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Vice Captain Sanada

Sandal's Super Special Battle Cube

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So, these are the contents of a cube I began working on when Battle Pack 1 was announced. I had heard of Cube Drafting before and I loved the concept behind it. I realized I had tons of old cards sitting around and figured that instead of buying Konami’s pre packaged Battle Pack, I’d use it as a basic framework and create something better. The concept of building my own format  was really exciting to me as well (deck building is my favorite part of YGO, so this is kind of like extreme deck building).



When making my cube, I wanted to accomplish a few things:

1)      Have slow, drawn out games where decking out is a threat

2)      Have monsters constantly being removed onto the field and new ones added to the field

3)      Have 1400 be the new 1900, giving lesser used monsters a chance to shine

4)      Destruction should be costed

5)      Special Summoning should be costed

6)      Both players should be able to synchro/xyz summon via a public extra deck

7)      Advantage is primarily gained through the battle phase and atk modifying spells/traps

8)      Make this format more fun and skill intensive than goat format (not quite there yet, but I’m working on it)


What I have here is a framework that works for me, so I’ll break it down by Monsters, Spells, Traps and Extra Deck Monsters





Level 1 Monsters



A/D Changer
Magician of Faith
Cyber Valley
Fabled Catsith
Crystal Seer


Not much to say here. There aren't many good standalone level 1 monsters



Level 2 Monsters


Penguin Soldier
Fortress Warrior
Mystic Swordsman Lv2
Man-Eater Bug
Shield Wing
Blackwing – Gust the Backblast
The Fabled Cerburrel (Tuner)
Karakuri Barrel “Shinkuro” (Tuner)
Fabled Raven (Tuner)
Krebons (Tuner)
Magna Drago (Tuner)
Cardcar D
Worm Linx
Cobra Jar
Mask of Darkness


If you haven’t noticed, a lot of these low level monsters float in one way or another – either they have an effect that prevents them from being destroyed battle, they draw a card, or remove a monster in some way. Your little monsters are going to be doing the heavy lifting and you’re really only xyzing/synchroing if you need to get over something. I wanted going into the extra deck to be more of an investment than an a go to move.



Level 3 Monsters


Spirit Reaper
Destiny HERO – Doom Lord – makes xyz monsters a liability
Marauding Captain
Des Lacooda
Blackwing – Steam the Cloak (Tuner) – this is essentially plaguspreader zombie. Plague is too good in here, along with Glow-Up Bulb. Its not too hard to resolve plague 3 or so times a game and doing so pretty much gives you the win. Steam though is really balanced and its pretty easy to get two synchros out of it
Clock Resonator (Tuner)
Karakuri Nishipachi (Tuner)
Naturia Butterfly (Tuner)
Necro Gardna
Shield Warrior
Construction Train Signal Red
Mysterious Guard
Blackwing – Ghibli the Searing Wind
Legendary Jiujutsu Master
Neo Spacian Air Hummingbird
Naturia Ragweed – a lot of cards net you draws in here so this card is kind of cute
Cyber Jar
Allure Queen Lv3 – this card is SO cool, it’s like relinquished for level 3 monsters
Night Assailant
Gray Wing
Card Trooper – this card is so different in here since milling is hardly ever good. Going over 1500 ATK turns into being a cost for most monsters. Trooper is essentially spot removal in the cube.
Spell Reactor RE
Des Mosquito
Mermaid Archer
Cliff the Trap Remover


Level 4 Monsters



Black Stego
Hourglass of Courage – considering taking this out as it never gets drafted
Truckroid – when this cube was made, he was such a boss, but through some minor power creep, he has also become obsolete. Might add in some more traps etc to boost his atk
Power Injector
Zombyra the Dark – there are a few beatsticks in the 2000 atk area with some negative drawbacks. A few days ago my bro summoned Zombyra t1, so I didn’t summon anything since he can’t attack directly, then next tun he summoned spirit reaper and raped my life
Mad Sword Beast
Goblin Attack Force
Blast Magician
Cyber Phoenix
Dekoichi, the Battlechanted Locomotive
Cyber Raider
Victory Viper XX03
Fushi No Tori
Don Zaloog – card is insane. 1500 butt is massive so setting him is actually a really strong play
Little Winguard
Hannibal Necromancer – has some cute interactions were you can pop an opponents raigeki bottle/spellbinding circle. He also has a pretty big body
Moai Interceptor Cannons
Sage of Silence
Harpie Lady 2 – great spot removal when you get a read on a strong flip effect monster
Ancient Gear Soldier
Dark Jeroid
Absorbing Kid from the Sky
Crass Clown – will probably add dream clown too
Gale Lizard
Garmr of the Nordic Beasts
D.D. Warrior
Exiled Force
Masked Sorcerer – he’s also been outclassed a bit which makes me sad as I think he has once of the best and underutilized effects in the game



Tribute Monsters



Ghost Knight of Jackal – Goyo Guardian, nuff said

Airknight Parshath


Vampire Lord

Photon Wyvern

Dark Magician of Chaos

White Night Dragon

The Supremacy Sun


The majority of the tribute monsters don’t get their effects off immediately upon summon (except for photon wyvern) just like summoning from the extra deck, you shouldn’t get an immediate payoff for the summon, however over the course of a few turns, they monsters should pay for themselves.







Draw Spells


Pot of Greed
Pot of Duality
Shard of Greed
Graceful Charity



Removal Spells


Offerings to the Doomed
Change of Heart
Nobleman of Crossout
Shield Crush
Autonomous Action Unit (prema is a bit too good. Paying 1500 is more balanced)
Mystical Space Typhoon
Lightning Vortex
Double Cyclone
Ekibyo Drakmord – one of my favorite cards. I remember Trynet wrote an article about this card one time and I became absolutely enamoured with it ever since. If you resolve this, it means youre in such a great position
Raigeki – because why not? My logic is it gives you something to play around. You need some power cards in the cube (kind of like ring or BLS in goats)
Heavy Storm – NOT Harpies Feather Duster cuz that card is too broke. Last week by brother heavied by 4 backrow and I wound up going +1 off it so that was nice.
Book of Moon
Share the Pain – out to the supremacy sun – really good card


Stall Spells



Enemy Controller – not really a stall card but I didn’t know where else to put it
Scapegoat – same
Nightmare’s Steelcage
Swords of Revealing Light
Messenger of Peace


ATK/DEF modifiers


I wanted to make equip spells not suck ass but they still kind of suck which is sad. There are some good synchro monsters which can utilize the equips as well


Fighting Spirit
United We Stand
Reptilliane Rage
Forbidden Chalice
Forbidden Lance
Ribbon of Rebirth
Rush Recklessly
Malevolent Nuzzler
Ego Boost
Darkworld Shackles – card is nuts – especially after they extend into a big threat. I won a game by equipping this to my brother Supremacy Sun and just stalling him out.
Unstable Evolution – Megamorph enables wins from nowhere so this is a more balanced version
Cursed Armaments
Bashing Shield





Atk/Def Modifiers


Blast With Chain
Inverse Universe
Kunai With Chain
Mirror Wall
Power Frame
Shadow Spell
Miniaturze – when your opponent summons two monsters of the same level, you can prevent xyz summons etc. There are so many cute two card interactions in here which is part of what makes it so fun


Removal Traps


Raigeki Bottle
Torrential Tribute
Raigeki Break
Magic Jammer
Compulsory Evacuation Device
Solemn Judgment – might take this out since resolving it at the right time basically guarantees you game. It its way too versatile
Mirror Force
Widespread Dud
Damage Gate
Malevolent Catastrophe – just like Heavy, this cards mere existence affects the way you play your games.
Dust Tornado
Dark Bribe
Needle Ceiling
Adhesion Trap Hole

One of the biggest problems with this cube right now is that it’s incredibly difficult to make reads on backrow. It’s easy to spot an obvious man-eater bug/penguin soldier etc. however since 90% of the traps are activated in the BP, you kind of just have to accept that they have something, so you’re always trying to save your best cards for when they leave themselves open. Not sure if I should make more summon responsive cards etc. in here.



Stall Trap Cards


Fiendish Chain
Threatening Roar
Defense Draw
Astral Barrier – since your monsters are what generate your advantage, it’s nice to protect them at the expense of your life points and then extend into an extra deck monster and kill their guy
Zero Gravity
Impenetrable Attack
Negate Attack

Although these cards are all -1s, it’s nice to protect your monsters at a critical time and then make a bigger threat.




Extra Deck Monsters

I think Konami’s BIGGEST mistake in terms of their card design was soiling the sanctity of monster levels. A prime example is the ease of summon of the dragon rulers. If I designed Yu-Gi-Oh, I would make it a rule that the higher the level a monster had, the harder it should be to summon and the more reward a payer should get for resolving said summon. That being said, I believe that the player able to make a high level synchro or a high rank xyz monster, should be rewarded with the option of having more varity with his choices. It’s kind of ironic since it’s incredibly difficult to make a level 7+ synchro since that requires 3+ monsters, but if you are able to make it, you should have a wide array of monsters available to you.





Formula Synchron
Mist Bird Clausolas
Armory Arm
Balmung, Underowld Warrior
Armades, Keeper of Boundaries
Magical Android
Samsara, Dragon of Rebirth
Flamvell Uruquizas
Iron Chain Dragon
HTS Psyhemuth
X-Saber Urbellum
Scrap Archfiend
Power Tool Mecha Dragon
Ancient Fairy Dragon
Lightning Warrior
Seven Sword Warrior
Stardust Dragon
Scrap Dragon
Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree
Star Eater – to be honest, he sucks. There are hardly any cards that respond to his summon
Shooting Star Dragon – The only time I summoned him, the duel went so long that I decked out and lost. That new YCs prize card would be so good in here tho. HMU anybody


XYZ Monsters

The other biggest issue with having a public etra deck is balancing it so that the same 3 or 4 monsters aren’t always being summoned above all else. On top of that, you need to adjust their attack by their ease of getting them out. We used to have Utopia and Chronomaly Crystal Chrononaut in rank 4 and 3 slots respectively, but people went for them every single time and none of the other monsters were ever used. On top of that, 2500 ATK was larger than a number of level 7 synchros and that just doesn’t promote making larger monsters. One of the biggest problems with the current extra deck, especially the xyz monsters is that it’s hardly ever worth it to make a monster requiring 3 materials.



Ghostrick Dullahan
Slacker Magician
Lion Heart – we’ve honestly never made him since there are 5 level 1 monsters in the whole cube L
Daigusto Phoenix
Shining Elf – so good. Kind of like a Laggia or Dolkka
Herald of Pure Light
Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
Number 96: Dark Mist
Leviair, the Sea Dragon
Lavalval Ignis
Mechquipped Angineer
Number 30: Acid Golem
Number 49: Fortune Tune
Tri-Edge Levia
Gagaga Cowboy – both his effects are really good in here. Very valuable card. Sometimes you will go for him early just so you don’t get cowboyed at the end of the game
Diamond Dire Wolf
Photon Papilloperative
Cairngorgon, the Anitluminescent Knight
Gem Knight Pearl
Number 23: Shock Master – to be honest, this card is like never worth going into. If your opponent has a full backrow, he’ll probably have a mix of spells/traps to stop you and youre better off using your 3 level 4 beaters to sponge up their backrow and then make another push. Might put in that new satellar guy for his ability to pop stuff instead.
Tiras, Keeper of Genesis
Crimson Armor Ninja
Adreus Keeper of Armageddon
Shark Fortress
Inzektor Exa-Beetle
Photon Strike Bounzer
Sword Breaker
Big Eye
Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis
Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand (if youre making this guy you’ve probably already won, but you’ll get him out in some instances)
Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon





Okay that's an hour of my life I'll never get back. I've worked pretty hard on this over the past few years and want to make it even better. Any feedback would be appreciated. Maybe I'll upload some duels with commentary a bit later

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+Mascis    4569

Naturia Ragweed is my best friend

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I am not sure on cardcar and solemn, they seem to shift the game's favor into the player that gets them. I can suggest mystic piper as a level 1 and giant trunade since you play a good amount of chainable traps and it is hard to actually gain profit from trunade so it seems balanced in a format like this.
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I am not sure on cardcar and solemn, they seem to shift the game's favor into the player that gets them. I can suggest mystic piper as a level 1 and giant trunade since you play a good amount of chainable traps and it is hard to actually gain profit from trunade so it seems balanced in a format like this.


Agreed on solemn. Resolving it, especially late game is game ending - dark bribe to an extent as well. The draw of dark bribe is negligible if you stop the right play.


I've been considering swapping them for a trap stun and Horn of Heaven.


I wish there was a generic version of this card




Cardcar is also interesting. I think im going to keep it in since there need to be some cards that are better than others to allow for comebacks. 


Yes I agree that resolving it for a +1 is great, but you still dont get any field presence out of it, which is arguably much more important in here.


If you're already winning, it will cut you out of a battle phase, giving your opponent a chance to overlay or make a synchro and wipe out your monster
If the game is kind of even, it can stimulate an exchange of cards which is good

If you're losing it can give you an opportunity to dig for an out, since it isn't an out itself

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DarkBlaze557    2106

I like Cardcar a lot as you sacrifice tempo for card advantage. Tempo is still dramatically important in this game.

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I had a few more thoughts that I wanted to add.


I would say one of the reasons why this format is so much fun is that you can drastically slow the game down just by setting a monster. 


If your opponent is beating you down with a don zaloog or whatever all it takes is setting a legendary jiujutsu master or a shield warrior to slow the game down to a halt. 


What's so interesting about this scenario is it either forces the opponent to extend into a threat that can clear it effectively, OR risk the possibility of the player comboing up to a bigger threat and regaining advantage/tempo.


What I really love about having the shared extra deck is that the majority of the monsters in there are situationally really good. 




Some examples.


Elf acts as a pseudo Laggia, essentially going up to 2100. Each of these monsters can be incredibly good in some situations and just absolute garbage in others.


There are a few extra deck monsters which I had been debating removing because they were kind of the "go-to" monsters





These cards are some of the safest investments to make since they can very easily replace themselves.


Leviair essentially reads - "take your two monsters and give one a 500+ boost in atk, plus reset your necro gradna/D.D. warrior"

Cairngorgon is the closest thing we have to LADD
Balmung, being at 2100 forces your opponent to kill it by battle or else he floats (so technically he floats either way if you have to use a rush recklessly etc. on it)
And Armades, in a cube based on battle turns off all battle effects.


These cards basically turned off a number of ways of answering them.


After thinking about it more, cards like these are also entirely necessary to having a healthy format like this. Probably the most exciting aspect of yugioh is seeing your opponents board like a puzzle and figuring out how to break through it by using as few resources as possible, and each of these monsters offers a different problem you have to solve.


If everything was too balanced in a format, once a minimal amount of advantage was amassed, it would quickly snowball into a win. Similarly, complicated gamestates can arise where each player has 3+ backrow and a monster and neither wants to make the first push.


Having constantly accessible monsters like these can help players get out of complicated gamestates which is really important in deadlock situations


Also, there need to be accessible outs which are able to combat these monsters easily. So the need for other extra decked monsters to be able to help you come back from a losing position but not be great from a winning position were added. This is why we chose things like Acid Golem and Gem Knight Pearl exist.


We ran into a situation where being able to make 2500 monsters in ranks 3&4 made a lot of the higher ranked and level synchros obsolete. Gagaga cowboy can safely kill cairngorgon or you can stall it out with samsara dragon etc. 


It still isn't perfect and if anything, I would make the monsters even WEAKER if I could, because frankly, just getting up to around that 1800ish mark is good enough to apply pressure on your opponent. 


I kind of wish Silent Honor Ark has like 1200 atk, then it's be really fair
I wish Totem Bird was generic
Naturia Landoise has such an awesome effect but it's too type specific




The entire public extra deck design is really complex in itself so if anyone has any feedback, I'd appreciate it

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┬╗Paraliel    8037

Ordeal of a Traveler is one my favorite cards in my friend's cube, you should consider it. :P

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Ordeal of a Traveler is one my favorite cards in my friend's cube, you should consider it. :P


I've done some more thinking and ordeal of a trevaller would actually be horrible for this thing


It makes complicated gamestates more complicated and is a blank in simplified gamestates (like when you only have one card in hand) which is the exact opposite of a healthy card. It can't make simplified gamestates complex and it can't make complex gamestates simple.


The player who draws it is put at such a massive advantage over the player up against it and you literally just flop it down the turn you draw it 9/10 times (I can see why you'd like it though haha)


It kind of reminds me of Burden of the Mighty - that card is just so overpowered in here because basically all your monsters are given a 300+ power boost and it can dramatically warp the balance of two players decks, for no cost (300 atk is kind of a big deal in here)


Like if my opponent had ordeal, I would just never attack until I was able to pop it and then you can get into a really unhealthy draw-pass gamestate, which is good, but I'd rather have monsters create those gamestates than continuous spells/traps.

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There are two other cards that I've been considering putting in




They're both from the new Battle pack and they're really interesting (okay I like the artwork and I've been trying to incorporate more cards that banish)

They basically both read "During the damage step, your 100 atk monster can kill anything" which I think is incredibly strong.


I feel like these cards, as opposed to traps or quickplays that altered ATK/DEF by a numerical value are just on a whole other level.


There needs to be some degree of variance by level, Because these cards can effectively make your level 2 guy able to kill a level 8 synchro etc. Which SHOULDN'T happen without expending more resources.


For both these cards, even if the opponent HAD their own quickplay or trap card to increase their own monsters ATK, it probably wouldn't be able to do enough to alter the course of the battle.


Am I blowing these cards out of proportion or are they actually too good?

I have a tendency to think the most mundane cards are ZOMG BORKEN

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TonySK    618
In line with your thoughts on tribute monsters, would you consider adding Shadow Ghoul to the cube?
With most duels going close to deck out it could be a very important card late game, but useless early.

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In line with your thoughts on tribute monsters, would you consider adding Shadow Ghoul to the cube?
With most duels going close to deck out it could be a very important card late game, but useless early.


That's really interesting. I love the concept of a card that gets better the longer the game goes on for - however I think something like Satellite Cannon would probably be a better use of a card like that.



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