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Official DuelistGroundz Goat Format Tournament 2013 Registration Threa

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»Barron    7989

Welcome to the official DuelistGroundz Goat Format Tournament!





The format spanning from April 2005 to September 2005, also known as Goat Format, is widely regarded as one of the best in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh! Recently, duelists have been going back and replaying the format as a fun way to escape the mediocrity of our current one.

Tournament Information:

This tournament will begin on Monday July 29th.

Ban List: The official ban list for Goat Format can be found here: http://www.yugioh-wo...d=tcgbannedlist

In addition to that list, the following is also banned from this tournament:

Armed Samurai - Ben Kei
Mill/Deck-Out decks
Wave-Motion Cannon

Last Turn

Legal Sets: The following sets are legal for this tournament:


Any cards released in tournament packs, starter decks, etc. during this time are also legal (such as Royal Decree and Waboku).

Cybernetic Revolution is NOT legal. Exarion Universe IS legal. 

Tournament Format: The tournament will be ran using the swiss format with a cut to top 8. The number of rounds will depend on the number of entrants to the tournament.

Deck Lists: Deck lists will NOT be required for this tournament.

Rounds: You will have 3 days to complete each round. If I cannot determine which player was more active during that time I'm going to force draws.

Prizes: The winner of the tournament will get a special user group called "Goat Controller."

Rulings: This tournament will be played with the old ignition priority rules that were used during this format. Furthermore, to clear up another source of confusion, if Book of Moon/Ring of Destruction/etc. is chained to Thousand-Eyes Restricts's effect, he will NOT take control of a monster and that monster will stay on the opponent's field.

If you would like to register for this tournament, please format your post EXACTLY like this or I will ban you for eternity.

DuelistGroundz Username - Dueling Network Username - AIM/Skype Username (optional, though if you only have 1 please list if it's your AIM or Skype thanks!)

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»Barron    7989

Registered Players List:

2)Gojira - godzillafan - pipgozilla (aim)
3)squiddy - wobblyblackman999 
4)suuwo - suuwo - suuwo_ (skype)
5)Paraliel - Paraliel
6)Uncle Jesse - fike6
7)pyr0 - iAMpyr0 - piston player3 (aim)
8)! BlackFlame ! - ! BlackFlame !
9)Exiled - Exiled
10)Irelephant - hwan
11)Dont Forget - Demi Lovato
12)Tedmund - Tedmund
13)Ts Fearless - Crossfadthree
14)Pretty Boy Marcus - Marcus_
15)Daltonbousman - DaltonBousman
16)chrisbiswell - chrisbiswell - chrisbiswell
17)Sharpman - sharpman - sharpmanjt (aim) 
18)Urthor - Urthor
20)Sidereal - Cr0ssfad4
21)Sykotic - LILB"THEBASEDGOD" - za wryyyeal syko(aim)/gxldendice(skype)
22)living legend - ViSiOnS
23)Guru - G U R U
24)L2theZ - L2theZ 
25)Suicidal - Thoraya
26)Gosling - Mascis
27)DaveS - Dave Ireland
28)puddinginmy_hand  - puddinginmyhand
29)D-Reaper Program - D-Reaper Program - leonharte2222 (Skype)
30)illest. - illest. - qazikheartsbuzin (Skype)
31)Dark Armed Thumper - DarkArmedThumper - untergang93 (aim) 
32)Andrew81090 - Andrew81090
33)Ryuuzaki - DGz-Ryuuzaki 
34)Garrett30 - navarre 
35)Allenpennington - hollisteronmyalistar - allencpennington
36)rap game dennis frogman - $i been to jail$ o3o 
37)drama - hentzology - drama3793(aim)
38)CEILINGxCAT - CEILINGxCAT - qplongcatqp (skype)
39)mosaicmegalo - cottondandiii -skype: cottondandiii
40)Boner - Formerly Boner
41)Seerus - .Netdecker
42)Gaia - !...Christina...!
43)Animal - Animal479
44)A Loli - [DGz] A Loli
45)personofsecrets - personofsecrets - personofsecrets (skype)
46)DeltaX - DeltaX
47)rei - dg rei - fallenlostrain/misticil 
48)Junior Bucks - Junior Bucks
49)kd24 - emblem
50)puff the magic dragon - puffthemagicdragon24 - rjscarps (aim) rj.scarpelli (skype)
51)Cornish - bzcornish
52)kole  -  idontgetit  -  yoshithebanana (Skype)
53)Matt Bishop - dgz - doctor doom
54)Shining Blue Eyes - Shining Blue-eyes - Von__gleason
56)Yellowlink - DN name - Invixious - Skype - yellowlink
57)Draigun - DGz-Draigun - hakairyu100
58)tsgreen - tsgreen
59)Wiggles - Wiggles93
60)burn_em88 - burn_em88
61)slimshady! - nice boy - ciaoatutti10 skype 
62)Alius - nzdueler
63)Jono19942010 - jono19942010 - jonolelel (aim)
64)Lucas. - Gold Soul - x0x Risen x0x
65)Yror - rorythebasedgod

66)Deathbot - Deathbot

67)Islickz - islickz

68)Sprinkles - ImChill - ben.wagner969

69)Wry9 - XWryX9

70)Soul - dgz-soul

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»Pharaoh Atem    15779
For clarification's sake:

follow this chart.


In Box B of this chart, during the Goat Format, the Turn Player could also activate an Ignition Effect, if that Ignition Effect is the effect of a face-up monster currently on their side of the field.

This doesn't open up all Ignition Effects, just some.

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LFN    3239


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Squiddy    9172
squiddy - wobblyblackman999
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pyr0    138

pyr0 - iAMpyr0 - piston player3 (aim)

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Dont Forget    609

Dont Forget - Demi Lovato

Tedmund - Tedmund

Ts Fearless - Crossfadthree

Pretty Boy Marcus - Marcus_

Daltonbousman - DaltonBousman

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+Urthor    10234

Urthor - Urthor

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Sykotic    7974

Sykotic - LILB"THEBASEDGOD" - za wryyyeal syko(aim)/gxldendice(skype)


nobody cares about my opinion but ban lists are stupid

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Guru    736

Guru - G U R U

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G Λ r Ω N    5934
What time will this be held? Also should consider banning Rescue Cat, no Cat Last Will bs.

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