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Maplewood, MN Regional Report

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Pancake    34

So due to lack of a good deck, I end up using Basedwings (Formerly known as "Blackwings") I have a good understanding of the deck and I think it is one of the most underrated deck this format.  After hours of testing and talking to Azad about the deck, I decide on this build: 



The 5 cards I needed were Abyss Dweller, Black Rose Dragon, Vulcan, the Divine, 101, and exction. The kid at my locals who has a vulcan won't sell it to me, and noone had BRD or Dweller, I had no money for 101 or exciton so I have some fear.

Friday: I Yolo school because who wants to go to school the day before a regional, we don't do anything anyways.  I write my decklist, and try to get a solid 8 hours of sleep but end up getting about 5, good enough. 


   Saturday: I get up early, do all the stuff I need to and double check my backpack to make sure I have everything I need.  We get to the event around 8:30 so we have a lot of time before the tournament begins.  I get my decklist and everything and open my packs, pulled a Downerd Magician and Bujinji Hare.  Trade it off for good stuff. The kid who refused to sell me vulcan comes up and says to my friend "Ill sell you vulcan for 15, I show him the money but he promptly sells it to the guy, wtf, I buy it from the guy for 20, yolo, but realize I cant use, it, already turned in decklist. fml, also got BRD and Dweller -____


The tournament starts fairly on time and I feel pretty confident.


Round 1: I am sitting between 2 friends from locals so that is cool, started at table 27.


Facing: Weird Spellbooks

Game 1: He uses reasoning, not knowing what deck he is using I call 4, he mills into World of Prophecy, wtf. He goes spellbook wombo combo and wins.

Game 2:  I open Whirlwind, Shura, Delta crow.  Win from there.


Game 3: It is a back and forth game, I have a field of whirlwind, Bora, Shura, and Zephyros. He top decks life, getting back world, revealing 4 to blow up my field, I lost to a top decked life. lol.



Round 2: Table: Forgot, 70-something


Facing: Dark World

Game 1: He does what Dark World does, I lose, promptly side into D.D. Crows and Deep Dark Trap Holes

Game 2: I win pretty fast before he can do anything


Game 3: He minus' himself and is left with nothing in hand, on field and under reckless, I win




Round 3: Table 60-something


Facing: Mermails


Going into this I was not confident in my mermail match up at all.


Game 1: I delta crow his 2 face downs which end up being 2 mirror force and win. Delta Crow single handily wins games.


Game 2: He gets Abyssgios and I fiendish but he goes ham and I lose


Game 3: We go into time and I end up winning by 500 LP, but kinda got screwed over, immediately when time is called enter end of match but when we are on turn 3, the judge shows up, and when turn 5 comes up, I win, and the judge says, no, we are on turn 2, I say no, it isn't, but he says he started count when he came over, wtf, I still win though.




Round 4: Table 50


I was out at Subway outside the gym discussing Yugioh, and I say "We should make sure we are not late, they say we will be fine, so when we decide to walk back in we hear the head judge say "You may begin" we sprint in and I make it in time.


Facing: GK (For those of you who know him, it is Scott Sommers)


Game 1: I Delta Crow him twice and he scoops


Game 2: I delta crow, he starlight roads lol, he slowly gains advantage, I misplay and didn't icarus his 2 spys before he exctions me, lose because of it


Game 3: Back and forth, I opened Whirlwind and Shura which basically means game.  I top deck shura with 2 whirlwinds on field, and win.




Round 5: Table 40-something


Facing: Plants


Game 1: whatisthisidk he games me quick with a lonefire-lonefire-tytanial-banish lonefire for spore- synch win


Game 2: (See game 1)


wtf idk how I lost but I did.




Round 6: Table 60-something


Facing: Mermails


Game 1: Realized how easy mermails can be for BW, I win


Game 2: Mind Crush seals the deal




Round 7: Table 42


Facing: Evilswarm


Game 1: I get delta crow and win in like 2 minutes

Game 2: He pokes with Castor until I die


Game 3: He gets Key Beetle, Safe Zone, Macro out early and there is no way I can win from that.  I am so discouraged




I drop to do deck profiles and chill with friends



Now I explain some cards!


White Dragon Wyverburster: Best card ever, Makes XYZ plays that much better. Banish that Kalut in grave for dirty plays.


Deep Dark Trap Hole: I feared Hieratic Rulers but they where no where to be found


Everything else is pretty self-explanatory.  The deck is very XYZ>Synchro but synchros make it that much better, that is why I run only 1 Blizzard.  In the words of Axeed Dayham "Blackwing players will become that much better once they realize that it isn't 2009 anymore"





Taco Bell

Axeed Dayham, Jack Oliver, and all the other friends that helped with the deck

Not Losing anything



Getting the cards I need after I turn in my decklist




Next Regional is 3-15, and OTS 2-22


Hope you enjoyed ^^

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El sMaSh    0

Great report.

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Pancake    34

Thanks guys, I would have more jokes, but I prefer waffles over the traditional pancake.

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