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Inzektors: Any Ideas?

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I had a really long post typed up but I hit backspace and it went back a page and I lost the whole post  :mad: so i'm gonna keep it pretty short.


Waboku is much better than Roar. It doesn't lose out to Return from a Different Dimension in battle phase. It also lets your Inzektors avoid Warning and Torrential Tribute.


You should look into Imperial Iron Wall and Stumbling. You cannot win game 1s against Dragons without them. They are incredible.


You play triple Insect Imitation but do not play Key Beetle and at least Emptiness or Imperial Iron Wall. I would go with Iron Wall. The best thing Imitation has going for it is Lady bug + Dragonfly ---> grab Centipede ---> centipede with ladybug grab Hornet. Then you have Key Beetle on board + hornet in hand. 


Fiendish Chain is sub par it losses out to Mst/Lance/wisdom. It's only good vs Firefist and Magician in Prophecy. Effect Veiler doesn't lose out to those cards and has synergy with Maxx "C". 

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