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DuelistGroundz Live History

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»Ghost-k    50
DG Live 163: DUEA, July Banlist Qualifier #7


Winner: Sharpman


DG Live 164: DUEA, July 2014 TCG FINAL Qualifier


Winner: Ambidextrous Aardvar


DGz Live 165: TCG + DUEA


Winner: Urthor


DGz Live 166: TCG/DUEA


Winner: Urthor


DG Live 167: TCG/Locked


Winner: Jake Phinney


DG Live 168: TCG , July 2014 Banlist


Winner: Urthor


DG Live 169: TCG , July 2014 Banlist


Winner: Rekka Tatsunagi


DG Live 170: TCG + Unlocked


Winner: Patraic


DG Live 171: TCG , October 2014 Banlist


Winner: DGZGoats4dayz


DG Live 172: TCG , October 2014 Banlist


Winner: DGZGoats4dayz


DG Live 173: TCG , October 2014 Banlist


Winner: ! Evolution


DG Live 174: TCG , October 2014 Banlist


Winner: Tatsugi Takanato/l e i l y


DG Live 175: TCG/October 2014 Banlist


Winner: ! Rebeccablack !


DG Live 176:TCG / October 2014 Banlist + Tribe Force


Winner: rap-tan


DG Live 177: TCG + Post NECH [Virgil is Legal]


Winner: Jurdinator


DG Live 178: TCG / Unlocked


Winner: N3sh


DG Live 179: TCG + NK Box Set/Unlocked


Winner: N/A


DG Live 180: TCG Jan 2015 F/L Format


Winner: Calvin Tahan


DG Live 181, TCG F/L + SECE


Winner: N/A


DG Live 182: TCG F/L + SECE + Dark Law


Winner: SQUIDS~

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»Barron    7987

This will be fully updated before the weekend [I updated all lives that were made, i just need to update the ladder]. We will be getting this back on track with hosting more Lives. I will be hiring new TOs so within the next 48 hours i will be posting a topic about it.




Done and Done.

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+scuzzlebutt    23495

Brought this thread back. Looking for the results for 194-203 now.

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+scuzzlebutt    23495

Cleaned it up and finished it out; only missing the results for #200 now

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»Noelle    5848

wtf this is crazy when did i win all of these i dont remember any of this lmao

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»Noelle    5848

shoutout to junior bucks the og tournament organizer

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