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Rules Changes for warring

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+Urthor    10227

Starting immediately, the limit of wars per team will change from whatever abitrary number it previously was to infinity. 


I have actually not heard of one really good reason there's a limit on the number of wars each team can be in.  I suppose there was good reason a long time ago, but not so much these days.  If someone actually wants to be absurdly active and get to the stop of the ladder through sheer activity be my guest, Allen's well designed Elo system will take card of that.  



Future rules changes for warring will be put on hold until I've finished hiring everyone I want for the war council, but a policy for inactive wars will absolutely be a part of it.  


(and yea can like 20 more people actually apply.  Free mod powers, a position of authority to abuse, and a cool private forum/potential loyalist status.  War council is the best deal ever)

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