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iNetdeck    102
Would a build post notice, with notice and horn of heaven be any good? Ideally you play just like stun and don't rely on xyz. Skybridge and duality could be included. Essentially every summon gets stopped.

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Deck took like 3 or 4 top 16 spots at the Complexity Event in Milan.


The top 16 deck lists if anyone is interested.



7 of these decks didn't play emptiness. that's very interesting.


People just don't like auto wins


I think that the real reason is that Majespecter just search their spell, blow up your monster, and you lose emptiness for a -1....

Majespecter is a large part of the top cut, maybe they just didn't like to auto - lose.

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theamatuer    89

Painful Escape should definitely be tested thoroughly. Might be slow but it can get the job done while dodging some effects.

I dont see how painful escape is any better than skybridge honestly.  escape lets you add an altair/deneb, but skybridge lets you get an altair in hand AND deneb on field, which basically completes your initial setup in one card

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»Tygo    14094
I was saying just as an additional skybridge if we're at the point where sky would be maxxed.

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Lang    905
Think this deck can do well post pendulum structure? Theyre doing okay now, but I know how much faster the pendulum deck will get. I would think Spell Fragrance is now a must just for a chance

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I personally think tellar is the third best deck right now

Definitely explain your bold statement.



Anti-Spell Fragrance, Gozen Match, etc kind of shit on everything.

Granted, monsters will eventually beat floodgates, but the sheer amount and types of floodgates Tellar can play makes it exceedingly difficult to charge in, especially since Exciton is banned.

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Silver    960

Before the banlist, I was actually testing this deck at locals for about 2-3 weeks with demise and desires. Here's a decklist with reasons for choices


3x Satellarknight Deneb

3x Altair

2x Unu

1x Vega


For the times that I was testing, I actually tested and heard about people testing different ratio's like 2x Deneb and 3x Unu and 2x vega etc etc. Although Unu is the better card for demise, it actually isn't the better card than Deneb in every other hand that isn't with demise, including desires, so I just kept Unu at 2. Just from testing demise decks in general, it seemed that running 9 monsters or less was the best monster count for any deck that was running demise excluding Kozmo since that deck send monsters back to deck with kozmo town. I don't know percentages but just from test hands and locals, 9 was the best fit. Although it's very rare now that the deck draws into 3-4 monster hands or no monster hands, with the latter being less rare. But usually a drawn demise or desires helps that. 



3x Card of Demise 

3x Pot of Desires

3x Pot of Duality

1x Foolish


3x Kaiser Colosseum

1x Soul Charge


Weird seeing alot of spell's in a Satellar deck, (if you consider Kaiser a spell, which in reality it's a trap when used correctly). So with a 43 card deck, it is better to run both 3 of Demise and Desires and not worry about having no monster hands. Understandably, people worry about banishing Altairs with desires, but in that scenario, it is actually important to have 3x Deneb or have deneb because it gives you access it earlier, which is better if your other altairs do get banished. But again testing, usually you can win with 1 Altair banished but 2x its a very long road.


I am actually surprised they banned Kaiser of all cards since it actually put a significant amount of work and I honestly thought I would get away with it. I could write a full report about kaiser but


tl;dr call of the haunted interactions against kozmo: pretty much whenever they attempt to special another monster with call while they control one or more monsters, you can chain call and disrupt that. Against kozmo, they are pretty predictable when they have call or have a monster in hand so after they destroy whatever monster you had board with kaiser then having another monster with call pretty much prevents you from receiving heavy damage. narchs was weird rulings but disrupting idea/ether was good or mulitple primes.

pends could not make big boards after the fact that you have a monster so they waste a BP and then if they cant get rid of the monster after I call of the haunted or oasis, they pretty much can't do anything unless they have eccentric.



3x Chaos Trap Hole

1x Solemn Strike

1x Solemn Warning

3x Fiendish Chain

3x Oasis of Dragon Soul

3x Call of the Haunted

3x Dark Bribe

1x Stellarnova Alpha

1x Vanity's Emptiness


As far as the traps, most of them look normal. I only had 1 strike at the time so I decided to use Chaos Trap Hole, which was good against pretty much the entire meta before the list. I honestly had no other traps that I can think of that I could use against the meta so I through in fiendish, which was pretty okay for baiting out darkwitch against Kozmo and generally negating monarch effects. Pends you kinda just auto-scooped if you did not have the warning or strike as kirin just goes bacon on you. 


Bribe is something new I began testing because I honestly have started to realize that nova was a not a good card. It's good in theory that it negates a activation of pretty much anything but it is really hard to maintain a monster on board with all the dark holes/raigeki's and monster board wipes in general. It also plays into people thinking that I still play nova and will destroy the monster by battle or card effect. It also pretty significant when playing against people who main twin twister and know to hold it for the call of the haunted. This deck pretty much rely's on single good cards. I do still play one it's still a decent card, but not at multiples. I did however start to experiment with siding them. 


But now as the banlist past, I dropped the Kaiser's and put in 2x drowning in and a strike (found one easy). Post banlist locals, I beat rogue easily until round 3 when I played blue-eyes and got blown out g2 by quarantine and soul charge. 


Going forward, I think I might end up dropping a chaos trap hole and play the second strike, and then main 3x anti-spell since it can slow down blue-eyes significantly. Going 2nd its alright since they keep good spells in hand unless they set them pre-emptivelly knwing I play satellars.


as far as side deck, I am actually concerned about ancient stone, veiler, and quarantine, in which I might decide to play debunk and maybe a third strike. Maybe play grave of the ancient organism against established boards. also play concealing since blue-eyes players are pre-emptively activating spirit for azure and also can be bounced with triverr


3x debunk

3x organism

3x typhoon

3x mst

2x dank hole

1x raigeki





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Silver    960

quick small update. testing has been going well at locals and going to LA regionals taking this deck


few notes: maining organism hasnt been bad now to replace kaiser. it hits a variety of match-ups like kozmo, metalfoe (yes prevents kirin bouncing), d/d/d, mermails, big pendulum with odd-eyes (also going against a vortex), herald, and mainly blue-eyes.


its also important to have fiendish but most importantly strike for infinity and herald. those match-ups arent hard to beat with strike


also metalfoes maining jowgen should not hurt much since ever card in the deck besides vega can beat over it


BAPK is just an easy match-up for this deck. although strike and fog blade hinder it somewhat. and farfa. but with only 1 baetrice, it is not as hard as before.


also peoples thoughts on maining torrential?





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Torrential always has some level of utility when the format isn't expecting it, it probably shouldn't be your first choice but I could see it definitely stealing some games and this deck probably needs all the help it can get. It's pretty good against Herald decks as you can use it as a follow up if they've already negated one of your traps/act as bait. Blue-eyes, it can mess with synchro players once they've summoned the tuner as the tuners are less recoverable than the level 8s. Against BAPK make Dweller, activate torrentail, chain dweller. Against Pend decks it isn't really the best as they are either just going to recur the monsters next turn or they're playing the metalfoes it will just trigger their traps, not to mention it's dead against the raccoon and Kirin. Versus Water it can pretty solid as that deck is often just one big winning push or lose and so a well timed TT can really cause their wave to break prematurely.

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Silver    960

yea I mained it at locals. put in work against rogue and well timed against merms.


uhh still working on what floodgate I want to play. grave is actually pretty bad against alot of things but that might have been just me


the majespecter match-up for this deck is complete aids. 


might start thinking to side in thunder king for this match-up with trap stun/decree. even rigel against kirin. 

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