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Future Card Buddyfight

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~NeoArkadia~    2794
Ryuuken Doragobureibu (Dragon Sword, Dragobrave)
Dragon World
[] (Equip Cost) Discard 1 card from your hand, and pay 1 Gauge
5000 / 3

Drambunker/Drumbunker Dragon
2 Monster
Dragon / Armored Dragon / Red Dragon
[] (Call Cost) Pay 1 Gauge, Place 1 card from the top of your Deck into this monster's Soul.
Soul Guard (If this card would leave the field, you can discard 1 Card in your Soul to have it remain on the field.)
5000 / 3 / 5000

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Miss Click    2475

Oh my, Bushiroad touched Pojo to deliver this information:


Hello Cardfighters!!, my name is Justin from Bushiroad. Thank you for your continuous support of Bushiroad!!

I'm super excited to announce that we will be revealing some insider information to stores and players alike for our newest trading card game "Future Card Buddy Fight" at our North American Budddy Fight Conferences!!

Come hear our newest and hottest information on Future Card BUDDY FIGHT presented by our company CEO, KIDANI TAKAAKI!!

** October 13th 2013 (Sunday)
Door Opens: 7:30pm
Grand Ballroom at Hyatt Regency Long Island
1717 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge, New York 11788

** October 15th 2013 (Tuesday)
Door Opens: 2:00pm
Marquis Room at Chicago Marriott Oak Brook
1401 West 22nd Street · Oak Brook, Illinois 60523

** October 16th 2013 (Wednesday)
Door Opens: 3:00pm
Santa Barbara Room at Hilton Los Angeles San Gabriel
225 West Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, California 91776

** October 17th 2013 (Thursday)
Door Opens: 3:00pm
Statler Breakout #5 at Hilton Dallas/Southlake Town Square
1400 Plaza PL, Southlake, Texas, 76092


If you have any questions or concerns please send me a private message!!

Check out our website for upcoming news and updates!!



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~NeoArkadia~    2794
From a member of my forum Neo Ark Cradle, named twotaileddemon:

I attended a Futurecard Buddyfight presentation after the NY qualifiers.

I posted lots of screenshots when can be found here:
1) http://31.media.tumblr.com/01284d5114fbbb0e2d8bfcaca8a0bf3e/tumblr_mumyvg7mPG1qipg5qo10_1280.jpg
2) http://31.media.tumblr.com/160efecc5ed67372e02f4cfe5bfde0c8/tumblr_mumyvg7mPG1qipg5qo9_1280.jpg
3) http://24.media.tumblr.com/3b4ce61106c5b20dbd9f93fc8ef949aa/tumblr_mumyvg7mPG1qipg5qo8_1280.jpg
4) http://24.media.tumblr.com/b272019d586405c910e8ad499a79ccd6/tumblr_mumyvg7mPG1qipg5qo6_1280.jpg
5) http://24.media.tumblr.com/47174bcbd862eb37d6543f9e513ceb40/tumblr_mumyvg7mPG1qipg5qo4_1280.jpg
6) http://25.media.tumblr.com/816da9e5ae4e257738eb7ba808db65f8/tumblr_mumyvg7mPG1qipg5qo3_1280.jpg
7) http://31.media.tumblr.com/482519e6684dd165325819da4311ffb8/tumblr_mumyvg7mPG1qipg5qo2_1280.jpg
8 ) http://24.media.tumblr.com/1c2fd9e42f5d1f16cb5959d1a29b8706/tumblr_mumyywiqm01qipg5qo1_1280.jpg
9) http://25.media.tumblr.com/aaf213c1568cca886bd3ee6c1fcf89a4/tumblr_mumyywiqm01qipg5qo2_1280.jpg
10) http://25.media.tumblr.com/58b4581b5956e7435f69173281f6b4a2/tumblr_mumyywiqm01qipg5qo4_1280.jpg
11) http://31.media.tumblr.com/214428a9ad12ed085bd99e58ec641555/tumblr_mumyywiqm01qipg5qo5_1280.jpg
12) http://24.media.tumblr.com/43d4beab9118cc77251937aa52d8d303/tumblr_mumyywiqm01qipg5qo7_1280.jpg

There are three different worlds so far: Magic World, Dragon World, Danger World.

They didn't say what the trial deck released in January would be for. But I think they said only these three worlds are in the first booster.

There are 4 types of cards:
1) Monster
2) Item
3) Spell
4) Impact

Trial deck 1: January 24th 2014
Booster expansion 1: January 31 2014

We got to play the game and the CEO and other staff explained the rules.

Each player puts their world's flag down on the flag/item zone. This seems to just be used to identify what world you are playing. (Not 100% sure)

Each player takes a card from their deck and puts it into their buddy zone. (Reminder of what playing mat looks like: http://31.media.tumblr.com/214428a9ad12ed085bd99e58ec641555/tumblr_mumyywiqm01qipg5qo5_1280.jpg). This seems like it can be anything, and you use the unit to join the fight during the match to help you out.

Each player draws 6 cards. I'm not sure if there was a mulligan, we didn't do it in the practices matches.

Each player then puts the top 2 cards of their deck in the Gauge Zone. This is like counterblasts for Vanguard and can be used to activate skills or pay the cost for items or spells.

Players decide who goes first through rocks, papper, scissors

The player who goes first cannot draw normally. However, they can put a card from their hand to the gauge zone to draw another card. Kidani said this is not required but recommended (so you can use effects later on).

The player who goes first can summon monsters and attack on the first turn. You can place monsters in the left, center, and right lanes. Monsters in the center lanes cannot be equipped with items, only monsters in the left and right lanes can. However, if you don't have a monster in the center lane, your opponent can damage you directly so you will want to keep one here under normal circumstances.

Players start with 10 life. You can have a max of 20 life. When you are down to 0 life, you lose.

Monsters have levels 1-3. You can only place monsters on the field whose level total equals 3 or less. So, you can place 3 level 1 monsters or 1 level 3 monster. Obviously, lower level monsters have lower power/shield and can easily be defeated, while higher level monsters have higher power/shield and are harder to be defeated.

On the left hand side of the card is a number in white. This indicates what kind of damage you can do to your opponents life when it attacks directly. (You can only deal life damage by attacking the opponent when they have no monster in the center lane, unless you have a card effect which indicates otherwise) Most units seem to have 2-3, but I only played with level 1 and 2 monsters.

Most power and defense is in the 1000-8000 range. Not sure if there is higher as I didn't see/use any level 3's but I'm assuming there are some higher.

You can use skills of monsters too. For example, one has an effect to soulcharge one when called, and then you can soulblast one card to prevent it from being destroyed by battle.

So the person who goes first will most likely always deal damage. However, there are ways to prevent this such as through spell cards.

Certain spell cards can be used on the opponents turn. There was a counter spell card which lets you pay the cost of 1 gauge (send a card from gauge zone to drop zone) to negate a direct attack when you have no center lane unit and increase your life by 1. This will probably be a staple in any deck as it's a life saver.

I think spell cards can also be used on your turn, and there are different scenarios when you use them, but I dont remember all the effects.

You can equip items to your monsters. You put items on top of your world flag. I think you can only have one item at a time, but you can change it. Again, items can only be equipped to left or right lane monsters. I think you can change the monster equipped with the item each turn if you'd like, (i.e. it doesn't get attached to one monster like an equip spell does in yugioh) but I'm not 100% sure. Either way, items are great in that they can grant additional power boosts to your monsters. So, if an item has a power of 5000, you can add that to the attacking power of another unit much like boosting works in Vanguard.

One item has a cost of discarding one card from your hand and I believe sending one gauge unit to the drop zone to give a unit +5000. (The cost only has to be payed once when you play it, not every turn.)

So, you can either attack your opponents monsters and destroy them if your power is equal to or higher than your opponent's monsters shield, or you can attack your opponent directly if they have no center lane monster. You have to judge whether it's better to rid your opponent of his monster, or attack their life directly.

It seems fairly easy to replace monsters though so it might be better to go for the center lane unless you can't handle one of their units power.

You turn a card sideways to attack, just like you do in Vanguard. As I said, you can use spells during your turn to protect your monsters. I think one spell destroys an attacking monster with 4000 or less power if it attacks a dragon, and another lets you give 3000 power and defense to your own monster during either turn and destroy the opponent's monster if the attack was not successful. Something like that.

During the final/end phase, you can use an impact card. I only saw one so it's hard to tell what they do, but they seem to be more geared towards big game finishing moves and do not seem to have easy costs.

The one I saw required 4 gauge to use and could only be used if you had 4 or less life. You could deal 4 life damage to your opponent (which is a lot since you only start with 10 life unless you can recover life.) They can be game changing but will clog up your hand if you have a lot early in the game, so you don't want to have a lot in your deck.

Though, you can always put a card in your hand to the gauge zone and draw a card each turn, so you can easily filter out cards you don't want which is really great.

Lastly, your buddy can join the fight under circumstances. This is the card you selected at the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, this is the one part I didn't really understand. I don't know the requirements to call your buddy, but it looks like it can help you out in a pinch and can only be used once per match.

I also don't know how many cards you are supposed to have in your deck or how many copies of each card you can have in your deck. There is no limit to hand size.

I think that's it. If anyone has any questions please let me know!

Oh, here is the deck case and promo card they gave out for this: http://25.media.tumblr.com/3f50b4a1d849b0c9ef1fe5b2b9c42766/tumblr_mun2n1j8Dm1qipg5qo1_1280.jpg

But the promo card is in Japanese and I don't think can actually be used x:

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~NeoArkadia~    2794
BT01 : http://blog.livedoor.jp/freedomduo/archives/34131725.html
TD : http://blog.livedoor.jp/freedomduo/archives/34131742.html

From Ryouenji Tasuke over at Neo Ark Cradle:


Dragon World: Described to be about power
Danger World: Also described to be about power, not much known yet.
Magic World: Easily guessed, focuses on spells and draw power.
Katana World: More focused on Items(?)
Hero World: Going to have things like Robots, Super Sentai and Kamen Rider like creatures
Legend World: Mystical Creatures like Gargoyles, werewolfs, etc
Dungeon World: RPG Online type deck as it was described. If you do "missions" or something like that during battle and complete it, you gain power, or draw cards, etc.

Anime related.
These players are going to have a team of 3. 2 of them don't play the card game, only 1 of them does. 1 of them is the deck builder, and someone called a Library who has all the information on cards. They are allowed to give advice during the battle.

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Chris Buraseru    10480

That Savage Steel trial deck seems pretty fly. In any case, whatever plays the most like Shadow Paladins will be my Buddyfight deck.

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~NeoArkadia~    2794
I'm mostly aggregiating data from my users over at NAC. So thank them.

ddwarrior / freedomduo noted this:

Drumbunker Dragon, the protaganist's seeming ace card is getting an Alt Art Promo in CoroCoro Comic (basically a comic anthology for elementary school kids. It includes series like Pokemon Special, Doraemon, Inazuma Eleven and several manga based on Nintendo Games.)

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~NeoArkadia~    2794
From ddwarrior/freedomduo:

Gameplay involves picking a world which will correspond to a trial deck. The first two trial decks will cover Dragon World (Dominant Dragons) and Danger World (Savage Steel), while booster releases will generally cover three worlds. Future releases will cover Magic World, Katana World, Cyber Ninja World, Ghost Samurai World, Legend World (which mixes mythologies from of all over the world) and Hero World (with robots).

Like a clan in Vanguard, there are certain styles of play and specific keywords and abilities linked to the clan.

Bushiroad plans to release four different types of Booster Packs, six Trial Decks, and roughly three Extra Boosters in 2014. The main booster schedule will be January, April, July and October. The Trial Deck and extra booster schedule has yet to be determined. Rarity scheme has not been revealed but Bushiroad said it would be "similar to Vanguard."

Source: http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/27020.html

- Card size is same as Weiss Schwarz (89mm x 63mm)
Trial Deck information:
- Contains 52 cards with 2 foil cards

Source: http://www.da-planet.com/forum/topics/bushiroad-to-release-new-game-future-card-buddyfight

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~NeoArkadia~    2794

Spell Card - Dragon/Power-Up - Dragon World
* Counter: This Spell Card can be used during the opponent's turn.
* Select 1 <Dragon> during a battle, during this battle, it gains 3000 Attack and Defense, and it gains "Counterattack"!
(Counter Attack: If this Monster is attacked and isn't destroyed, destroy 1 attacking monster whose Defense is lower than this monster's Attack.)

Armanite Blackdrake
Level 3 Monster
Armanite - Danger World
4 Damage Attack 9000 Defense 8000
* Call Cost: Pay 3 Gauge

Dragonic Grimo(ire)
Spell Card - Golden Dragon/Draw - Dragon World
* Use only if you have 5 or less Life remaining
* Discard your entire hand, then draw 3 cards! During this turn, you cannot use "Dragonic Grimoire". (You can use this card even if you have 0 cards in your hand to discard!)

Level 1 Monster
Armanite Hellhound
Armanite - Danger World
1 Damage 5000 Attack 6000 Defense

Thousand Rapier Dragon
Level 1 Monster
Dragon/Armed Dragon Knight/White Dragon - Dragon World
2 Damage 5000 Attack 1000 Defense

Nanomachine Ninja Tsukikage
Level 1
Ninja - Katana World
1 Damage 5000 Attack 1000 Defense

Demon King, Asmodeus
Level 1
The 72 Pillars - Magic World
1 Damage 4000 Attack 1000 Defense

Gigantsword Dragon
Level 3
Dragon/Armed Dragon Knight/Red Dragon - Dragon World
4 Damage 8000 Attack 8000 Defense
* Call Cost: Pay 3 Gauge

Dragon Shield - Green Dragon's Shield
Spell Card
Green Dragon/Defense - Dragon World
* Counter: This Spell Card can be used during the opponent's turn
* This card can only be used if you have no Monsters in your Center
* If your opponent attacks with a cooperative attack, negate it. After you negate it, gain 1 Life.

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~NeoArkadia~    2794




Dominant Dragons contains many of the cards in protagonist Mikado Gaou's Dragon World Deck

Dragons are a Deck that focuses on super-powerful attacks, allowing you to play a speedy game to overwhelm the opponent.

It includes cards used in the anime and manga including Gaou's unique "Gargantua Punisher" and Gaou's favorite weapon "Dragon Sword Dragodrive"!




Savage Steel (JP: Forging Blood) contains many of the cards in protagonist Aragami Rouga's Danger World Deck.

It's a Deck with a focus on powerful items and monsters that's easy for even beginners to use!

It includes many of his used in the anime and manga, including Rouga's one-of-a-kind Drill Bunker and his Buddy "Armanite Cerberus".




バディレアは、次弾以降発売商品のカードを先行して、バディレア限定の豪華仕様にて収録! 話題沸騰必至の注目カードを誰よりも先に手に入れろ!!

It includes the Buddy of the main character, Gaou: The super-strong monster, "Drambunker Dragon"!!

Note 1: This set comes fully loaded with a seriously awesome Trump Card you can use to rebuild Gaou's Trial Deck "Dominant Dragons" on sale January 24th, 2014!!

Note 2: This set comes stuffed with a tone of super-strong "Danger World" cards you can use to power-up the Trial Deck "Savege Steel" on sale January 24th, 204!

Get your hands on the awesome noteworthy cards that come in the never-ever-before-seen "Buddy Rare"!! Buddy Rares include cards from upcoming products in the extremely limited Buddy Rare foil rarity, so get your hands on these cards that'll get everyone talking before anyone else!!


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~NeoArkadia~    2794
Specifications :
30 Packs/ Box
5 Cards (1 pack contains 1 card above rare type for sure)/ Pack

Details :
Randomly packed from 104 types + 12 ultimate rare (parallel) types+ 1 buddy rare type.

-Regular x 30 types (C)
-High x 30 type (U)
-Rare x 24 type (R)
-Buddy rare x 1 type (new)
-Gachi rare x 12 types (RR)
-Super gachi rare x 8 type (RRR)
-Ultimate rare x 12 type (SP)

Source : http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=CGM-5104

1 Pack Contains:
-Cards x 52 (includes 2 kira type cards)
-Life counter
-Rule book
-Play mat

Source : http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=CGM-5106

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~NeoArkadia~    2794

Future Card Buddyfight - Character Pack 01: Burning Valor
Item description

The all-new Character Pack, BFE-CP01 Burning Valor packs a pocket sized punch! Relive the scenes from the animation with many of Gao Mikado's signature cards and explore the monsters of Dragon World to build your favorite [Armordragon] or [Dragon Knight] deck! Will you answer the roar of the dragons with valor?

1 pack contains 3 random cards/ 1 display contains 30 packs
45 types of cards (BR:1/ RRR: 6/ RR: 8/ R: 10/ C: 20) inclusive of SP: 6 (Parallel)
Also includes 8 reprint cards from BFE-TD01 & BFE-BT01

This product contains all Dragon World cards only 1 card in every pack will definitely be an R or above card.

Release date: 2014 February

Thanks to Arynis from Neo Ark Cradle for getting this, it should apply to all international territories.

And not that I know of. There's some news over at NAC I might of missed.

The TV show is set to be entirely done by newbie Japanese Voice Actors, but animated/scripted by the guys behind Pokemon/Inazuma Eleven/Danball Senki, three of Japan's biggest kid franchises.

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~NeoArkadia~    2794
From the official Japanese Website:

PR/001 Drambunker Dragon
World: Dragon World
Attribute: Armored Dragon Knight/Red Dragon
Size: 2
Damage: 3
Attack: 5000
Defense: 5000
■【Call Cost】Pay 1 Gauge, then place the top card of your Deck into the Soul of this Monster.
『Soul Guard』(If this card leaves the field, you can discard 1 Soul to have this card remain on the field.)

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