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Anaheim Regional 12/23/2013 Top 8

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momo4sho    412
The weekend began at Card Rush, a pretty shitty locals, where I met up with a bunch of friends. I entered the tournament for some late testing and end up scrubbing out the last round to my friend Juan (burn_em88). I lend out some cards to friends for the tournament and grab late night food with another friend before finally heading to Ed's house for the night. Kyle and Juan are also there. We spend the night discussing card choices, talking about next format, play testing, and all around having a decent night. We obviously don't get any sleep before the event, standard. We wake up around 7 am and head to the gas station for some snacks and drinks. We arrive at the event and get in near the front of the line with some friends. Jard ( tsgreen) spots us and also jumps into the line. He tells me he is playing HERO again, and I offer to lend him prophecy again. He accepts and we scramble to put together his main and side. I entered the tournament with standard rulers.
Event had like almost 800 players. 10 rounds. Typical for SoCal. Tournament starts surprisingly early compared to the past regionals.
I also want to apologize If anyone I played against reads this and notices something off, I don't really remember everything that happened as I am writing this report a couple days after the event.
Round 1:  Dark World
Game 1: After he activates dragged down on his first turn, I drop a Spark Dragon and just dwindle down his resources and kill him. His reckless greeds set him back in this game
Game 2: I open  debris dragon, trigon, guard, corsesca, warning. He opens dragged down and obviously takes my warning. I draw another debris dragon for turn, FUCK. My only hope is to establish an AFD and keep his gates off field, but dark smog is a very good card and I concede after he drops 8k on board.
Game 3: I open OK and I have to play ravine to dump tempest. I banish an in hand guard and tempest for redox to make another Spark dragon setting mst and trap stun and a blank. He attempts to play his gates and i typhoon it. He sets like three cards and passes. I attack and pass. I believe he attempts to EP dark smog one of my dragons and I fuck up and stun it. I get swiftly punished by his double reckless greed into allure and other draw cards. He draws into cards like gozen, compulse, and warning. With my ravine being gone I lose shortly.
Match Record: 0-1
I was pretty upset after this match as I lost round 1 to my own scrubby mistake and to dark world lol. The guy was very nice and we talked throughout the day encouraging each other on.
I knew after this point I would have to go 9 in a row to even have a chance at topping. 
Round 2: Some weird FTK deck
This was a really swift 2-0. The only thing i really recall from this match is that i pile shuffled his deck and counted 41 and one of the very first cards he played was upstart goblin lol. 
Match Record: 1-1
Round 3: Evilswarm
Game 1: He goes first and opens rescue rabbit. I Maxx "C" for the plus and he sets 5. On my turn I sword into a blaster pop on his ophion. I play ravine and he msts it. I pass by setting Return, trap stun, and pwwb. He drops a kerk from his hand and makes an ophion, searches the trap card and swings. He sets the trap card and passes. I set another card I cant remember and pass. He activates Infection in the EP sending the ugly plant guy into the deck and I pwwb it. On his turn he just swings again. On my turn i draw sword into another fire on ophion. I summon scrap dragon and he BTH, I chain trap stun and he has no response, I chain return into his last two backrow which I know both to be pandemic and kill him. 
Game 2: He opens with the one Lswarm guy that pops monsters and sets 4. In my DP he flips iron wall. I summon fire ferret and beat him down for a couple turns. He summons kerk and tries to use its eff and i remind him of iron wall. When I try to beat down his kerk with ferret he attempts to fiendish chain I typhoon and simplify the game without killing iron wall and he concedes a couple of turns later.
Match Record: 2-1
Round 4: Constellar
Game 1: He opens sheratan + rota for kaus and pollux and sets a couple backrow. I ravine dump tempest. I SS tidal banishing tempest + dox. He maxx "c" and i just swing into the sheratan and he lets it slide. I set an mst and torrential and pass. He goes pollux + kaus and i torrential him. He passes to me setting one after flashing a forbidden lance. On my turn I blaster pop his older set which was a mirror force. I SS tempest tidal and swing for 5k and make a dracossack and pop the last set, which was the lance. I set enemy controller and pass. He rips sombre and i econ it to my field and he just passes. I proceed to kill him the following turn. 
Game 2: The only thing I really remember from this game is that I blackrosed him for like a +3 or something and the game was quickly over after that. 
Match Record: 3-1
Round 5: Blue eyes.dck
Game 1: He trade-ins multiple times and establishes an azure eyes and beats me down. I reestablish board presence by taking his blue eyes and kill him the same turn.
Game 2: Somewhere in the game he is able to make two azure eyes and I wall up on AFD and Redox because I am unable to kill the synchros. On his turn he reborns two BEWDS and activates Burst Stream of Destruction and kills me that turn. LOL WUT
Game 3: I refpanel his trade in on his first turn and then he activates another one. This guy was definitely on something and he draws two cards without paying the cost for trade in. I tell him this and he apologizes and puts back the two cards( didnt shuffle his hand) and pitches a blue eyes. I could have instantly won this game by calling a judge but I had a change of heart. Now if I did lose this game and didn't call the judge I wouldn't know what to tell myself. Oh well, I guess a yugioh lesson learned. I ended up winning the game before time because refpanel on trade in is too strong.
Match Record: 4-1
Round 6: Geargia Karakuri
Game 1: Was a very short game. He starts out the game by setting a monster and 3 backfield. I ended up grinding out his backrows and flipping return for literal game.
Game 2: He opens with arsenal and tributes for armor and sets a couple backrow. I play ravine and start dumping dragons and set trap stun and typhoon. He flips armor and searches another arsenal and summons it. He swings with both for 3k damage and tributes arsenal in M2 for another armor and passes. On my turn I ss a blaster banishing tidal and tempest and kill 1 armor by battle. In M2 i make a scrap dragon and he attempts to compulse, I respond with trap stun and pop his armor with my scrap dragon tributing itself. Later in the game I got him down to 1 card on the field, Abyss Dweller, and no cards in hand to my Dracossack. Here I make a rookie mistake by not launching the ssack and tribute a token instead. He tops Electric virus, but it still isn't enough to overcome all my advantage.
I was starting to really feel the exhaustion from the extremely low amount of sleep i got the previous night and told myself mentally to pay more attention.
Match Record: 5-1
Round 7: Evilswarm
Game 1: He opens Rescue Rabbit set 5 and searches pandemic. I blaster pop the ophion  ditching trigon and set trap stun and Pwwb to finish my turn. He draws an eswarm monster and flips the trap card sending back castor and I chain pwwb to it, shuffling it into the deck. He passes his turn. On my turn, flip trap stun and Blackrose his 2 pandemics BTH and black horn of heaven. I drop two big ones and swing for damage and make dracossack. He rips kerk and tries to restablish but he is unable to make an ophion while clearing my sack so I take it next turn.
Game 2: He opens with just 4 backrows and passes to me. I play sword and draw into typhoon and MalCat. I set those two and pass my turn. He summons heliotrope for his turn and swings, I catastrophe his 4 set, which consists of warning, gozen, compulse, and pandemic. He is so far behind on cards that he concedes in the following turns.
Match Record: 6-1
Round 8: Dragunity Ruler
Game 1: He upstart goblins multiple times, plays consonance, and follows that up with sword into a ravine. He dumps a ruler for dux and summons it. When he triggers the phalanx I Maxx "C" and he passes with a set card. On my turn I sword and summon Card trooper. I pump him to 1900 and mill 2 rulers in the process. I special blaster by banishing Redox and Tempest and run over both the phalanx and dux. I end my turn after placing my ravine over his. On his turn he attempts to comeback with another dux but I have Maxx "C" yet again. He does a questionable play by going into Vaj and boosting its attack to 3800 and running over my trooper. He passes his turn and I put him under crimson blader the following turn and that's all she wrote.
Game 2: He opens wombo combo and I dont have the Maxx "C" and he establishes a huge board that I can't really overcome. Not much to talk about this game, except that I notice he sets his backrows before he begins his plays for the turn. This becomes relevant next game.
Game 3: I open double dracossack combo but with only two tokens. We are nearing time so I decide to go for it hoping the life point gain that the two AFD would get me there. He plays an upstart goblin which baffles me since we are literally about to go into time. This puts me at 11k life. However, his opening hand is pretty much the perfect counter to my 2 ssacks but I guess he didn't see it, but he still manages to put me under blader. Before he finishes his turn we go into time.  On my turn I sword into battle fader and compulsory like a master and launch my 2nd dracossack to kill his blader leaving me with two tokens. He is left with an M7 and a blaster on field. When I pass, he typhoons my compulse. On his turn he draws and activates reckless greed. After he resolves the greed he sets 1 backrow, activates ravine, and makes a stardust spark dragon with the searched dux. What I remember after this is that I was left with 8300 life to his 8000. On his last turn in time he sets two more backrows and THEN declares an attack. I ask him to indicate which ones he just set because this was confusing and super shady. When he tells me that a different set card is live I ask the judge watching our match to confirm and he says that a different backrow is the live one. When he swings for game I reveal fader and he has no response, ending the match as I can just pass my last turn in time with higher life. When he reveals one of the freshly set as debunk I breathe a sigh of relief but still remained bewildered as to why he would set his backrows before making a play. A cheater perhaps? Or maybe just bad? I really don't know.
Match Record: 7-1
Round 9: Standard Mirror vs Barrett Keys
Game 1: I open with what I remember to be card trooper. trooper mills two dragons and I attack for 1900 and set three backrows. Yet again, I really don't remember exactly what happened this game so I apologize If anything is off. I think he just sets two backrows his turn and passes. On my turn I mill 3 again and drop blaster on board for a lot of damage. On his turn I think he attempts to go for a blader play and I have pwwb + book to stop his opposing trap stun? The only really notable thing I remember afterwards is that I blaster pop a set return and he chains it bringing some guys back, including blaster to defense, and I kill him with armory arm equipped to my redox as my trooper was still on board.
Siding: I offered to side out sixth sense and return and he obliged.
Game 2:I believe in this game I get him very low on life, like around 600. I go for game on his trigon (I pwwb a debris I believe) in attack mode with my own debris +tidal + guard and he plays typhoon on my trap stun and I think I let it go and he plays raigeki break on my tidal and I scoop as I would be under blader next turn and I didn't have any resources nor defensive cards. If I preemptively flipped the trap stun I may have won but I still dont really remember everything on board + amount of backrows set.
Game 3: I believe I start with three sets ( trap stun, pwwb, refpanel) and pass. He opens with trooper and mills a single dragon and the rest of them S/T, and mirrors my three set. On my turn I go for blader and I think he tries to torrential my blader and I trap stun, when I proceed to swing he has book. On his turn he tries trooper for the second time and still mills poorly. I'm not entirely sure if he went for a play to kill my blader here but I do end up using wind blast so he must have.  After that he just switches trooper to defense. I flip blader and special blaster and put him under blader and swing for 2800. On his turn he flips his last set to be sword, banishes tidal, and I refpanel him. He passes his turn.  On my turn I go for game and he Maxx "C"s me. I fuck up here and for some reason ss redox in defense forcing me to give him an extra draw card before I can go lethal. Fortunately, he does not draw fader and gives me the handshake when I declare my first attack.
Post Match Thoughts: I had never played nor met Barrett prior to this match and I have to say he is honestly one of the coolest and courteous people I have ever met. If you are reading this, I really enjoyed our match and hope we can play/talk again some time.
Match Record: 8-1
Round 10: Mythic Rulers
Game 1: I believe in this match I go first and open with card trooper/sword and a couple of backrows. When he attempts to for a rank 8 play I have phoenix wing wind blast for his water dragon and I kill his earth dragon with trooper. I'm pretty sure he lost out on a lot of advantage here since I was able to mill for trooper for several turns. However, he did end up putting me under 3200 and he went for game under Maxx "C" by putting out Star Eater. Unfortunately for him, Fader don't give two shits about Eater and he scoops.
Siding: We also sided out sixth sense and return
Game 2: He opens his first turn with Felgrand and a couple sets. I draw for my turn and play typhoon on his set close to his deck and it was raigeki break. I play my ravine and a color for a color. I set torrential, book, and mst. He summons a color banishing another color and something irrelevant. I torrential, he responds with felgrand, and I chain book to clear the board. Turns go by and I believe he is able to put me under blader because I missed the best play of tributing my trooper and a dragon for a set redox. I have blaster pop for his blader and the game ends soon after that as he focused most of his resources on the felgrand.
Match Record: 9-1
I am super excited after the match and gather around with my group of friends and we anxiously wait for another friend to return from his bubble match. Unfortunately he lost that match and didn't end up topping. We wait around for the final standings and tsgreen fucks around with me and congratulates me on my 9th place finish lol. Lucky for me, the guy I lost to round 1 kept on going at it and didn't drop and I ended up in 7th place!!! Also, Kyle got 4th place with fire fist which was SICK AS FUCK.
After the regional, Kyle gets a deck profile with starstrike duelist girl and I took forever trying to find them because I forgot to get in line for my mat and shit. When we finally head out we decide to go to iHop and I had to take the fattest shit of my entire life. After demolishing the toilet for literally 20mns I come back to our table and order a burger. The food was aight but was way too expensive and I prob won't be heading back to an iHop for a while.
Here is my deck list if anyone really gives a fuck
+ going 9-0 after round 1
+ First regional top a year into my competitive "career". I would really like to extend my thanks to not only my friends for helping me out with cards, sleeves, card choices, supporting me, etc. But the DGZ community as a whole because I honestly would not have grown this much as a player without lurking these forums and attaining the vast amount of knowledge that I have stored thus far. I still got a long way to go as a player but without this place I don't think this would have been possible.
+ Kyle kemper for topping with fire first and being a pretty chill dude.
+ Jard (tsgreen) for being a legend.
+ The tournament as a whole being smoothly run and ended much earlier than expected, although this could be as a result of the lower amount of entrants.
+ Getting a really cool swap for a super german compulse from none other than Robby "Gustav anal rape" Boyajian, as well as a translation for my french battle fader.
+ Edward, Juan, Steven, Jard, Ryan, Randy, joseph, charly, Omar and everyone else for believing in me.
+ Enemy Controller, MalCat, Fire ferret, and Card trooper being the knees
+ Ghostrick mat being pretty fucking sick.
- The winner of the tournament
-  Juan losing to some god hands by a god awful evilswarm player in round 7 I believe.
- Edward losing to some sacky inzektor player.
- Steven and Jard scrubbing out.
- Smelly Yugioh players
- No sleep
- Misplays
Thanks for reading!!
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tsgreen    1594

I should have run the third upstart. That would have solved all my problems. 

3 upstarts + 41 cards = legendary top


grats on not getting 9th place mo, you deserved it.

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Patraic    28

20 minutes is an understatement. You were def in there for at least 30. lmao.

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burn_em88    306

20 minutes is an understatement. You were def in there for at least 30. lmao.

I legit thought he died in there :o

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Patraic    28

20 minutes is an understatement. You were def in there for at least 30. lmao.

I legit thought he died in there :O

Same here.

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momo4sho    412

Hahahaha, I told you guys my stomach didnt feel well when we were just chilling at the convention center. 

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