having spaces available is a big deal. Also, since pleadies can re use tenkis with his eff, one tenki stretches longer than in other decks. This means that upping the tenki count while the target count is reduced leads to dead draws.


The lance idea seems alright to try out. I could take out reborn and chalice for 2?


Thanks for the suggestions guys! Keep em coming!

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